How to Become a Successful Exporter | Any Country of Origin

Secret skills of exporting, trade & business revealed in the exports mastery course. Includes Concepts, Practices & Tips

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Secrets of becoming a successful exporter

All about export documentation

All about international payments

International Logistics & Supply Chain

Where to get international market intelligence and research information - sources

How to use and benefit from Free India Trade Portal

All about export procedures in brief

About international trade theories


This is a course by Dr. Vijesh Jain who have spent more than 16 years in exports, imports, international trade and global commerce in the MNCs. Additional 15 years in training, research and concepts creation in the area of international trade add value to these remarkable contents. Dr. Vijesh has dealt with international buyers and global companies in more than 28 countries with 100s of international traders and big importers. This course is based on his long experience in the international business and is a right blend of experience, ground reality and some theoretical concepts. The contents, examples and cases discussed in this course are rare. Also these are most effective. The export mastery course also contains hard to find information, which can change the life of the student of this course.

Why this course?

The course contains rare knowledge on the following (but not limited to)

  • The purpose and significance of exporting and international trade, (the course do away with descriptive information on the topics).

  • Benefits of using free resources like government sponsored Indian Trade Portal

  • How to use Indian Trade Portal Resources to find overseas markets and products to export from India.

  • Trains the students in the areas related to finding sources of key exports information,

  • How to sign exports contracts

  • Understanding the terms and clauses in an export contract.

A discussion on various trade theories explaining the purpose and role of international trade in the growth of world economies and improving the life of humans on this planet, the course trains the students in rare skills of

  • Receiving international payments,

  • Carrying out export documentation and procedures, and

  • Understanding of the international logistics and supply chain management.

  • Exports Documentation

The course just doesn't stop here. It offers various other topics to understand in the simple language. It helps the students to master the task of exporting goods and services from the home country.

The stories and case studies shared by Dr. Vijesh Jain are the best examples of things which makes one a successful exporter. All essential skills are shared in this unique course in most simple language.

Other areas covered

Exports, imports, international trading, global business, international trade theories, diamond model, international logistics, international payments, letter of credit, international shipping, containerized cargo, incoterms 2010, UCP 500, UCP 600, exports documents, exports procedures, global trading, commodities trading, online exports, online global trade, online global business success stories, exports contract, transport documents

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh  Jain is an IIFT, New Delhi and BITS, Pilani alumnus with a PhD from University of Mysore and BIMTECH. He is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) by NASBITE, USA and undertaken several entrepreneurship programs of Harvard University. Dr. Jain has more than 30 years of practical exports marketing and international business management experience. At the same time, he has worked in several countries for large MNCs, exporting several kinds of goods and services. Also, Dr. Vijesh has been an exporter, trader, trainer, global business professional. Interestingly, he is presently a Global Business Practices Artist and Coach. At present, he is coaching thousands of students and working professionals in several countries.

By enrolling this course, you also get

1. Life time access to the updated course material

2. Verified eCertificate

3. Limited money back guarantee

4. Lot of resources for practical exports marketing


How to Become a Successful Exporter | Any Country of Origin
How to Become a Successful Exporter | Any Country of Origin
How to Become a Successful Exporter | Any Country of Origin
How to Become a Successful Exporter | Any Country of Origin


Introduction to the training

Prelude to the training

Prelude to the training

What is the glamour of exporting?

Video Lecture related to glamour of exporting

Reasons of growth of international trade

Video lecture discussing reasons of growth of international trade

Quiz section 1

Common trade theories explaining the rationale and reasons of global trade

Classic theories explaining the most common reasons of international trade

Video related to classic theories

Modern theories explaining the international trade

Video lecture related to Diamond Theory

Quiz section 2

Do you have a good product idea for exports?

Do you have a good idea?

Video related to having a good idea for exports.

Quiz section 3

Where to get the market intelligence

Where to go for market intelligence?

Video related to where to go for information?

Understanding India Trade Portal

Video related to India Trade Portal Guided Tour

How to research trade statistics on India Trade Portal

Video related to trade statistics on Indian Trade Portal

How to know all about export markets fro my product on India Trade Portal

Video lecture on detailed market intelligence about my product for exports

Quiz section 4

Understanding Foreign Trade Policy of India

Overview of Foreign Trade Policy

Video lecture on foreign trade policy

Objectives of typical foreign trade policies

Video lecture on objectives of foreign trade policy

Foreign Trade Policy of India update on India Trade Portal

Video lecture related to using India Trade Portal to access policy resources

Quiz section 5

Understanding Exports Contracts

Understanding standard clauses of an export contract

Video lecture explaining different clauses of a typical exports contract

How to get more information on exports contracts

Video lecture describing how you can updated yourself on exports contracts

A small case study explaining the importance of exports contracts

Video lecture describing the case study on exports contracts

Quiz section 6

Moving goods internationally

Moving goods by sea and air

Video lecture relating to movement of goods internationally

Quiz section 7

Getting international payments

Different methods of international payments

Video lecture relating to the discussion on modes of international payments.

Understanding typical export transaction framework in the context of payments

Video relating to understanding typical export framework in context of payment.

Step by step process of international payments through letter of credit

Video lecture relating to international payment flow through letter of credit

Tips for learning more about letter of credit and international payments

Video lecture giving tips and techniques to keep yourself updated about LCs

Quiz section 8

Understanding exports documentation and procedures

Typical export transaction framework in the context of export documentation

Video lecture describing the typical export transaction framework for documents.

Understanding Pre-shipment commercial documents

Video lecture relating to pre-shipment commercial documents

Understanding pre -shipment auxiliary and regulatory documents

Video lecture relating to the auxiliary and regulatory pre-shipment documents

Understanding the Post Shipment Documents

Video lecture relating to the post shipment documents

Congratulations for completing the course on how to become a successful exporter

Quiz Section 9


Saurabh9 February 2021

The speaker Mr. Vijesh is very knowledgeable, explained the subject in a very lucid way with indepth analysis and illustrations. Thanks very much.

Navdeep8 January 2021

Very nicely explained course. The teacher is impressingly experienced in both subject as well as his teaching. I am satisfied with course and would rate it 10/10

Hadi4 January 2021

Hello, There is no doubt that Dr. Vijesh is an expert in his field; plus, what makes him different is he responds to any answer quickly with details. Also, all his courses are related to each other, so I suggest to take full advantage and sign up for his courses. Thanks Dr. Vijesh.

Sachin26 November 2020

The course was in depth. Very humble teacher. Looking forward for your export pricing lecture and how to find the importers in their country.

Jaspreet22 November 2020

Really good content for people who want to explore export business ..step by step information on how to create successful strategies for export... Highly recommended

Rajeeb5 October 2020

Successfully covered all aspects of how to be a successful exporter. Course contains most important knowing facts, rules and regulations regarding to do international business.


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