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Learn Full Excel Based Accounts in 60 Minutes- UK Accountant

Learn Financial Accounting, Debit Credit, P&L, B/S, Double Entry, Ledger Accounts, Prepare Full Accounts (Any Business)

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Meaning of Accounting Terms

How Accounting Ratios work

Rules of Double Entry Bookkeeping

Day Book- How do business manage its day book

How to prepare journal entries

Method of preparation of ledgers accounts

VAT/GST calculation, posting of VAT/GST in day book

Prepare Trial Balance from ledgers accounts

Prepare Profit & Loss Account from Trial Balance

Construct Balance Sheet from trail balance

How to keep stock record on Excel


Accounting is important in our day to day life. When small businesses can’t afford accounting software, they keep their daily business record on excel. This course has developed a simple method where business can have all their data on excel without using any complicated excel workbooks. Simple Steps Learning core principle is to develop courses with simple and straightforward approach with easy understanding.

This course would explain to you what is double entry bookkeeping, and how it works in practical life. You would learn five important steps which will in the end produce your business profit and loss account and balance sheet. These five steps contain day book, journal entry, trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet. There is no other simple way than this for your daily bookkeeping and accounts preparation.

I hope you would learn new skills which will be beneficial for life! Please note some tasks are repeated for extra 15 minutes. You can skip as per your need.

Why accounting is important, and how to achieve best out of it in short time:

Due to fast paced environment, accounting professionals, entrepreneurs, and ambitious accountants and bookkeeper need to keep

track of business finance in short time to analyze business growth and profitability. There is no other way than cloud base accounting

to achieve these objectives. You can process financial data on daily basis and produce financial reports (P&L, B/S etc…) everyday,

which can give you an overview of business performance. I have covered important topics from scratch to end to produce these

reports with actual financial data posting, and explanation. please note some tasks are repeated for extra 15 minutes. If you want to be expert in

accounting I would strongly suggest that you must practice skills you learn through this course. Practice is mandatory in order for you to

understand that how the whole accounting system works. Always start with small data so that you can monitor your results easily if you make

mistake you can correct yourself straight away. Accounting is really a fun, there are lot of online applications which have made accounting so much

easy so that a person who have no prior knowledge in accounting can learn these skills comfortably. You even do not need to learn all the rules

and  principles used in accounting in order to do the job.   

All the best

Simple Steps Learning Academy


Learn Full Excel Based Accounts in 60 Minutes- UK Accountant
Learn Full Excel Based Accounts in 60 Minutes- UK Accountant
Learn Full Excel Based Accounts in 60 Minutes- UK Accountant
Learn Full Excel Based Accounts in 60 Minutes- UK Accountant



Accounting Terms

Accounting Ratios

Debit & Credit Rules

Day Book with Cash & Bank Entries

Journal Entries

Individual Ledger Accounts

VAT/GST Invoices Posting & Calculation

Trial Balance Preparation from Ledger Accounts

Profit & Loss Accounts Preparation from Ledger Accounts

Balance Sheet

Different Method of Stock Keeping


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