Learn entire Mathematics of 11th & 12th level from basic

#Calculus #Algebra #Geometry #Mathematics #Statistics #Vectors #Trigonometry #Complex Number #Math #Probability

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Learn entire Mathematics of 11th & 12th level from basic


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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Students can learn entire Mathematics related to 11th & 12th level from very basic. Even Students from higher class can also opt for this course as it covers complete basics of entire Mathematics


This course will be the one roof solution for all requirements that students generally have while learning Mathematics, like, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics, Statistics, Vectors, Trigonometry, Complex Number, Probability. Each and every concepts that we have covered are from very basics, so that anyone can easily be understood each and every concept easily. Questions that we have covered are in English Language, but explanation part is in Hindi & English mixed Language.


Limits Topic

Limits Lecture 1

Limits Lecture 2

Limits Lecture 3

Limits Lecture 4

Limits Lecture 5

Limits Lecture 6

Limits Lecture 7

Limits Lecture 8

Limits Lecture 9

Limits Lecture 10

Differentiation (Derivative) Topic

Differentiation Lecture 1

Differentiation Lecture 2

Differentiation Lecture 3

Differentiation Lecture 4

Differentiation Lecture 5

Differentiation Lecture 6

Differentiation Lecture 7

Differentiation Lecture 8

Differentiation Lecture 9

Differentiation Lecture 10

Differentiation Lecture 11

Differentiation Lecture 12

Differentiation Lecture 13

Differentiation Lecture 14

Differentiation Lecture 15

Application of Derivatives Topic

Application of Derivatives Lecture 1

Application of Derivatives Lecture 2

Application of Derivatives Lecture 3

Application of Derivatives Lecture 4

Application of Derivatives Lecture 5

Application of Derivatives Lecture 6

Application of Derivatives Lecture 7

Application of Derivatives Lecture 8

Application of Derivatives Lecture 9

Application of Derivatives Lecture 10

Indefinite Integration Topic

Indefinite Integration Lecture 1

Indefinite Integration Lecture 2

Indefinite Integration Lecture 3

Indefinite Integration Lecture 4

Indefinite Integration Lecture 5

Indefinite Integration Lecture 6

Indefinite Integration Lecture 7

Indefinite Integration Lecture 8

Indefinite Integration Lecture 9

Indefinite Integration Lecture 10

Indefinite Integration Lecture 11

Indefinite Integration Lecture 12

Indefinite Integration Lecture 13

Indefinite Integration Lecture 14

Indefinite Integration Lecture 15

Indefinite Integration Lecture 16

Indefinite Integration Lecture 17

Indefinite Integration Lecture 18

Indefinite Integration Lecture 19

Indefinite Integration Lecture 20

Indefinite Integration Lecture 21

Indefinite Integration Lecture 22

Indefinite Integration Lecture 23

Indefinite Integration Lecture 24

Indefinite Integration Lecture 25

Indefinite Integration Lecture 26

Indefinite Integration Lecture 27

Definite Integration Topic

Definite Integration Lecture 1

Definite Integration Lecture 2

Definite Integration Lecture 3

Definite Integration Lecture 4

Definite Integration Lecture 5

Definite Integration Lecture 6

Definite Integration Lecture 7

Definite Integration Lecture 8

Definite Integration Lecture 9

Definite Integration Lecture 10

Matrices Topic

Matrices Lecture 1

Matrices Lecture 2

Matrices Lecture 3

Matrices Lecture 4

Matrices Lecture 5

Matrices Lecture 6

Matrices Lecture 7

Trigonometry Function Topic

Trigonometry Function Lecture 1

Trigonometry Function Lecture 2

Trigonometry Function Lecture 3

Trigonometry Function Lecture 4

Trigonometry Function Lecture 5

Trigonometry Function Lecture 6

Trigonometry Function Lecture 7

Vector Algebra Topic

Vector Algebra Lecture 1

Vector Algebra Lecture 2

Vector Algebra Lecture 3

Vector Algebra Lecture 4

Vector Algebra Lecture 5

Vector Algebra Lecture 6

Vector Algebra Lecture 7

Vector Algebra Lecture 8

Vector Algebra Lecture 9

Linear Programming Problems Topic

LPP Lecture 1

LPP Lecture 2

LPP Lecture 3

LPP Lecture 4

LPP Lecture 5

LPP Lecture 6

LPP Lecture 7

LPP Lecture 8

LPP Lecture 9

Three Dimensional Geometry Topic

Three Dimensional Geometry Lecture 1

Three Dimensional Geometry Lecture 2

Three Dimensional Geometry Lecture 3

Three Dimensional Geometry Lecture 4

Three Dimensional Geometry Lecture 5

Co-ordinate Geometry Topic

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 1

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 2

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 3

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 4

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 5

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 6

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 7

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 8

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 9

Co-ordinate Geometry Lecture 10

Measures of Dispersion Topic

Measures of Dispersion Lecture 1

Measures of Dispersion Lecture 2

Measures of Dispersion Lecture 3

Measures of Dispersion Lecture 4

Measures of Dispersion Lecture 5

Measures of Dispersion Lecture 6

Measures of Dispersion Lecture 7

Probability Distribution Topic

Probability Distribution Lecture 1

Probability Distribution Lecture 2

Probability Distribution Lecture 3

Probability Distribution Lecture 4

Probability Distribution Lecture 5

Probability Distribution Lecture 6

Probability Distribution Lecture 7

Probability Distribution Lecture 8

Probability Distribution Lecture 9

Probability Distribution Lecture 10

Probability Distribution Lecture 11

Determinant Topic

Determinant Lecture 1

Determinant Lecture 2

Determinant Lecture 3

Determinant Lecture 4

Differential Equations (DE) Topic

DE Lecture 1

DE Lecture 2

DE Lecture 3

DE Lecture 4

DE Lecture 5

DE Lecture 6

Complex Number Topic

Complex Number Lecture 1

Complex Number Lecture 2

Complex Number Lecture 3

L Hospital Rule Topic (Indeterminate Forms Topic)

L Hospital Rule Lecture 1

L Hospital Rule Lecture 2

L Hospital Rule Lecture 3

L Hospital Rule Lecture 4

L Hospital Rule Lecture 5

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