Learning Meditation Fundamentals

How to practices in effortless meditation and recognize your true nature which is vast like the sky

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Understand the fundamentals of meditation

Begin practicing meditation short times many times

Clear recognition about what is foundational meditation

Understand that everything could be used as a support for meditation

Have a knowledge about essential things of posture and awareness

Understand the Art of Fully Being in our daily life


Learning Meditation Fundamentals

How to practices in effortless meditation and recognize your true nature which is vast like the sky


Do you want to learn meditation in a concise and crystal clear approach ?

Are you interested in recognizing your true nature which is vast like the sky ?

Here is our meditation fundamentals module. Which is designed to help you learn about meditation.

Our module here is based on Buddhist Meditation approach which is very common in Mahayana and Vajrayana approach. But similar approaches also available in Hinduism approach in Advaita Vedanta and Khasmir Shavaism.

Which all of them is very ancient but very proven to bring beneficial result and already tested in scientific research nowdays.

All of these tradition speaks about our fundamental nature which is good and open. Our basic goodness which is actually available in every moment. But sometimes we could not perceived it because of the temporarily limitations.

So it is very universal and beyond any cultural barriers because our basic goodness is the basic goodness of all beings. The goodness which is not an opposites of bad, but the goodness which is embracing all the complexities and paradoxes of life.

Meditation here is to familiarize with your innate nature. Meditation is to recognize Natural Awareness short times many times.

In this modules we will learn :

  1. The fundamentals of meditation

  2. What is the most important thing about meditation

  3. How all objects become support of the meditation

  4. The essential aspects of posture in meditation

  5. The middle way approach in meditation

  6. How to approach thought and emotions in meditation

  7. What is the difference between object and subject oriented of meditation approach

  8. The non-rigid approach of meditation

  9. How short times many times approach helps us in meditation

  10. How to apply meditation in Daily Life

Our Prayers

We really pray that all the people that came touch to this teaching could recognize their innate nature which is open like sky and warmth like the sun. May all beings be free, may all beings recognize their timeless freedom which is always available in every moment.


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Introduction of Learning
Instructor Introduction
What to Expect in This Module

Essence of Meditation

Recognizing Awareness
Short Times Many Times
Subject and Object Oriented Meditation
Monkey Mind and Distractions
All Objects are Support of Meditation
Meditation is Not The Content of Experience
Not Holding but Not Rejecting
Everything is Like Waves in the Ocean

Meditation Examples and Practices

Explanation about Posture and Using Breath as a Support
Using Sound as a Support
Using Sensation as a Support
Using Walking as a Support
Using Word as a Support
Meditation with No Support
Fully Being As it Is


Summary of Teachings
Closing and Dedication Prayer
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