Learn Hazardous Material Treatment in SAP WM

Learn how to perform all the steps involved in Hazardous Material Treatment in SAP Warehouse Management.

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Learn Hazardous Material Treatment in SAP WM


33 mins


Feb 2017

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What you will learn

Understand the Configuration Set up required for Hazardous Materials in SAP Warehouse Management.

Understand the completed process flow steps required for Hazardous Materials in SAP WM


SAP WM Warehouse Management - Welcome to this training course presentation of the SAP Warehouse Management - Hazardous Material Treatment in SAP Warehouse Management.

Taking this WM course will help you with everything you need to start your career in working with SAP Purchasing , Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and many other important areas of any Business.

Overview of the course:

This course will help you to understand the WM Functionalities involved in Hazardous Material Treatment in SAP WM.

This course is structured in the following areas:-

1. Introduction

2. Configuration Steps

3. Process Run and Conclusion.

This course consists of detailed presentation along with the Live Videos demonstration of the course content.

Anyone who wants to understand the concept of Hazardous Material Treatment in SAP Warehouse Management, he should opt for this course.


Introduction to the Course



Define Region Code

Assignment of Region Code to Warehouse Number

Storage Class and Water Pollution Class

Storage Type Indicator for Material Master

Create Normal Material Master Data

Creation of Hazardous Material

Assignment of Hazardous Material to Normal Material

Stock Placement Strategies Configuration

Process Flow

Bin Creation in Storage Type 006

Process Run for Hazardous Material Placement


Samuel26 June 2019

Yes it was a very good match for my career and I think going through this process will help me in developing the kind of person I want to be thank you so much. I also would love to practice and how can I do that?

Sahil9 September 2017

Very worthwhile course. I'd recommend this training to individuals that want to learn SAP MM. Excellent training ! Great slides, well explained

Carlos30 August 2017

The course is very good. It shows an introductory level to see purchasing as a simple process, and how good SAP is showing the logic and all possible options related to purchasing. Thanks

Sunil19 April 2017

Sumit, you are giving only very minimal information which is not enough to survive as MM consultant. I would recommend if you would have covered more scenarios and more details of customization that would be really helpful to the consultant to survive in the MM world.

Sheratan4 April 2017

It's short but is a really good explaination and cover the theme. please create more course of WM SAP

Dipankar14 March 2017

I am regular subscriber of Sumit's classes. He has done an excellent job of explaining from ground up approach. His classes are excellent and to the point. I am always looking out for his upcoming classes. regards, Dipankar

Pat26 July 2016

Very repetitive and just shows transactions with no real detail behind it. The overview detailed 7 areas that will be covered. Approval process, goods receipt and invoice verification were not even touched upon.

Ramesh26 July 2015

without any talk of configuration why even prepare a course? Do you think people seeking MM course cant check t codes off SAP Easy Access menu?

Pat30 April 2015

This was a good course for consultants or end-users. The lessons were short and to the point. Well done!


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