Learn Java Server Faces (JSF) from scratch

This is a full course for people looking to learn how to create Web Based Java Applications, using the best frameworks

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Learn Java Server Faces (JSF)  from scratch
14 hours
May 2019
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What you will learn

Develop Java EE Web Applications

Understand the concepts related to the JavaServer Faces Framework

Deploy ".war" applications in GlassFish servers

Use Netbeans with Glassfish-Mysql Integration

Why take this course?

🎓 **Master the Art of Web Application Development with Java Server Faces (JSF)!** **Course Title:** Learn Java Server Faces (JSF) from Scratch 🚀 **Course Description:** Dive into the world of web application development and master the art of creating dynamic, robust, and secure web applications using Java with our comprehensive course on **Java Server Faces (JSF)**. This isn't just another tutorial; it's a journey through the core concepts and tools you need to build professional-grade applications that will captivate your users and stand out in the digital landscape. **What You'll Learn:** 📚 **Staged Learning Approach:** - **Stage 1:** Grip the basics of JSF, understanding its structure and how it works as a component-oriented framework. - **Stage 2:** Explore the power of **EJB** (Enterprise Java Beans) and learn how to leverage this robust technology to build scalable enterprise applications. - **Stage 3:** Familiarize yourself with **GlassFish**, a full-fledged Java EE server that will serve as your platform for implementing the concepts learned. This is in contrast to simpler servers like Tomcat, which primarily handle servlet requests. 🎯 **Final Project:** In the culmination of this course, you'll embark on a hands-on project where you'll integrate everything you've learned to create a complete web application. This isn't just about coding; it's about understanding the architecture and design patterns that make web applications secure, efficient, and visually appealing. **Who Is This Course For?** 👩‍💻 **Advanced Beginners & Intermediate Developers:** This course is tailored for students who already have a solid grasp of the Java language and the principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). It's perfect for you if you're ready to take on the challenges and concepts that are essential for creating secure, high-performing, and user-friendly web applications. **Key Tools & Technologies Covered:** ✅ **JSF:** Master this server-side component-oriented Java web framework as you learn to build interactive, user-centric web interfaces. ✅ **EJB:** Understand and implement EJB within your applications to create a robust architecture capable of handling enterprise-level demands. ✅ **GlassFish:** Gain hands-on experience with this full Java EE server, and discover how it compares to other application servers like Tomcat. **Why Choose This Course?** 🌟 **Practical & Engaging:** This course is designed to be both practical and engaging. You won't just learn the theory; you'll apply it in real-world scenarios that challenge you to think critically about web application development. 🎉 **Project-Based Learning:** By working on a final project, you'll see the full scope of what you can achieve with your new JSF skills, and you'll be prepared to tackle any web application project head-on. 🤝 **Community Support:** Join a community of like-minded developers and learn from each other's experiences. Share your progress, ask questions, and get feedback as you grow in your Java Server Faces expertise. Enroll now and unlock the full potential of your web development skills with **Learn Java Server Faces (JSF) from Scratch**! 🎉👩‍💻


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Our review

📚 **Course Review for JSF Comprehensive Training** **Overall Rating:** 4.40/5 (Based on recent reviews) ### Pros: - **Expert Instructor**: The instructor demonstrates a deep understanding of the subject matter, which is evident throughout the course content. - **Coverage of Concepts**: The course provides a broad overview of JavaServer Faces (JSF) concepts, equipping learners with a comprehensive understanding of the framework. - **Clear Explanations**: Many reviewers commended the instructor for the clear and well-spent explanations on main points, making the course content very enjoyable and easier to grasp. - **Responsive Instructor**: The instructor has shown to be responsive to student queries and willing to improve the course based on feedback. - **Real-World Application**: Some aspects of the course do provide practical applications, such as integrating weather mashups or Google Maps, which add visual appeal and real-world relevance to the learning experience. - **Good Pace for Learning**: The content is interesting and understandable even at a faster pace, suggesting that learners can benefit from watching the material at 1.5X speed. - **Diverse Opportunities**: The course showcases the wide range of opportunities available within JSF, providing a solid foundation for further exploration in the field. - **Responsive and Helpful Community**: Reviewers reported a positive experience interacting with both the instructor and their peers within the community. ### Cons: - **Structural Issues**: Some learners found the course to be a bit chaotic, with a lack of structure in the final application, leading to a sense of disorganization. - **Content Repetition**: The absence of summaries or repeating questions at the end of each lesson could make it harder for students to retain information and track their progress. - **Outdated Content**: A few reviewers pointed out that some of the content is outdated, which may not align with current best practices in JSF development. - **Resource Accessibility**: The lack of immediate access to download source code or the necessity to replay videos to catch up on explanations before coding were recurring issues. - **Practical Application Limitations**: The final application seems to get bogged down with unnecessary details, potentially detracting from the learning experience and failing to integrate all previously covered concepts cohesively. - **Instructor Preparation**: Some learners felt that the instructor appeared unprepared or taught in an improvised manner, particularly in later modules. - **Lack of Structured Learning Path**: The course could benefit from a more structured approach to ensure that each lesson builds upon the previous one effectively. - **Coding Standards**: A few reviewers pointed out that the coding style demonstrated in the course does not always adhere to best practices, which could lead learners to adopt poor habits. ### General Feedback: - **Practical Application**: The course is praised for its practical use of tools and server setup, with some visually attractive content that helps learners understand how JSF can be applied in real-world scenarios. - **Responsiveness**: The responsiveness of the instructor to troubleshooting issues and willingness to improve the course is highly appreciated by learners. - **Beginner Friendly**: Some reviewers suggest that all tasks should be created from scratch, catering to beginners who are just starting to learn JSF. - **Recommendation**: The overall consensus is that it is a very good course for those looking to understand JSF, with many recommending it based on the quality of explanations and additional design tips provided by the instructor. ### Suggestions for Improvement: - **Course Structure**: Introduce a more structured approach to the course content to enhance learner comprehension and engagement. - **Source Code Availability**: Provide source code downloads or integrate coding examples directly into the learning path to facilitate easier reference and practice. - **Summaries and Recap Questions**: Implement summaries at the end of each lesson and recap questions to aid in retention and comprehension. - **Best Practices**: Ensure that the course content is up-to-date with current best practices in JSF development to avoid teaching outdated or poor coding habits. ### Final Thoughts: The JSF Comprehensive Training course has received largely positive reviews, with commendations on the instructor's expertise and clear communication. However, there are opportunities for improvement regarding course structure, resource accessibility, and adherence to current best practices. With these enhancements addressed, this course has the potential to be an even more valuable resource for learners interested in mastering JSF.



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