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jQuery for Absolute Beginners : From Beginning to Advanced

Learn jQuery : Client Side Web Development using jQuery through Step by Step Learning, JavaScript Library jQuery

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Will become Master in client side web development

Will become expert in jQuery

Will earn working experience on jQuery


Our students review about this course --

"Best course to get started with jQuery, Thankyou :) " -- Vipinraj KT

"It is easy to understand for beginners in JQuery. Simple and clear explanation." -- Irina Zakharova

"taking everything into the details and steps by steps, I love the course so far" -- Maher Mahbouby

"Loved this course. I had zero knowledge on jQuery and now I just love it!" -- Sachin Satish Pai

"I loved this course, it will definitely help me complete my second year of my FdSc Computing course. Thank you" -- Daryl Sturman

"That is really good course not just for learning new, but also reviewing jquery." -- Mirnaghi Aghazada

jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is free, open-source software using the permissive MIT License. Web analysis indicates that it is the most widely deployed JavaScript library by a large margin.

Mastering jQuery will boost up your career especially in web development. This course is designed you to master yourself in jQuery through step by step process. 

Course Contents 

jQuery Intro

  • What is jQuery and what you will learn?

  • Downloading jQuery 

jQuery Basics

  • A first look at jQuery code 

  • Selectors and Filters 

  • Replacing contents 

  • Handling events 

  • Hide/Show events 

  • Fading 

  • Slide 

  • Toggle 

  • Animate

  • Selectors 

  • Filters 

jQuery Advanced

  • Advanced Selectors

  • Creating Content 

  • Creating Content: Part 2

  • Inserting content 

  • Modifying content 

  • Modifying CSS 

  • Final thoughts

Bonus Lecture: HTML5 Basics

  • Introduction to HTML

  • HTML4 vs. HTML5

  • Making your first HTML page

  • Tools to create HTML files

  • Base HTML Tags

  • Paragraph Tags

  • Break Tags

  • Header Tags

  • Bold and Italic Tags

  • Ordered and unordered Lists


jQuery for Absolute Beginners : From Beginning to Advanced
jQuery for Absolute Beginners : From Beginning to Advanced
jQuery for Absolute Beginners : From Beginning to Advanced
jQuery for Absolute Beginners : From Beginning to Advanced


jQuery Intro

What is jQuery and What you will learn?

Downloading jQuery

jQuery Basics

Adding jQuery in your site

A first look at jQuery code

Selectors and filters

Replacing contents

Handling Events

Hover Effects and Hide/Show Events: Part 1

Hover Effects and Hide/Show Events: Part 2







jQuery Advanced

Advanced Selectors

Creating content

Creating content: Part 2

Inserting Content

Modifying Content

Modifying CSS

Final Thoughts


Sushobhan5 October 2020

i had no idea regarding jquery but after this , definitely have some knowledge , some understanding . THANKS!!!

Browa1 October 2020

I like the courses because you talk not fast not slow but medium speed, and i like you don't go to fast on explain but rather bit by bit thanks and keep it up best wishes of success!

Revanth30 September 2020

Lectures are clear, good for those who are looking for a beginner knowledge. Well explained ,to the point.

Kashish23 September 2020

The instructor's voice is quite clear. The topics are well explained. Most of the topics are covered in depth. And many topics are there rather than just the basic ones. One thing that I found strange was he first write the script part sing all the ids and classes, then he writes the HTML part giving those classes and ids to div white is a very wrong practice. There should be a project or a dummy task to apply what we have learned, but overall the course is nice.

Foram14 August 2020

Started the course with a lot of enthusiasm. But there is no help available from the author of this course when stuck on a problem. It has been weeks of posting a query, which I reminded again, but have received no revert. Too bad to express!

David19 December 2019

This course is well done, I learned quite a bit but I dont think it will teach enough to go anywhere it lacks so much

Lawrence3 November 2019

Yes, it was quite interesting. It would have been much better if there were links to resources for future learning and/or examples from real world website from which to practice.

Rama20 September 2019

Really awesome experience! The course is well paced and the trainer explains things very clearly. Highly recommended if you want to learn JQuery well.

Susanta4 September 2019

Average class. Nothing for a familiar developer there. This course is only basics for noobs. However not bad. And another thing is the instructor makes lots of mistakes. I know everyone can make mistakes. But this is a bit much.

Desurmont25 June 2019

Fonctions Jquery intéressantes à voir et bien présentées par des exemples. Une erreur de codage non résolue et parfois le bas de la fenêtre du présentateur que l'on ne voit pas. La traduction Francaise est de mauvaise qualité.

Godnon7 June 2019

Lots of mistakes, like seriously a lot. Please stop fixing your mistake without telling us, not like I didn't already find your mistake but for some people it's hard... overall great basics

Daryl5 June 2019

I loved this course, it will definitely help me complete my second year of my FdSc Computing course. Thank you

Alex20 February 2019

After completing the course with very good HTML/CSS knowledge and some Javascript experience I don't feel much like an expert. The instructor makes too many errors (course content clearly not as well planned/thought out as it could be - there are things which prove he has not tested things out prior to clicking 'record' - the lectures seem very rushed). Also does not follow/teach best practices half the time, e.g. sometimes does not use correct indentation. For an absolute beginner it'd be decent but for me, yes I learnt a couple of things but don't feel like it went very advanced as it promises.

Sanchit16 February 2019

This course was really good who wants to beginning for JQuery. But for advance level this should also contains some more lectures and more detailed description and elaboration. Those who have prior knowledge of JQuery need not be done this course. This course is awesome for basic level and all the parts were described in details.

Pedro4 February 2019

As you says at the end, there is much to learn from jQuery. Thanks for the quick summary about jQuery.


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