Learn Management Consulting From My 10 Years Inside The Firm

Discover why the most successful companies in the world all use management consultants to maximise their performance

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Fixed Price billing versus Time & Materials and how this drives client engagement

How to set up a client engagement and the main phases of delivering value

The career path of management consulting and the differences between the career levels

Typical management consulting roles and how they contribute to client success

Best practice, what it means and why clients need it from consultants they hire

Billable hours and the importance of time management and delegation

The travelling lifestyle of a management consultant and a typical day

Solving client problems through structured, well managed engagements

The importance of easily accessible knowledge across a global workforce

The big names in the industry like McKinsey and Accenture

The mindset of a successful consultant and how they handle the pressure

The role of case studies and problem solving skills to drive value


This course gives you the inside track on one of the most lucrative professions in the world. Management consultants are highly sought after by firms who want to achieve higher performance and need experts in best practices and solving complex business problems. In this course I draw on my ten years of experience in management consulting to teach you how the profession works, what you can expect as a consultant and how they work with clients to add value. If you ever wanted to learn about management consulting from someone who has truly been there and worked their way up through the system, then this course will give you that outcome. Each lesson includes a handy worksheet that provides quick reference to the key skills and insights that I teach you.

In this course you will learn the following about management consulting:

  • Which are the big firms and how do they differ from the specialist consultancies

  • A typical management consulting career path and how you can work your way up the ladder

  • The typical skills that you need to deliver value on client engagements

  • Pricing and billing of client engagements and the role you play in managing finances

  • The reasons a firm will engage a team of management consultants

  • What type of roles you can expect if you become a consultant and how to position yourself

  • The importance of always demonstrating business value to a client

  • The increasing importance of delivering sales targets as you advance in a consulting career

  • A typical day in the life of a management consultant

  • The importance of being mobile in your management consulting career

  • The reason I left management consulting despite enjoying numerous international projects

  • How to integrate into the client's organisational culture and the pressures this creates

  • Working with multiple consultancies and my experience of working with McKinsey

  • The stages of a client engagement from the RFP through the project and close-out

  • Knowledge exchanges and the importance of access to the skills of a global workforce

  • The reason that management consultants use case studies in their interviews

  • Fixed price versus Time & Materials as different methods of billing and the pros and cons

  • Best practice in different industries, functions and what clients expect when they hire consultants

  • The important difference between knowing best practice and being able to apply it

  • Typical expectations of the different levels such as analyst, consultant and manager

  • How to understand the difference between specialist consulting and management consulting

  • The importance of delegating to empower younger, cheaper consultants

  • The increasing levels of ownership that you need to demonstrate to get promoted

This course provides you with an indepth look at management consulting that can only come from extensive experience in the industry and inside knowledge. The lessons all build on eachother and fit together to give you a holistic learning experience that will position you with the knowledge and insights about management consulting that you need.


Learn Management Consulting From My 10 Years Inside The Firm
Learn Management Consulting From My 10 Years Inside The Firm
Learn Management Consulting From My 10 Years Inside The Firm
Learn Management Consulting From My 10 Years Inside The Firm




Get The Inside Track On The Management Consulting Industry

Learn About The Highly Competitive Management Consulting Industry

The Management Consulting Industry

Master A Career In Management Consulting

Learn All About The Career Path Of A Management Consultant

A Day In The Life Of A Management Consultant

Understand How Management Consulting Engagements Work

How Management Consultants Solve Strategic Business Problems

Find Out How Management Consultants Make Money

Learn About The Value That Management Consulting Offers

Best Practice: Learn Why Firms Need It And How Management Consultants Deliver It

Profile Of A Management Consultant: Skills For Accelerated Maximum Client Value


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Joe20 November 2020

I have been doing Management Consulting with our realising it. I now know how to market my services and solutions to my clients. I loved the concept of on-selling. I just realised that I have not been exposing all our service offerings to our clients so they may not know how we can help them better achieve their goals.

Calvin13 October 2020

"You need to know how to translate what you know into business value" - Peter Alkema. It was great to hear about the consulting world straight from the horse's mouth. I urge you to take this course before you consider consulting as a profession.

Kalin17 September 2020

The use of digestible language and courses helps demystify the world of management consulting; and it answered questions I had with ease.

Roger13 September 2020

Fantastic course on learning Management consulting with well articulated explanations. I have over a decade in IT consulting and all my personal experiences has been distilled in this course learning about Management consulting. Learned new concepts as well. Strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in Management Consulting.


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