Web Development


Learn PHP - For Beginners

Learn to create dynamic web applications using PHP

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2 hours


Apr 2019

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What you will learn

PHP Syntax

PHP Variables

PHP Global vs. Static Keywords

PHP Data Types

PHP Objects

PHP Strings

PHP Constants

PHP Conditional Statements & Operators

PHP Loops, Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays

PHP Superglobal Variables

PHP Forms with Validation


Students learn to integrate client-server communication into web pages to create dynamic functionality using PHP.

We start with the fundamentals, including PHP syntax and variable declaration. The course transitions into working with objects, arithmetic operators, conditional statements, loops, functions and arrays.

Students will also learn to utilize server side form validation techniques to maintain data integrity.


Learn PHP - For Beginners
Learn PHP - For Beginners
Learn PHP - For Beginners
Learn PHP - For Beginners


PHP Development

PHP Introduction

PHP Preparation

PHP File Test

PHP Syntax

PHP Variables

PHP Variable Scope

PHP Global Keyword

PHP Static Keyword

PHP Echo - Print

PHP Data Types

PHP Objects

PHP Strings

PHP Constants

PHP Operators

PHP Conditional Statements

PHP ElseIf Statement

PHP Switch Statement

PHP While Loops

PHP For Loops

PHP Functions

PHP Functions Continued

PHP Arrays

PHP Multidimensional Arrays

PHP Sorting Arrays

PHP Superglobal Variables

PHP Forms Introduction

PHP POST vs GET Basics

PHP Form Output and Validation

PHP Form Required Fields

PHP Validation Continued


Glen4 September 2020

I had no idea how to create a virtual host, so I had to look elsewhere to figure that out before starting this course. This is helping with php syntax though.

Ravi3 September 2020

Good course to start with. Audio is not clear for few sessions. it got struck in few sessions. its a showstopper. please check. the content of the course is good for beginners!

Ashraf14 August 2020

Thank you very much, I appreciate your effort, it was a great course and I benefited a lot With Regards.

Talal23 July 2020

in this course, most of the times, the instructor asks to refer the "master class course", but I'm not enrolled in that course. what is the benefit for me by enrolling in this course if I've to enroll in some other course for learning the contents of this course??? take notice please...

Mark28 June 2020

i like this teaching method. super natural clean voice easy to understand his instructions. But make zoom when video recording. its important for mobile device. i am using iphone 6. point to noitce (1) avoid yellow cursor effect. (2) improve video quality to 1080HD

Devendra12 January 2020

after some video sound gone, without sound how can any one understand but after all its is a good course

Azhar19 November 2019

yes, the course was very informative and helpful. It was above expectations. There is a humble suggestion that if the content font (code size) is bit increased/enlarged, it will be highly facilitating for the students.

Osc15 November 2019

Tutor says/writes: striplashes. REALLY? Correct one is: stripslashes (same name as the function works). No, not really to recommend.

Abhishek9 October 2019

Everything is explained clearly with proper examples making basic concept clear still i think there are more basic concepts which should have been included in this course. Thanks

Saurav29 September 2019

It's a short and sufficient course for beginners to get some hold on PHP. Completed in less than a day. Forms section was explained brilliantly. I deducted ratings due to too short font visible in videos.

Daniel21 September 2019

This is not a good course for someone that starts with this. I was not aware that this was part of a series. This course does not account for linux users.

Saskia25 August 2019

I was just looking for a basic overview of PHP. This course definitely contained basic information. It also referred to other parts of the course, hinting that rather than a stand-alone course, this is a module that makes up a part of a wider course. Phrases like "at this point in the course you should be familiar" when referring to a different module was a bit disconcerting.

Mark23 June 2019

A good introduction to PHP. I found it informative, giving progressively more detail through out the course.

Vidhi21 June 2019

It was a great experience in learning php. But the problem was some concepts were not clear enough. I felt that few topics were just rushed up...

Pablo19 May 2019

Good quick intro covering basics. Clear examples and explanations. A good start or review for anyone interested in PHP.


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