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Linux Command Line basics to Advance

Linux command Line. It's great for both Linux beginners and advanced Linux users and bash shell, Linux file system,Disk

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Jan 2019

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What you will learn

you will understand the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and be able to apply that knowledge in a practical and useful manner


Become a real Linux user and advance your Career. Learning the Linux Command Line will take you FAR! Learn to appreciate the power of the Linux command line Understand the structure of the Linux File System. Knowledge of the Linux command line is critical for anyone who uses this open-source operating system. For many tasks, it's more efficient and flexible than a graphical environment. For administrators, it plays a vital role in configuring permissions and working with files. In this course discusses the basics of working with the Linux command line using the Bash shell, focusing on practical Linux commands with examples that help you navigate through the file and folder structure, edit text, and set permissions and also learn some of the common command-line tools, such as grep, awk, and sed, and command-line apps such as the nano and Vim text editors. The course wraps up with a look at how to install and update software with a package manager.

 The following topics are included.

 ·         What is the Linux command line?

·         Writing Linux commands at the prompt

·         Finding help for Linux commands

·         Copying, moving, and deleting files and folders

·         Configuring user roles and file permissions

·         Using pipes to connect commands

·         Searching and editing text

·         Finding system hardware and disk information

·         Installing and updating software

Linux backup

  • How to backup Linux using DD with hands On

  • How to use Rsync with lot of examples.

 How to setup OWNCLOUD 

  • Introduction

  • initial server setup for Centos 7

  • Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack On CentOS 7

  • Install and Configure ownCloud on CentOS 7


Linux Command Line basics to Advance
Linux Command Line basics to Advance
Linux Command Line basics to Advance
Linux Command Line basics to Advance




What you should know

A very quick intro to Linux

Setting Up Your Environment

Creating a Linux virtual machine

Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10

Following along on a Mac

Following along on Linux

Using a cloud provider

Command-Line Basics

What is the command line?

How commands are structured

Write commands in a shell at the prompt

Helpful keyboard shortcuts in the terminal

Finding help for commands

Files, Folders, and Permissions

Files, folders, and navigation

A little more about ls

Create and remove folders

Copy, move, and delete files and folders

Find files from the command line

User roles and sudo

File permissions

Create hard and symbolic links

The Linux filesystem

Common Command-Line Tasks and Tools

The Unix philosophy

Use pipes to connect commands together

View text files with cat, head, tail, and less

Search for text in files and streams with grep

Manipulate text with awk, sed, and sort

Edit text with Vim

Edit text with nano

Working with TAR and ZIP archives

Exploring environment variables and PATH

Challenge: Extract information from a text file

Solution: Extract information from a text file

More Advanced Topics

Find distro and kernel information

Find system hardware and disk information

Install and update software with a package manager and course exercise files

Linux Useful Commands

Linux Commands

Linux Backup Step by Step

Backup Linux Using dd Command Step by Step

How to Backup Linux using rsync Command

How to setup OwnCloud Demo


Initial Server Setup with CentOS 7

How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack On CentOS 7

Install and Configure ownCloud on CentOS 7

SSH Basics

Connecting to an SSH server from Windows

Connecting to an SSH server from Linux

Using a key for more-secure access

Generating a key pair on Linux

Connecting to an SSH server from Linux using Key

Generating a key pair on Windows

Connecting to an SSH Server from Windows using a key

Transferring files with SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Transferring files with secure copy(SCP)

Setting up the SSH service on Linux

Windows and SSH servers


Tripti23 May 2021

Teaching skills are good but the language is a barrier as it was hard to understand what are you speaking

Diego22 May 2021

Se va entendiendo todo a pesar de las barreras del idioma (soy de Argentina)... Me gusta y voy a completar el curso.

Akshit16 March 2021

It starts out really slow but then really gives a strong foundation on fundamental Linux CLI commands and their syntax. I would recommend this course to anyone starting out with the terminal and wanting to get comfortable with it. Some of the advanced commands are also covered but the tutor makes sure to brush over the surface and share the essential details without delving deep into the arbitrary intricate details.

Donna29 March 2019

I knew some about the basic commands but I have learned valuable new information about them. I also liked learning how to get help finding a command. Also, note that the transcript and closed caption of this video has many mistakes because when it was transcribed it could not understand the accent of the teacher. Once in a while, it is hard to understand a word or two of the teacher but I still find what he is teaching to be valuable information for someone just starting Linux.

Travis5 February 2019

Amazing with Linux basics it is good who wish to switch from windows to Linux . As per me i learnt a lot basic instructor also added some advance topics

Brian28 December 2018

Got a good insight!! Thanks Hayat. I appreciated the way of explanation with simple and examples live

Daryll25 December 2018

i have learned how to install ubuntu using virtual machine and installing directly to the pc as my main OS

Desiree13 October 2018

This was very useful for me because i am learning to use Linux for the first time at work and it improved my skill

Christina5 October 2018

Very extensive for the absolute beginner. The instructor is very good and each tutorial is very in depth...but not suited for people which already have Linux command experience

Nicola1 October 2018

Really enjoyed to thorough explanation of using Linux. I learned most of what I was expecting from the class so I consider that a win.

Brad1 October 2018

This instructor is brilliant. He understood how beginners fear Linux and developed a course that makes your Like and appreciate the power of the Linux Command Line!

Jaysen30 September 2018

I give this rating because the course contents are really organized And i enjoy myself while going through the course video. The attached resource files are really very good . It's a very good course for the linux beginner


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