Web Development


Learn HTML - For Beginners

Lean how to create web pages using HTML

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Apr 2019

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What you will learn

How to Code in HTML

Structure of an HTML Page

Text Formatting in HTML

Embedding Videos

Creating Links

Anchor Tags

Tables & Nested Tables

Building Forms

Embedding Iframes

Inserting Images


Students will learn how to create engaging web pages using HTML5, which is an integral part of the development process.

The material covers an intensive array of HTML5 elements including images, videos, lists, tables, forms, iframes and much more.

The course includes several hands-on projects to ensure comprehension of course materials.

By the end of the training, students will be proficient with coding in HTML and ready to tackle the more advanced scripting languages that follow.


Learn HTML - For Beginners
Learn HTML - For Beginners
Learn HTML - For Beginners
Learn HTML - For Beginners


HTML Development

Introduction to HTML

Basic Structure of a Web Page

HTML Head Tags

HTML Body Tag

HTML Paragraph Spacing

HTML Line Breaks

HTML Non-Breaking Space

HTML Header Tags

HTML Text Formatting and Decoration

HTML Inline Text Formatting

HTML Unordered Lists

HTML Ordered Lists

HTML Image Insertion

HTML Embedding Videos

HTML Absolute vs. Relative File Referencing

HTML Link Creation

HTML Anchor Tags

HTML Tables

HTML Nested Tables

HTML Merging Cells

HTML Text Wrapping

HTML Table Background Image

HTML Cell Alignment

HTML - Introduction to Forms

HTML Form Tags and Attributes

HTML Forms - Post vs Get

HTML Forms - Input Text Fields

HTML Forms - Select Menus

HTML Forms - Check Boxes and Radio Buttons

HTML Forms - Text Areas and Buttons

HTML Iframes

HTML Project - Introduction

HTML Project - Header

HTML Project - Callout

HTML Project - Image Insertion

HTML Project - Text Insertion

HTML Project - Links and Form

HTML Project - Tabular Data

HTML Project - Footer


Ibnu1 October 2020

I am not satisfied with this course. Teaching style, body language very poor. It is to me. But you are free to choose it.

Amandeep29 September 2020

Everyone, who is new to web development, must go for this. it is very easy and well detailed on each step.

Hannah17 September 2020

Clear, simple, and told you everything you needed to know to get you off the ground with working examples.

Leela15 September 2020

Yes,for beginners its really a good course to suggest.But,the thing is ,in the last every thing is copy pasted.Even if we learn the course,practice session is very important.

P11 September 2020

Relly it was a good beginner course . Everything was explained super simple. Thanks for this course. IT made me to know the basic of web devlopment.

Aditya6 September 2020

yes till yet i have completed 50% of the course approximately i find it very easy to learn and grab stuff. almost everything is explained well and in a easy way thus it seemed easy to learn. overall experience was good learning here .the only thing which i realized personally was that there should have been more detailed topics added about this since only the basics were taught and nothing more than that.so we had a base from here and we have to grow that base now. thanks

Alberto1 September 2020

Ha sido una muy buena elección este curso ya que nos permite visualizar desde el inicio como se trabaja con HTML.

ALFINA23 August 2020

I am a beginner in programming.This is an amazing course on Html .We will understand eacha nd every portions.just follow what the instructor is saying.

Mushtaq20 August 2020

This course is average good that is easy to understand and follow. I have now a better understanding of html. It was a good learning experience. It's been a great improvement in my daily work. Thanks for making this course :) .

Vaibhav17 August 2020

Feeling happy to take this course and by the end i could feel that i can also do the Coding.Good job Udemy.

Lisa19 February 2020

Der Kurs ist hervorragend als Einstieg geeignet, man hat auch als kompletter Anfänger keine Schwierigkeiten zu folgen.

Lelaine9 January 2020

no information was provided in the beginning to download Notepad++ or which version The run tab did not have any list of browsers to open

Suraj24 November 2019

It is been interesting doing this course. I really liked to do this course, But It is not sufficient please add some more content like HTML id, class, block, graphics, media & APIs.

Rishab7 October 2019

it was overall a very good learning experience with youaccel.Here i got to learn the practical aspects of html.

Wasley28 April 2019

O curso abordou até vários conceitos avançados do html, provavelmente o mais completo que vi até agora, obviamente existem outras coisas, mas elas costumam ser mais trabalhas em conjunto com outros línguas e vistas nelas. Obrigado pelo excelente curso!


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