Learn to Instantly Setup Online Exports Business Worldwide

Instantly Set Up Online Exports Business, Create Online Business Assets on Top International marketplaces like Amazon.

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Secrets of setting up a highly profitable online exports business?

How to create an online exports showroom for your products and services?

How to create range of the products for selling online?

How to target overseas online customers?

All about Amazon Global Selling

Understanding various global online marketplaces available for exporters


Welcome to this revolutionary course on Online Exports Business, revealing latest and rare secrets on how to setup your Global Online Trade and International Business instantly. In today's world trading and global commerce, more and more international buyers and importers, especially in rich countries, are moving to digital channels to meet their large imports requirements. These international traders have less and less time to judge the suppliers physically from across the world. The international buyers instead have a different approach to fulfill their import requirements. Now a days, they are typically starting with small trial orders placed to good quality online export and global trading stores. These trial exports orders eventually gets converted to large exports orders in a typical Global Online Trade Business.

Why this online business course?

Now, these global online trade stores can be set up instantly on several popular and high traffic online international marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and others. In this course you will learn all about these very popular and high traffic international marketplaces. You will also learn how to register, set up your account and create a dynamic online exports store, step by step.

The course is delivered by Dr. Vijesh Jain, who is having more than 30 years of exports and global digital marketing experience. Dr. Vijesh has dealt with more than 28 countries in the world both online and offline. He is highly traveled and accomplished global business researcher and practitioner. In the international trading and exporting domain, he will share the rare and minute details on this online exports business topic. He will also be explaining the evolving mindset of modern big importers in rich countries and large importing markets of the world. The course is a great trade and commerce category course. And it gives you an opportunity to learn- how you can create your online business exports store almost free of cost, instantly.

How this course will help you?

The course trains you step by step methods of creating the most professional online business exports and global trade store. With step by step example of one the new international marketplaces like FIEO mall (an Indian government sponsored international market place as an example).

Whether you are a manufacturer, trader, merchandise exporter or services exporter, you can create your online business exports and global trade store absolutely free on cost on the FIEO Mall. The same knowledge can help you identify similar facility for exporters from other countries.

The course also encourages you to use this learning to create similar exports marketing  and global trade online stores on other popular international market places like -Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, Shopify, eBay etc. And succeed in Global Online Trade.

The course covers information on

1. FIEO Mall

2. Amazon

3. Amazon Handmade

4. All about Amazon Global Selling


6. Shopify

7. Top international market places for both B2C and B2B customers

8. Adding products and categories to your online exports store

9. Preparing for online exports business and Global Online Trading

10. Many other related topics and tips on Global Online Trading and being successful in online exports business.

Areas covered:

Online Exports Business, Online global business, amazon global selling, exports online store, Etsy, Shopify, FIEO Mall, Rakuten, Newegg, Amazon Handmade, Indian Trade Portal, ITC-HS code, ITC Trade Map, B2B Global Selling, B2C Global Selling, Global Digital Marketing, Global Social Media Marketing, Online Exports tips, Online Imports Tips, Exports Products Ideas, Exports Pricing, Exports Packing, International Logistics, Alibaba, IndiaMart, TradeIndia

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh  Jain is an IIFT, New Delhi and BITS, Pilani alumnus with a PhD from University of Mysore and BIMTECH. He is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) by NASBITE, USA and undertaken several entrepreneurship programs of Harvard University. He has more than 30 years of practical exports marketing and international business management experience. Also, Dr. Jain has worked in several countries for large MNCs, exporting several kinds of goods and services. In addition, Dr. Vijesh has been an exporter, trader, trainer, global business professional. He is presently a Global Business Practices Artist and Coach. He is presently coaching thousands of students and working professionals in several countries.

By enrolling this course, you also get

1. Life time access to the updated course material

2. Verified eCertificate

3. Limited money back guarantee

4. Lot of resources for practical exports marketing


Learn to Instantly Setup Online Exports Business Worldwide
Learn to Instantly Setup Online Exports Business Worldwide
Learn to Instantly Setup Online Exports Business Worldwide
Learn to Instantly Setup Online Exports Business Worldwide



Prelude to training

Video on prelude to training.

Home work required for setting up your exports online business

Video lecture regarding home work required

Quiz 1 (Ungraded)

Forming an export company to launch online export business

Formation of an export organization

Video lecture about forming an export company

Quiz 2 (ungraded)

Pre 'exports store launch' work

Product research based on importer's psychology

Video lecture regarding product research.

Size of offering

Video lecture regarding product range and differentiation

Quiz 3 (Ungraded)

Setting up your first exports online store on the net

Setting up your first online exports store on Indian Trade Portal

Video on setting up your first online exports store on FIEO marketplace, GOI.

Managing your first online exports store on FIEO marketplace

Lecture on how to manage your online exports store on FIEO market place

Giving finishing touches to your first online exports store

Video regarding giving finishing touches to your first online exports store

Quiz 4 (Undgraded)

Setting up your online export business on AMAZON

Setting up your account on Amazon

Video related to setting up your account on Amazon Market Place

Let us tour the online exports store on Amazon

Video your to Amazon marketplace online export stores

Understanding complete procedure/costs to create online exports store on Amazon

Video related to setting up your account on Amazon

All about setting up your online exports business on Amazon Handmade

Video about Amazon Hamdmade

Quiz 5 (Ungraded)

Other market places on the net

Selling on Etsy, a premium marketplace

Video tour to Etsy

Online export shops on Etsy

Video tour to typical Etsy Shops

Other online marketplaces

Video about other popular online marketplaces

Congratulation for completing this revolutionary course

Quiz 6 (ungraded)


Rohit22 June 2021

This is my first exposure to the export and import course and I really liked the way Vijesh Sir has tried to explain. It was lucid and easy language to grasp the content and understand each and every step.

Roop25 May 2021

So far the content was good and knowledge. Mr Jain explains every aspects slowly and very clearly. Very helpful for new exporters.

Ashish20 March 2021

Editing could be lot better. I don't see the value in putting the face in front the video walkthrough. Lot of time it's difficult to see what options are available as instructor is blocking the bigger view.

Kshitij7 January 2021

This course will help you to set your online export store. The details and points explained is very useful for you. Thanks Sir

Salman9 December 2020

It is undoubtedly informative , we can implement his techniques while doing our own business. God bless you.

Jagdish8 December 2020

Course is build with very useful information. The way of explaining is very good, and in details. Overall great experience.

Nandagopal17 October 2020

In the most recent module, Dr Vijesh Jain explained in detail how to create an Online e – Store with the templates seen in www.indiantradeportal.in and https://fieo.globallinker.com/onlinestore which is boon for those keen to enhance the level of opportunities in Export business.


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