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Learn JavaScript - For Beginners

Learn how to Code Web Pages using JavaScript

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Apr 2019

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What you will learn

Document Object Model (DOM)

JavaScript Variables & Constants

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators

JavaScript Operator Precedence

JavaScript Data Types

JavaScript Objects

JavaScript Special Characters

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Arrays

JavaScript Sorting & Slicing Arrays

JavaScript Booleans, Loops, For-In, For, Do-While, While Loops

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Events


Students learn to add dynamic, interactivity to web pages using JavaScript.

We start with exploring the fundamental concepts, including JavaScript placement and output functions. We then transition to working with arithmetic operators, math functions, arrays, sorting, conditional statements and loops. Students also learn to work with events and functions.

The course includes several hands-on exercises to help students master this essential scripting language.


Learn JavaScript - For Beginners
Learn JavaScript - For Beginners
Learn JavaScript - For Beginners
Learn JavaScript - For Beginners


Document Object Model (DOM)

DOM Introduction

DOM Manipulation

JavaScript Development


JS Placement

External JavaScript

JavaScript Output

JavaScript InnerHTML

JavaScript Commenting

JavaScript Constants

JavaScript Variables Introduction

JavaScript Assignment Operator

JavaScript Arithmetic Operations

JavaScript Arithmetic Operations Continued

JavaScript Operator Precedence

JavaScript Data Types

JavaScript Objects

JavaScript Object Output

JavaScript Strings

JavaScript String Length

JavaScript Special Characters

JavaScript Random Numbers

JavaScript Min and Max Function

JavaScript Math Round Function

JavaScript Arrays

JavaScript Array Attributes

JavaScript Arrays - Pop - Push - Shift - Unshift

JavaScript Changing and Deleting Elements

JavaScript Splicing an Array

JavaScript Sorting an Array

JavaScript Joining Arrays

JavaScript Conditional Statements

JavaScript Comparisons

JavaScript Booleans

JavaScript For Loops

JavaScript For-In Loop

JavaScript While Loops

JavaScript Do-While Loop

JavaScript Break and Continue

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Events

JavaScript Project 1 - BG Color Changer

JavaScript Project 2 - Photo Gallery

JavaScript Project 2 - Completion


Adrian29 September 2020

is a good course for a basic understanding but i would like it to have a little more complex methods explained and more projects

Ravi22 September 2020

very basic course . This course will is not sufficient to learn java script. I will say do not spend your time because you have to learn it again.

Ronny28 August 2020

Es bueno, para iniciar no esta mal pero sin embargo deberia tomar en cuenta el hecho de evitar las malas practica usando todo el codigo en un tag script, los que estan iniciando podrian adoptar esta costumbre y es mala practica incluso codigos que no tienes que ver con DOM facilmente puedes ejecutarse con el archivo js con nodejs o babel o incluso un ide como codeio entre otros, esa es mi recomendacion, igual gracias por el curso

Manan28 August 2020

For beginners, the course says, so I expected some basic fundamentals of Javascript and not these examples. I am unable to understand how to use JS and when and where to place the JS

Marmik7 August 2020

Too basic, not enough complex topics covered. However, the videos were short and simple and easy to follow.

Ahmed29 July 2020

Exactly as expected , the very simple basics of JavaScript for a beginner ,not that detailed Good job

Cristopher24 July 2020

This is such a good beginner course like me. But my coding background in C++ definitely helped as well.

Mihir23 July 2020

I explored the fundamental concepts, including JavaScript placement, output functions, transition to working with arithmetic operators, math functions, arrays, sorting, conditional statements and loops. I also learn to work with events and functions. Overall it was a good experience.

Keerthana18 July 2020

Yeah ,It really cover the whole basics of javascript . From variables,conditions,loops,functions and all.I really thank Udemy for this course.

Alex17 July 2020

Great course for someone who is looking for the very basics of javascript. I was hoping there would be more content around Functions, Loops, and Conditional Statements outside of what was presented in this course.

Michaël7 January 2020

Explication claire, cependant, les exercices à la fin ne nous permettent d'utiliser tout ce que l'on a vu dans le cours.

Mark21 November 2019

Not a lot of detail so far which would allow a beginner to understand JS. And the computerised voice is very annoying.

Fabrice15 November 2019

This course is useful for very beginners, not only in Javascript. For those who have yet some knowledge about programmation (algorithmic, logic operators, calculations, etc), a few number of videos in this course will be useless.

Katarzyna11 July 2019

Tematyka kursu jest dobra i przedstawiona w przystępny sposób dla osoby początkującej, ale jest problem z angielskimi napisami oraz czcionka w jakiej przedstawiony jest kod jest malutka

Simran29 April 2019

There is much more in javascript which are important like various types of events which were not described.


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