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Learn Flutter 2 & Firebase - Build Android, iOS & WEB Apps

Become a Flutter Full Stack Developer & Build Fully Functional Flutter Car Selling & Purchasing Website & Mobile Apps

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Flutter Full Stack Web & Mobile Apps Development

Flutter Backend Apps Development

Flutter Frontend Apps Development

Firebase Firestore

Firebase Authentication

Firebase as Backend for Flutter Android + iOS + Web Applications

and much more.


In this course you will learn and make your own backend fully functional Car Selling & Purchasing web app + android app + iOS app using Firebase Firestore as Backend.

We will use Firebase as Backend for our app. So you will learn how to use Firebase Authentication for user login and signup. And you will also learn how to use Cloud Firestore for saving user information to database as well as cars information to database, the cars selling and purchasing information.

Make Fully Functional Flutter Car Selling & Purchasing Website and App like CarMax, CarWale, PakWheels & eBay Motors

Firebase helps you build and run successful apps. Backed by Google, loved by developers. Products & solutions you can rely on throughout your app's journey. Boost App Engagement. Backed by Google. Release Apps Confidently. Accelerate Development.

Dig into new features in our latest release: Flutter 2. Download the SDK now start building beautiful apps on any device. Flexible UI. Native Performance. Open Source. Fast Development.

Flutter is a UI framework tool, which integrates prepackaged widgets (rather than Android XML) for Material Design and Cupertino. If you want to create beautifully (with amazing UI), user-friendly applications quickly, Flutter is best for you (even if you are a beginner).

Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. It was originally an independent company founded in 2011. In 2014, Google acquired the platform and it is now their flagship offering for app development.


Learn Flutter 2 & Firebase - Build Android, iOS & WEB Apps
Learn Flutter 2 & Firebase - Build Android, iOS & WEB Apps
Learn Flutter 2 & Firebase - Build Android, iOS & WEB Apps
Learn Flutter 2 & Firebase - Build Android, iOS & WEB Apps




Flutter SDK - Complete Setup

For Windows users - Flutter Setup

For MAC users - Flutter Setup

Creating & Setup a New Project - iCar

Create and Setup a new Flutter Project

Adding Assets and Fonts to our project

Add Splash Screen

Creating Splash Screen

Adding Timer to our Splash Screen

Creating the Required Widgets for our Apps [Web+iOS+Android]

Creating Auth Screen Design

Creating Custom Widgets

Add Circular Progress & Linear Progress Widget

Creating Error Dialog Box for our Application

Creating Loading Dialog Box for our Application

Login & Signup User with Authentication

Designing Login Page

Designing Register Page


Saud1 May 2021

1-Image handling using random google URLs for Ads and profile is something beyond my understanding. 2- For editing records you have to re-enter all data fields (A-Z) , where as they should be auto-filled with previous values so that user can only change the required data field and not the complete dataset. Very amateur data handling approach. 3- Un-necessary usage of variables to call Media query functions where as the actual sizing can be done with Widget itself. 4- Lack of state management , where screen has to be manually refreshed after editing , the PROVIDER package with listener event can do the same job automatically. I am seriously surprised at 4.5 overall rating for this course ???

Mickael21 April 2021

One of the best course for Flutter 2.0 Full Stack Development. Explanation is excellent, now that I have completed, i will recommend it to all.

Peter21 April 2021

Really nice. It is a great course for anyone who wants to learn flutter full stack web & mobile app development.

Steven15 April 2021

This is by far the first and the best Flutter 2.0 backend plus frontend Course available on Udemy if you want to learn coding best practises while learning flutter with firebase firestore as backend then this is the best course for you. Thank you

Muhammad15 April 2021

Wow. i have just learned in this course how to make fully functional android, ios & web app from single code base. i am so happy. This is really a great course with excellent explanation and well structured content about Flutter 2.0. Also making Flutter 2.0 backend apps with Firebase as Backend was a great challenge for me in the past. Now after watching this course i have learned everything. And I'm totally recommend it, especially for those who already started to learn Flutter but has some confusions or blind spots. Thank you Coding Cafe for your great work.


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