COMPLETE PERL Programming 2022

learn to write regular expressions and other logic in perl

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COMPLETE PERL Programming 2022
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May 2022
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What you will learn

On completion of this course you could write complex PERL programs.

You could develop CGI-PERL backend scripts for your website/web applications.

You could perform advanced text analysis using PERL Regular Expressions, etc.

Develop various application on PERL for Windows, Linux, and Mac environments.


This course is all about Perl programming language. This is a beginner level course, where you will learn Perl programming from scratch. As you proceed to the later sections of the course, you will learn some of the advanced concepts in Perl. Although Perl is considered an old programming language, but it has some of the best Text processing capabilities compared to other languages. Perl is a newer language when compared to C, but people do consider C as a foundational language that gives you far lesser option on Text Processing and Server side development. Nobody in the world uses C for writing backend server side scripts, but Perl has been very popular in this category since long time. In most recent time, Perl is again getting attention by the developer communities.

This course is divided into multiple sections. The course begins with Perl datatypes and operators, moving towards conditionals and loops. You would also learn Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions, and server-side programming with CGI-PERL. You would also learn various debugging options, and deployment of PERL programs, and modules with Perl compiler with various example programs.

We would cover topics such as Scalars, Boolean, strings, lists, mathematical operators, assignment operators, conditional operators, loops like while, for, foreach, do while, until, do until, and more with if else conditionals, control structures and Subroutines. Regular expression would be a broad category where various types of expressions in form of query could be generated and provided text operation is performed like searching, inserting, replacing, counting, on either STDIN, or external file.

We would learn to create useful CGI-PERL scripts for backend or server-side implementation of any web application or website, where we can retrieve information from html form, write back html pages, write emails, etc.

Various example programs for PERL in all the topics covered and provided with a downloadable zip file, that could be used by students to develop complex PERL applications.


PERL Programming

PERL Datatypes and Operators
More Operators and Conditionals
Control Structures and Subroutines
File Input/Output and other topics
Debugging and Best practices

Regular Expression

PERL Regular Expression- Part 1
PERL Regular Expression- Part 2

CGI Programming


Running PERL scripts with Online PERL compiler

Practical Excersice


March 28, 2019
This course was is a joke, the instructor has an annoying pronunciation, and moreover it is too basic. I will tell everybody to not follo this.
November 9, 2018
It is very difficult to follow, it is slow, without interactions...something more "dynamic" should be implemented
September 1, 2018
A good course for learning advanced perl programming with most of the functionalities covered in this course.
July 19, 2018
I must say, its something unique for a beginner like me. Fundamentals, Regular Expression, Subroutines, and CGI programming all in same course. Amazing.
July 17, 2018
This is a comprehensive course on PERL programming with focus on topics like Regular Expressions, CGI and many more.
July 14, 2018
Für mich ist der Kurs eher aus Interesse, weil ich Perl schon kann. Ich wollte nur wissen, was es für Neulinge an Kursen gibt. Allerdings werden Themen behandelt, die für Einsteiger uninteressant sind (Bit-Operatoren z.B.), und ich habe zu Beginn nicht den Eindruck gehabt, modernes Perl zu lernen.



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