Learn Film Crowdfunding

How to crowdfund 10-50k for your film project.

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May 2021

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Film Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Marketing

Film Marketing


Are you looking for funding for your next film project?

When we first started out as film producers we were completely lost as to where we can find funding for short films and micro budget features. We'd apply for every grant, investor scheme and screenplay competition we could find and we would never hear back. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and green light our own projects through crowdfunding.

But it's not that easy... if you've ever tried crowdfunding you know. Where do you find hundreds of backers and thousands of pounds? Who would give money to your campaign except for maybe immediate friends and family? What steps do you need to take to make the campaign A SUCCESS?

We want to show you exactly how we funded multiple films through crowdfunding, one of which was a short that raised over £30,000. We've advised and coached on countless campaigns and held many workshops, online courses and webinars but here we want to give you absolutely everything we know and have in one ultimate package.


Did you know that picking the right crowdfunding platform or campaign launch date can have a massive impact on your outcome? We'll start off with the basics of exactly where and when to crowdfund.

I will then introduce you to one of the main strategies that will allow you to raise over £10-50k for your film without any marketing experience and without spending a penny in advertising.

Next I will walk you through EXACTLY how to gather an audience of people interested in your campaign before you even launch. If you do not have thousands of people who know about your film project and tens or hundreds of people who are ready to put money into it you should not be launching your campaign - I will show you the practical steps you need to take to achieve that. This will include gathering email address, growing and engaging with your social media following as well as tapping into pre-existing communities and fanbases.

After this day alone you will feel confident that with enough work you can not only reach your target but also grow an audience and fan base for your film.


No matter how good your marketing is, your effort will be wasted, if you do not have an incredible page with some very specific elements that encourage people to donate. The first element of this lesson will be to create a gripping and highly converting crowdfunding page no matter which platform you choose.

When you're ready to press launch... I will teach you how to use your following and contacts and turn them into backers. I'll show you how to ensure you reach 30% of your goal in the first 48-72 hours - statistically this will give you a 90% chance of success. I will then teach you exactly what to do each day of your campaign to keep the backers coming in and multiple emergency strategies if things aren't going as planned.


Learn Film Crowdfunding
Learn Film Crowdfunding
Learn Film Crowdfunding
Learn Film Crowdfunding



Course Introduction

Introduction to Section 1

What is crowdfunding?

Key statistics and strategy

Essential Steps to a Successful Campaign

Introduction to Section 2

Know Your Why

Find a project your truly believe in

Back up your project belief with evidence

Create the perfect crowdfunding pitch

Building Your Team

Introduction to Section 3

What is a core team?

Why is a team so important?

How to find your team members

How to bring team members on board

Successful team building case studies

How I found 20 team members to help me promote my campaign

How to expand your team through Ambassadors

Example team structure

Building Your Audience

Introduction to Section 4

Using pre-existing fanbases

Warming up your audience

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Posting Strategy

Instagram Marketing

Building an Email List

Creating a Highly Converting Campaign Page

Introduction to Section 5

Researching similar campaigns

What platform should you use?

Campaign Page Body

Campaign Video


Preparation for you Launch Day

Introduction to Section 6

When to launch, length of campaign and setting your target

Soft launch

Warming up your audience

Outreach prep for you launch day

The Campaign

Introduction to Section 7

Launch Day

Daily Checklist

Social Media Strategy

First Week Strategy

Middle of Campaign Strategy

Last Week Strategy

Post Campaign Strategy

Course Conclusion


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