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Learn jQuery - For Beginners

Learn to create animated, interactive web pages using jQuery Library

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Apr 2019

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What you will learn

Embedding jQuery

jQuery Syntax, Selector, Class, ID

jQuery Events

jQuery Mouse Effects

jQuery Event Handlers

jQuery Animations

jQuery Callback and Chaining Functions

jQuery Queue Functions

jQuery Append & Prepend

jQuery Toggle Class


Take your web development skills to new heights by using jQuery to create animated, interactive web page components using this powerful JavaScript Library.

We begin with the fundamental concepts such as embedding jQuery into documents and basic syntax. We then progress into working with Events, Event handlers, animations, fading, sliding, toggling, hiding and much more. Students will also learn to effectively use Callback functions and chaining methods.

Through a series of hands-on exercises students will create draggable layers, accordion menus and fully animated web interfaces. Many other jQuery attributes, filters and classes are also explored.


Learn jQuery - For Beginners
Learn jQuery - For Beginners
Learn jQuery - For Beginners
Learn jQuery - For Beginners


jQuery Library

Introduction to jQuery

Embedding jQuery

jQuery Syntax and Selector Intro

jQuery ID Selector

jQuery Class Selector

jQuery Other Selectors

External jQuery File

jQuery Events Intro

jQuery Events - mouseenter and mouseleave

jQuery Events - mousedown and mouseup

jQuery Multiple Event Handlers

jQuery Hiding-Showing

jQuery Toggle

jQuery Fade In-Out

jQuery Fade Toggle

jQuery Fade To

jQuery Slide Down

jQuery Slide Up

jQuery Slide Toggle

jQuery Animate

jQuery Animate - Multiple Params

jQuery Animate - Relative Values

jQuery Animate - Queue Functionality

jQuery Stop Method

jQuery Callback Functions

jQuery Chaining

jQuery Draggables

jQuery Accordian Menu

jQuery Get Content - text and html

jQuery Get Content - Val

jQuery Get Content - attr

jQuery Set Content - text - html - val

jQuery Set Attributes - attr

jQuery Append and Preprend

jQuery - After and Before

jQuery Remove and Empty

jQuery Filter Remove

jQuery Add Class

jQuery Remove Class

jQuery Toggle Class


Jesus30 December 2020

The course explain de basics and different functions, but is very helpful to be more familiar with this library and is good if you don't know nothing about it. The course could be better if it would have a mini final project.

Samir18 October 2020

That is the best courses that takes less time, and give needed knowledge to Java Developer who struggle these concepts, I think). Thanks a lot) I will look at all front concepts

Kashish25 September 2020

The instructor's voice is clear. All the topics are explained properly and in detail. Many topics are covered, enough for a beginner. One thing I found strange is he uses Notepad++ which is very outdated, he should use some code editor like VS Code, Brackets, Sublime, Atom, etc. to stay updated with the current version. But he speaks very slow, you will have to see the lectures on *1.5 speed.

Gilles3 September 2020

He speaks correctly, the subtittle is a good idea, but there is a a big delta between the correct name. When we are novice we need to learn all the new vocabulary and it is tricky. after he can maybe explain how the library work and explain the infrastructure of them. After he does the job. I know better the JQ. Thank to you.

Benedikt2 September 2020

Eine mittelmäßig informative Auflistung von verschiedenen Aktionen, die mit jQuery durchgeführt werden können. Für einen kurzen Einblick vielleicht ok, aber um sich wirklich mit jQuery befassen zu können, definitiv nicht ausreichend. Zudem fehlen wirkliche Praxisbeispiele, wie die Einbindung in eine Homepage. Hier wird nur zusammenhanglos die Funktion kurz erörtert. Es ist ein reiner Zuhör-Kurs, bei dem der Lerneffekt, wenn man sich nicht zum Selber-Ausprobieren zwingt, gleich null ist. Schade eigentlich, da doch viel mehr Potential vorhanden wäre.

Daniel20 August 2020

Una buena elección para iniciarse en Jquerry. Ya había tocado esta tecnología a un nivel mucho más básico. Aqui se consigue fijar estos conceptos básicos.

Talal25 July 2020

To the point and precise knowledge delivered by the instructor. This course saves your time and teaches you a lot.

Nalumasula23 July 2020

My requirement was to get the basics of jQuery. It is covered perfectly and far beyond my exceptions. This is amazing course.

Bhanu17 July 2020

Its one of the Best Course of jquery for beginner. everything is well explain with practical implementation.

Fabio27 April 2020

Very good introduction to jQuery. Some parts of the presentation might be improved aesthetically to make it more fluid and engaging, but the content is good.

José21 January 2020

Buen curso, es sencillo y sin pretensiones. Ideal para alguien que empieza. Eso si, te quedas con ganas de mas. Los ejemplos son muy claros

Pankaj29 September 2019

Everything is clear to Understand. Best Instructor I have seen. Any non-technical person also can understand the logic. Great job dude. Thank you for everything.

Yagya19 May 2019

Concise introductory course, explained with examples. I like this. This shows to the beginners what a jquery can do and how one can go about using this for some functionality. Because it is a short course, it fulfilled its objective. Well done for creating such course. Thanks

Gursimranjot16 May 2019

Some real projects example should be included in the project, so that student can understand why we need jquery. Example like a dropdown menu that open on click and close when clicked outside the container./

Maciej8 May 2019

Nieźle prowadzony, zrozumiale wytłumaczony materiał, ale zrobiony na pierwszej wersji jQuery, więc niektórych zademonstrowanych zapisów już się nie stosuje


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