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MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 3

Learn Python and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coding Tools in 2021

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Python programming language: An Introduction

Advantages of learning Python

Know where to use Python language

Comparing Python with other programming languages

Popularity, frameworks and learning of Python

Applications of Python using Code

Organisations leveraging Python language

No-code Artificial Intelligence based Python and programming tools


Python is a very popular multi-paradigm programming language. Object-oriented programming and structured programming are fully supported in this, and many of its features support functional programming and aspect-oriented programming - for that matter. This easy-to-understand course aims to teach everyone the basics of Python Language, learning outcomes, benefits of learning Python, advantages of Python etc.

You will learn where to use Python Language and know about who would actually use it in their daily office lives. You will also learn the comparative parameters of python with other programming languages, in the world - with a highlight on the popularity and frameworks of Python. What's more? You will also learn to use no-code AI-powered coding tools to the maximum potential. These tools will help you to create applications and portals in minutes with pre-built themes. We will also walk you through a tool at the end that will automatically write lakhs of lines of code.

This mind-blowing course - the third one in the series titled "MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies" taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and Civil MasterMind "Saranya Srinidhi" will change your perspective on Python forever to rely on no-coding tools of the future to embrace coding.

It's also easy for beginners to learn this effectively, so jump in! You don't even have to learn coding step by step - whatsoever if Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology steps into the dais. The newly launched Artificial Intelligence tools will add greater value to your coding arsenal. Even regular Python users can benefit from this.

So why wait? Enrol Now and I will see you inside. Let's rock this world with learning Python with no code.

Let's get busy and learn Python - one step at a time..


MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 3
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 3
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 3
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 3


Learn Python and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coding Tools: The Course

Introduction to Python and Learning Outcomes

Benefits of learning Python

Advantages of Python Programming Language

Where, Why and for What Python is used for?

Comparing Python with other Programming Languages at a glance

Popularity, Frameworks and Learning of Python

Start coding faster in Python

No-Code Secretive Tools to Learn Python and Other Languages Without Coding

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Saurabh10 August 2020

Horrible, horrendous, and utter waste of time. It looked like a promotional activity. He is into marketing and he only knows how to manipulate genuine learners. The course did not deliver what it promised. I regret signing in for this course. Will you please stop calling yourself a legend? And please stop selling your abysmal content in the name of AI. Udemy should strictly filter and evaluate the quality of courses before selling them online. Otherwise, it will soon become a dumping ground and will remain far away from being a great MOOC.

Manimohan10 August 2020

This is one of the bogus courses I've seen! A low-mid level python developer can gain nothing from this course. They just mentioned kite plugin and started marketing for Automated code producing sites. This is just a piece of information. how this can be a course? Please make it more worthful.

Nagaraj15 July 2020

Sir madam Python is a programming language I accept it is easy to learn simple syntax, but you should make practical videos on it

Eduard4 March 2020

VERY loud speaking and shouting author. They harm my ears. Nothing similar to programming: just overview of pros to code with python, compare vs java and php and so on. If you try to learn python - this is just overview but not practical course

Shyam1 February 2020

This is hilariously stupid and idiotic. I doubt if udemy validate and monitor the content that's being put up on their platform. I did not expect them to let jokers like this dude add stupid content.

Bojan1 February 2020

This is not learning, this is listening to silly marketing and bragging. Please remove this course from the platform.

Olatayo25 January 2020

My insight was enlarged after the completion of this course, I was opened to online tools that can help my career.


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