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Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021

You'll learn all the fundamentals of Front-End Web Development and how you can Use them to start creating websites!

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98.5 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

HTML5 Basics

Advanced HTML5

CSS3 Basics

Advanced CSS3

JavaScript Basics

Advanced JavaScript

jQuery Basics

Advanced jQuery

Bootstrap 4 Basics

Advanced Bootstrap 4

SVG Basics

Advanced SVG

Sublime Text 3 (Text Editor)

Atom (Text Editor)

Visual Studio Code (Text Editor)

Brackets (Text Editor)

Google Chrome (Web Browser)

Firefox Developer Edition (Web Browser)

Firefox (Web Browser)

Opera (Web Browser)

Microsoft Edge (Web Browser)


Hi and Welcome to Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021

I'm you instructor Josh Werner and I'll be leading you through this course

Have you always wanted to learn how to code but don't know where to start?

Would you like to make amazing websites and bring your ideas to life?

Then Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021 is for you!v

Programming is the most in-demand skill in 2021.

The course begins with the basics. 

I'll take you through everything you need to know to start building websites like an expert.

We'll Cover HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and SVG from scratch.

You'll learn all the fundamentals of Front-End Web Development and how you can

Use them to start creating you own websites. 

The course is packed with over 98 hours of hands-on tutorials

So what are you waiting for?

I look forward to Going through course with you I'll see you inside!

Hi, My name is Josh Werner with Learn Tech Plus and I have taken all of the guess work out for you as a student trying to learn Front End Web Development I have been where you are right now trying to learn on your own to master a new skill.  Let me walk you through step by step to become a Front Web Developer Master.

How would you like to Master Front Web Development by learning everything you need to know from A to Z.  Then Front End Web Development Master Course for 2021 is for you!

Here is what you will learn

  1. Introduction

  2. Firefox Developer Edition (Web Browser)

  3. Atom (Free Text Editor!)

  4. GitHub Basics (Cloud Base Storage for your Code!)

  5. HTML5 Basics

  6. HTML5 Basics Project

  7. HTML5 Advanced

  8. HTML5 Advanced Project

  9. CSS3 Basics

  10. CSS3 Basics Project

  11. CSS3 Advanced

  12. CSS3 Advanced Project

  13. JavaScript Basics

  14. JavaScript Basics Project

  15. JavaScript Advanced

  16. JavaScript Advanced Project

  17. jQuery Basics

  18. jQuery Basics Project

  19. jQuery Advanced

  20. jQuery Advanced Project

  21. SVG Basics

  22. SVG Basics Project

  23. SVG Advanced

  24. SVG Advanced Project

Learn Front End Web Development

Student reviews:

"Great Course"

-Rich Helton

"This is great training for beginners and aspiring front end web developers this is simple yet very very informative"

-Leynard Caballero Villagracia

"I think it is a great course for the beginning level."

-Hoang Cong

"Great course and perfect explanation specially for beginners."

-Kenan Dedoviq

"Easy to understand for beginners..."

-Hiren Bechra

"Yeah, it's been a good match for me definitely. The content and the way of teaching by the mentors is very effective and efficient. Any one can begin with building web pages, taking up this certain course"

-Abhinav Anand



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What are the requirements?  

·         All information and resources are included in this course.  

What am I going to get from this course?  

·         Learn how to hand code HTML and CSS

·         Work with Bootstrap 4

·         Build 2 great projects to get you started on your Front End Web Development education

What is the target audience?

·         Anyone who wants to dramatically increase their Front End Web Development Skills!


Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021
Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021
Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021
Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021



New Introduction

Install Sublime Text 3

Install Mamp

Learn HTML

HTML Basics Part 1

HTML Basics Part 2

HTML Basics Part 3

HTML Basics Part 4

Learn CSS

CSS Basics Part 1

CSS Basics Part 2

CSS Basics Part 3

CSS Basics Part 4

Website Project

Project Introduction

Build Home Page in HTML

Build Services Page in HTML

Build Portfolio Page in HTML

Build About Page in HTML

Build Contact Page in HTML

Style Home Page in CSS

Style Services Page in CSS

Style Portfolio Page in CSS

Style About Page in CSS

Style Contact Page in CSS

Learn Bootstrap

Introduction to Bootstrap

Build Home Page in Bootstrap Part 1

Build Home Page in Bootstrap Part 2

Build Services Page in Bootstrap

Build Portfolio Page in Bootstrap

Build About Page in Bootstrap

Build Contact Page in Bootstrap

Style Website in Bootstrap


Bonus Lecture


Pavan2 October 2020

Yes, it is absolutely a good match for me... I loved the way the instructor is trying to explain...hope this impression lasts long till I complete this course

Glendon25 September 2020

So far it's a bunch of downloading stuff. How about, like, a bit of background? E.g. what is front end development? What are we going to learn? What's coding? It says that the course is for people with no experience or background...are we going to do a project? Are we going to get something practical?

Bhavya22 September 2020

I could not get the reply of my question even after 7 days and the instructor just simply open the website w3schools and simply paste all code and shows the output. Then what is this course meant for. We also can read from that website.

Syeda10 September 2020

This course is very good. The way he teaches is really effective. He conducted all the possible things in this course

Anup22 August 2020

Feels like he is not a professional. No explanations available. It's like I'm having to mug up everything so far. No logic, no concept.

Helen21 August 2020

I'm only a little way into the course and there seems to be gaps in the content. Eg, at the end of video number 20, the instructor says in the next video we will talk over what we just built but video 21 just moves onto the next project. Also he uses the <center> tag a lot but this has been deprecated and is not supported by HTML5, so this course seems a bit out of date. Having said that, the projects are fun and they are good opportunity to apply your knowledge.

Iria4 August 2020

I don't recommend this course at all. I have only watched a few parts but I have got the perception that the instructor doesn't know about all these topics and he tries to go through them anyway. He explains things by copying the documentation without knowing what he is really talking about or what the thing is doing and his answer is that the result was expected even when the code was not working properly. In fact, I know how to use cypress and that part was really a shame.

Emre13 February 2020

He started to do the "H6" thing, but didn't said why. It made me stop for a second, why am I doing a thing that does not have any reason.

Abd15 January 2020

I am not sure if the instructor had any actual experience in front-end development, he just copy and paste and do things relatively randomly, I have no Idea why people give a 3 rating for such content.

Shittu13 January 2020

I just realized have been missing a lot since all this while for not been a web designer. With this i should be able to stand and build lovely design.

Abdelhak10 January 2020

thanks for your effort Sir. and I think it will be batter if you repaired an organized what you tend to teach .

Muhammad8 January 2020

It very good for the html & css section but in the bootstrap section its confusing and not well discussed

Mayank5 January 2020

It was definitely worth brushing up my skills after 1.5 years of frontend experience. Totally liked it.

Godwin3 January 2020

just starting out the course, and it seems interesting... This was absolutely worth the time, Thank You!

Ogunekun3 January 2020

this is beautiful but I'll recommend vs code and installing live sever so as not not been using ctrl s every time.


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