Learn Positive EFT and Positive Meridian Energy Tapping

"Transform Your Life With Positive EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping" Learn to Live on the "Positive" Side of Life!

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Nov 2017
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What you will learn

Define and discuss Positive EFT

List and discuss seven (7) important concepts related to Positive EFT

Understand and discuss how negative energies in the energy body can effectively be overcome by using Positive Energy EFT

Define and discuss positive energy states/forms

Experience a Positive Energy EFT Session and evaluate its effectiveness

Define and discuss at least 3 benefits of positive thinking

List and discuss the key points in using positive affirmations in EFT

Experience a Positive EFT Session using positive affirmations

Define and discuss the use of the Choices Method in Positive EFT

Understand how to create a Choices Method affirmation

Experience a Positive EFT Session using the Choices Method of Positive Affirmations

Discuss a method to deal with the resistance to a Positive Affirmation


This course focuses on using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Meridian Energy Tapping from a "Positive" perspective of the techniques and modalities. Both techniques have been most commonly used in dealing with body energy disturbances and blocks related to negative emotions. However, we have learned that EFT and Meridian Energy Tapping can be extremely beneficial in transforming our body energy into highly "positive" states if approached in the correct ways. When we transform our body energy into states of free flowing "positive" energy remarkable and transformative things start happening. We live on the "positive" side of life in better states of health and wellness, we have more physical and emotional energy, we find that negative thinking and feelings start to abate on their own, we see things in our life from a more positive perspective, we attract more positive experiences into our lives and we actually see our positive affirmations coming to fruition. 

Learning and working with Positive EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping awakens us to a whole new world of highly therapeutic energy healing modalities. Are you ready to take your EFT & Tapping practices to a higher level of quality outcomes and learn how to live on the "positive" side of life? Then this course is for you! 

A most interesting and fast paced course, you will learn all about positive energy, positive states and how to use EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping to achieve positive living ! As you learn, you will "tap" along with the instructor and experience the learning and the outcomes for your self. 

You will also learn how to put your positive affirmations on "steroids" by using EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping to instill them into your Body's Energy System. You would learn various methods that can be used to overcome any subconscious resistance to positive affirmations that will go a long way in enhancing your success. You will learn a whole new way of thinking and working with energy and the energy body by employing the concepts and principles of EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping !  If you love EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping, this is a course you do not want to miss.

This course includes complete handouts of all of the Power Point slides. It also includes three (3) E-Books containing many articles on the Emotional Freedom Technique. A Printable Chart of the Tapping Points is also included. Another bonus is an E-Book on Positive Living. 

A Bonus Section is included of video lectures for those who would like a refresher on the concepts of EFT. There is also a Bonus lecture with a slow presentation and demonstration of the tapping points and how to correctly tap on the acupoints. This is a great re-view for those who may have been away from EFT and Meridian Tapping for awhile and will prepare you to be able to take the course. 

To take this course it is advised that you have some past experience or knowledge of EFT or Meridian Tapping. For those who are highly motivated and without past exposure to EFT/Tapping, watching and studying the Bonus Video lectures on the concepts of EFT and the Tapping points and how to tap, may be enough to allow you to move on with this course, as there is a time-period in which you can request a refund if you feel you are not ready for the full course. I also offer two other courses on UDEMY, "The EFT Learning Series: How EFT Works" and "Learn EFT & Energy Meridian Tapping: From Basics to Intermediate," that you might want to consider taking before taking this course on Positive EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping. For those ready to enroll now, welcome to your journey of learning how to use EFT and Meridian Energy Tapping in a new and wonderful way! 


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The Positive Side of EFT: Part I
The Positive Side of EFT: Part II
Positive Energy
Preparing the Energy Body for Positive EFT
Experiencing Positive EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping: Part I
Part II: Experiencing a Positive EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping Session
Part III: Evaluating Your Experience with a Positive EFT Session
Staying Positive with Positive EFT & Meridian Energy Tapping
Affirmations and Positive Thinking
The Use of Affirmations in Positive EFT: Part I
Part II: The Use of Affirmations in Positive EFT
Experiencing a Positive EFT Session Using Positive Affirmations
Additional Techniques to Using Positive Affirmations with EFT: Part I
Experiencing a Positive EFT Session Using an Alternative Method for Affirmations
Using EFT to Reduce Your Resistance to an Affirmation
Key Points in Working with EFT and Positive Affirmations
Course Closing/Remarks

Review of the Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping Points and Definitions

Definitions of EFT
The EFT/Meridian Tapping Points: Demonstration


June 20, 2020
Clear and patient explanation of what is positive EFT. It’s easy to follow guided demo on achieving positive energy states with positive EFT tapping.
July 15, 2019
Great short course that covers the principles of Positive EFT. I like the very thorough demonstrations that are easy to follow along with.
June 23, 2019
This course is just what I needed and I highly recommend it to those who want to program themselves with positivity
April 3, 2019
Very good info presented. I learned a lot and will definitely add the positive EFT approach to my toolbox. My only criticism is that some videos contain a lot of repetition.



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