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What you will learn

Learn the most important topics in English grammar

Learn how to use English grammar in real conversation examples.

Prepare for English grammar exams like A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC

Improve your speaking, listening, and writing with English grammar.

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | All Levels

Master English writing with the new bonus English punctuation section


*** Udemy Official Featured Grammar Course!!!***

This course has every English grammar topic. If you want to learn perfect English, this course is for you! No other course on Udemy covers as many English Grammar topics. This course includes a full English grammar book with hundreds of practice problems. You will improve your English listening, English writing, and English speaking.

*2021 update: Enjoy the new English punctuation course that is included with this already huge English grammar course.*

***4 courses in 1 | Beginner Grammar | Intermediate Grammar | Advanced Grammar | Bonus English Punctuation

Don't waste your time buying dozens of English grammar courses. Everything you need is all in this English Grammar Master Course. This is the only course that teaches you English grammar in use and also shows you how to use it in real English conversation so you can improve your English Speaking.

Every lesson has dozens of useful English Grammar examples, video lectures, guided practice, real-life English conversation and speaking, and worksheet pdfs full of practice problems to help you learn English.

The creator of this course is a real-life university professor and will answer any questions you have 24/7.

Every lesson comes with the following:

  • Dozens of examples with full explanations.

  • Side by side guided instruction with Professional English teacher.

  • A real-life conversation dialogue to show the grammar topic in use to improve English speaking.

  • Plenty of activities and exercises to practice what you learned.

  • An English Grammar PDF ebook to download and work offline.

This course has 3 sections. Beginner English grammar, intermediate English grammar, and advanced English grammar.

The course now also includes a full bonus English punctuation course in addition to the English grammar course. Learn to master English writing and bring your English to the next level.

With the help of our course, you will master English grammar to improve your English speaking, or to ace those tough English grammar tests such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,  TOEFL, IETLS, AND TOEIC.

Start learning English the easy way!

What's in the newly added English punctuation section? Read below!

Upgrade your English by mastering all the English punctuation marks! Many English learners never fully learn how to use correct punctuation, and their English writing stays simple and limited. This course is designed to take you to the next level, and help you master English punctuation so you can create and use much more complex English writing!

Learn and Master all English Punctuation Used by Native English Speakers

  • Learn all 14 English punctuation marks.

  • Make your English writing better with interactive practice exercises for each mark.

  • Learn how to use commonly misused abbreviations such as etc., e.g., and i.e.

Contents and Overview

This section is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to improve their English writing and master the English punctuation marks.

In this section, you will learn all the English punctuation marks, and you'll see how they are used in hundreds of real-life examples.

You'll then be able to improve your English writing by completing dozens of interactive practice problems.

And, finally, you'll be able to communicate with me, an American professor, at any time of the day. I'm happy to answer any English-related questions.

By the end of this section, you'll have valuable skills that will help you write excellent English material. You'll set yourself apart from others and start writing like a professional.

Want to become like a native English speaker by mastering all the English grammar and punctuation marks? Sign up now!

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Welcome to Langpill

Welcome to Langpill

Worksheet Bundle Pack

Worksheet Bundle Pack (All Topic Worksheets in One File)

TOEIC levels 120-545 | A1, A2 | Beginner English Grammar


Nouns | Common and Proper Nouns | Beginner

1. Common Nouns - Introduction
2. Common Nouns - Guided Practice
3. Common Nouns - Short Story
4. Common Nouns - Independent Practice
1. Proper Nouns - Introduction
2. Proper Nouns - Guided Practice
3. Proper Nouns - Short Story
4. Proper Nouns - Independent Practice

Pronouns | Subject and Object Pronouns | Beginner

1. Subject Pronouns - Introduction
2. Subject Pronouns - Guided Practice
3. Subject Pronouns - Short Story
4. Subject Pronouns - Independent Practice
1. Object Pronouns - Introduction
2. Object Pronouns - Guided Practice
3. Object Pronouns - Short Story
4. Object Pronouns - Independent Practice

Articles | A - An - The | Beginner

A - An - The - Introduction
A - An - The - Guided Practice
A - An - The - Short Story
A - An - The - Independent Practice

Demonstratives | This - That - These - Those | Beginner

This, That, These, Those - Introduction
This, That, These, Those - Guided Practice
This, That, These, Those - Short Story
This, That, These, Those - Independent Practice

Distributives | All - Half | Beginner

All - Half - Introduction
All - Half - Guided Practice
All - Half - Short Story
All - Half - Independent Practice

Distributives | Each - Every | Beginner

Each - Every - Introduction
Each - Every - Guided Practice
Each - Every - Short Story
Each - Every - Independent Practice

Verb Conjugation - 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person | Beginner

Verb Conjugation | 1st person - 2nd person - 3rd person | Introduction
Verb Conjugation - 1st person - 2nd person - 3rd person - Guided Practice
Verb Conjugation - 1st person - 2nd person - 3rd person - Short Story
Verb Conjugation - 1st person - 2nd person - 3rd person - Independent Practice

Verbs | Simple Tense and Subject-Verb Agreement | Beginner

Past Simple Tense - Introduction
Past Simple Tense - Guided Practice
Past Simple Tense - Short Story
Past Simple Tense - Independent Practice
Present Simple Tense - Introduction
Present Simple Tense - Guided Practice
Present Simple Tense - Short Story
Present Simple Tense - Independent Practice
Subject-Verb Agreement - Introduction
Subject-Verb Agreement - Guided Practice
Subject-Verb Agreement - Short Story
Subject-Verb Agreement - Independent Practice
Future Simple Tense - Introduction
Future Simple Tense - Guided Pracatice
Future Simple Tense - Short Story
Future Simple Tense - Independent Practice

The Gerund - ing | Beginner

The Gerund -ing - Introduction
The Gerund - ing - Guided Practice
The Gerund - ing - Short Story
The Gerund - ing - Independent Practice

Helping Verbs (Auxillary Verbs) | To Be | Beginner

To Be - Introduction
To Be - Guided Practice
To Be - Short Story
To Be - Independent Practice

Helping Verbs (Auxillary Verbs) | To Do - To Have | Beginner

To Do, To Have | Introduction
To Do, To Have - Guided Practice
To Do, To Have - Short Story
To Do, To Have - Independent Practice

Modal Verbs | Can - Could | Beginner

Can, Could - Introduction
Can, Could - Guided Practice
Can, Could - Short Story
Can, Could - Independent Practice

Adjectives and Adverbs | Introduction | Beginner

Adjectives and Adverbs - Introduction
Adjectives and Adverbs - Guided Practice
Adjectives and Adverbs - Short Story
Adjectives and Adverbs - Independent Practice

Adjectives | Descriptive Adjectives| Beginner

Descriptive Adjectives - Introduction
Descriptive Adjectives - Guided Practice
Descriptive Adjectives - Short Story
Descriptive Adjectives - Independent Practice

Adjectives | Proper Adjectives| Beginner

Proper Adjectives - Introduction
Proper Adjectives - Guided Practice
Proper Adjectives - Short Story
Proper Adjectives - Independent Practice

Adjectives | Possessive Adjectives| Beginner

Possessive Adjectives - Introduction
Possessive Adjectives - Guided Practice
Possessive Adjectives - Short Story
Possessive Adjectives - Independent Practice

Adverbs | How to Form Adverbs | Beginner

Forming Adverbs - Introduction
Forming Adverbs - Guided Practice
Forming Adverbs - Short Story
Forming Adverbs - Independent Practice

Adverbs | Adverbs of Manner | Beginner

Adverbs of Manner - Introduction
Adverbs of Manner - Guided Practice
Adverbs of Manner - Short Story
Adverbs of Manner - Independent Practice

Adverbs | Adverbs of Place | Beginner

Adverbs of Place - Introduction
Adverbs of Place - Guided Practice
Adverbs of Place - Short Story
Adverbs of Place - Independent Practice

Adverbs | Adverbs of Time | Beginner

Adverbs of Time - Introduction
Adverbs of Time - Guided Practice
Adverbs of Time - Short Story
Adverbs of Time - Independent Practice

Prepositions | Introduction | Beginner

Prepositions - Introduction
Prepositions - Guided Practice
Prepositions - Short Story
Prepositions - Independent Practice

Prepositions | Prepositions of Place | Beginner

Prepositions of Place - Introduction
Prepositions of Place - Guided Practice
Prepositions of Place - Short Story
Prepositions of Place - Independent Practice

Prepositions | Prepositions of Time | Beginner

Prepositions of Time - Introduction
Prepositions of Time - Guided Practice
Prepositions of Time - Short Story
Prepositions of Time - Independent Practice

Prepositions | Prepositions of Direction or Motion | Beginner

Prepositions of Direction/Motion - Introduction
Prepositions of Direction/Motion - Guided Practice
Prepositions of Direction/Motion - Short Story
Prepositions of Direction/Motion - Independent Practice

Conjunctions | Introduction| Beginner

Conjunctions - Introduction
Conjunctions - Guided Practice
Conjunctions - Short Story
Conjunctions - Independent Practice

Conjunctions | Coordinating Conjunctions| Beginner

Coordinating Conjunctions - Introduction
Coordinating Conjunctions - Guided Practice
Coordinating Conjunctions - Short Story
Coordinating Conjunctions - Independent Practice

TOEIC levels 225 - 940 | A2, B1, B2 | Intermediate English Grammar


Nouns | Material and Compound Nouns| Intermediate

Material and Compound Nouns | Introduction
Material and Compound Nouns | Guided Practice
Material and Compound Nouns | Short Story
Material and Compound Nouns | Independent Practice

Nouns | Countable vs Uncountable Nouns | Intermediate

Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns | Introduction
Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns | Guided Practice
Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns | Short Story
Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns | Independent Practice

Nouns | Collective Nouns | Intermediate

Collective Nouns | Introduction
Collective Nouns | Guided Practice
Collective Nouns | Short Story
Collective Nouns | Independent Practice

Nouns | Concrete and Abstract Nouns| Intermediate

Concrete Nouns | Introduction
Concrete Nouns | Guided Practice
Concrete Nouns | Short Story
Concrete Nouns | Independent Practice
Abstract Nouns | Introduction
Abstract Nouns | Guided Practice
Abstract Nouns | Short Story
Abstract Nouns | Independent Practice

Possessive Nouns and Possessive Pronouns | Intermediate

Possessive Nouns | Introduction
Possessive Nouns | Guided Practice
Possessive Nouns | Short Story
Possessive Nouns | Independent Practice
Possessive Pronouns | Introduction
Possessive Pronouns | Guided Practice
Possessive Pronouns | Short Story
Possessive Pronouns | Independent Practice

Quantifiers | A few - A little | Intermediate

A Few, A Little | Introduction
A Few, A Little | Guided Practice
A Few, A Little | Short Story
A Few, A Little | Independent Practice

Quantifiers | Much - Many | Intermediate

Much, Many | Introduction
Much, Many | Guided Practice
Much, Many | Short Story
Much, Many | Independent Practice

Quantifiers | A lot - Most | Intermediate

A Lot of, Most | Introduction
A Lot of, Most | Guided Practice
A Lot of, Most | Short Story
A Lot of, Most | Independent Practice

Quantifiers | Some - Any - Enough | Intermediate

Some, Any, Enough | Introduction
Some, Any, Enough | Guided Practice
Some, Any, Enough | Short Story
Some, Any, Enough | Independent Practice

Distributuives | Both, Either, Neither | Intermediate

Both, Either, Neither | Introduction
Both, Either, Neither | Guided Practice
Both, Either, Neither | Short Story
Both, Either, Neither | Independent Practice

Present Particple | Intermediate

The Present Participle - ing | Introduction
The Present Participle - ing | Guided Practice
The Present Participle - ing | Short Story
The Present Participle - ing | Independent Practice

Verbs | Continuous Tense | Intermediate

Past Continuous | Introduction
Past Continuous | Guided Practice
Past Continuous | Short Story
Past Continuous | Independent Practice
Present Continuous | Introduction
Present Continuous | Guided Practice
Present Continuous | Short Story
Present Continuous | Independent Practice
Future Continuous | Introduction
Future Continuous | Guided Practice
Future Continuous | Short Story
Future Continuous | Independent Practice

Modal Verbs | Must - May - Might | Intermediate

Must, May, Might | Introduction
Must, May, Might | Guided Practice
Must, May, Might | Short Story
Must, May, Might | Indendent Practice

Modal Verbs | Shall - Should | Intermediate

Shall, Should | Introduction
Shall, Should | Guided Practice
Shall, Should | Short Story
Shall, Should | Independent Practice

Modal Verbs | Will - Would | Intermediate

Will, Would | Introduction
Will, Would | Guided Practice
Will, Would | Short Story
Will, Would | Independent Practice

Adjectives | Limiting Adjectives | Intermediate

Limiting Adjectives | Introduction
Limiting Adjectives | Guided Practice
Limiting Adjectives | Short Story
Limiting Adjectives | Independent Practice

Adjectives | Pronomial Adjectives | Intermediate

Pronominal Adjectives | Introduction
Pronominal Adjectives | Guided Practice
Pronominal Adjectives | Short Story
Pronominal Adjectives | Independent Practice

Adjectives | Comparative Adjectives | Intermediate

Comparative Adjectives | Introduction
Comparative Adjectives | Guided Practice
Comparative Adjectives | Short Story
Comparative Adjectives | Independent Practice

Adjectives | Superlative Adjectives | Intermediate

Superlative Adjectives | Introduction
Superlative Adjectives | Guided Practice
Superlative Adjectives | Short Story
Superlative Adjectives | Independent Practice

Adverbs | Adverbs of Frequency | Intermediate

Adverbs of Frequency | Introduction
Adverbs of Frequency | Guided Practice
Adverbs of Frequency | Short Story
Adverbs of Frequency | Independent Practice

Adverbs | Adverbs of Degree | Intermediate

Adverbs of Degree | Introduction
Adverbs of Degree | Guided Practice
Adverbs of Degree | Short Story
Adverbs of Degree | Independent Practice

Adverbs | Comparative and Superlative Adverbs | Intermediate

Comparative/Superlative Adverbs | Intoduction
Comparative/Superlative Adverbs | Guided Practice
Comparative/Superlative Adverbs | Short Story
Comparative/Superlative Adverbs | Independent Practice

Prepositions | Prepositions of Manner | Intermediate

Prepositions of Manner | Introduction
Prepositions of Manner | Guided Practice
Prepositions of Manner | Short Story
Prepositions of Manner | Independent Practice

Prepositions | Prepositions of Cause, Purpose, and Reason | Intermediate

Prepositions of Cause, Purpose, and Reason | Introduction
Prepositions of Cause, Purpose, and Reason | Guided Practice
Prepositions of Cause, Purpose, and Reason | Short Story
Prepositions of Cause, Purpose, and Reason | Independent Practice

Prepositions | Prepositional Phrases | Intermediate

Prepositional Phrases | Introduction
Prepositional Phrases | Guided Practice
Prepositional Phrases | Short Story
Prepositional Phrases | Independent Practice

Conjunctions | Subordinate Conjunctions | Intermediate

Subordinating Conjunctions | Introduction
Subordinating Conjunctions | Guided Practice
Subordinating Conjunctions | Short Story
Subordinating Conjunctions | Independent Practice

Conjunctions | Correlative Conjunctions | Intermediate

Correlative Conjunctions | Introduction
Correlative Conjunctions | Guided Practice
Correlative Conjunctions | Short Story
Correlative Conjunctions | Independent Practice

Conjunctions | Compound Conjunctions | Intermediate

Compound Conjunctions | Introduction
Compound Conjunctions | Guided Practice
Compound Conjunctions | Short Story
Compound Conjunctions | Independent Practice

TOEIC levels 785 - 990 | B2, C1 | Advanced English Grammar


Verbs | Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous Tense | Advanced

Present Perfect | Introduction
Present Perfect | Guided Practice
Present Perfect | Short Story
Present Perfect | Independent Practice
Present Perfect Continuous | Introduction
Present Perfect Continuous | Guided Practice
Present Perfect Continuous | Short Story
Present Perfect Continuous | Independent Practice

Verbs | Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous Tense | Advanced

Past Perfect | Introduction
Past Perfect | Guided Practice
Past Perfect | Short Story
Past Perfect | Independent Practice
Past Perfect Continuous | Introduction
Past Perfect Continuous | Guided Practice
Past Perfect Continuous | Short Story
Past Perfect Continuous | Independent Practice

Verbs | Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous Tense | Advanced

Future Perfect | Introduction
Future Perfect | Guided Practice
Future Perfect | Short Story
Future Perfect | Independent Practice
Future Perfect Continuous | Introduction
Future Perfect Continuous | Guided Practice
Future Perfect Continuous | Short Story
Future Perfect Continuous | Independent Practice

Past Particple | Advanced

1. Past Particple | Introduction
2. Past Particple | Guided Practice
3. Past Particple | Short Story
4. Past Particple | Independent Practice

Phrasal Verbs | Give up - Turn Out | Advanced

Give up , Turn out | Introduction
Give up , Turn out | Guided Practice
Give up , Turn out | Short Story
Give up , Turn out | Independent Practice

Phrasal Verbs | Carry On - Put Off | Advanced

Carry on, Put off | Introduction
Carry on, Put off | Guided Practice
Carry on, Put off | Short Story
Carry on, Put off | Independent Practice

Phrasal Verbs | Turn Down - Break Up | Advanced

Turn down, Break up | Introduction
Turn down, Break up | Guided Practice
Turn down, Break up | Short Story
Turn down, Break up | Independent Practice

Pre-determiners | Advanced

Such, What, Rather, Quite | Introduction
Such, What, Rather, Quite | Guided Practice
Such, What, Rather, Quite | Short Story
Such, What, Rather, Quite | Independent Practice

Orders of Adverbs | Advanced

Adverb Order | Introduction
Adverb Order | Guided Practice
Adverb Order | Short Story
Adverb Order | Independent Practice

Pseudo Conjunctions | Advanced

Pseudo Conjunctions | Introduction
Pseudo Conjunctions | Guided Practice
Pseudo Conjunctions | Short Story
Pseudo Conjunctions | Independent Practice

Passive vs. Active Voice | Advanced

Passive vs. Active Voice | Introduction
Passive vs. Active Voice | Guided Practice
Passive vs. Active Voice | Short Story
Passive vs. Active Voice | Independent Practice

Conditionals | Advanced

Conditionals Overview | Introduction
Conditionals Overview | Guided Practice
Conditionals Overview | Short Story
Conditionals Overview | Independent Practice

Conditionals Zero Type | Advanced

Conditionals Zero Type | Introduction
Conditionals Zero Type | Guided Practice
Conditionals Zero Type | Short Story
Conditionals Zero Type | Independent Practice

Conditionals Type 1 | Advanced

Conditionals Type 1 | Introduction
Conditionals Type 1 | Guided Practice
Conditionals Type 1 | Short Story
Conditionals Type 1 | Independent Practice

Conditionals Type 2 | Advanced

Conditionals Type 2 | Introduction
Conditionals Type 2 | Guided Practice
Conditionals Type 2 | Short Story
Conditionals Type 2 | Independent Practice

Conditionals Type 3 | Advanced

Conditionals Type 3 | Introduction
Conditionals Type 3 | Guided Practice
Conditionals Type 3 | Short Story
Conditionals Type 3 | Independent Practice

Conditionals Mixed Type | Advanced

Conditionals Mixed Type | Introduction
Conditionals Mixed Type | Guided Practice
Conditionals Mixed Type | Short Story
Conditionals Mixed Type | Independent Practice

Sentence Clauses | Advanced

Clauses Overview | Introduction
Clauses Overview | Guided Practice
Clauses Overview | Short Story
Clauses Overview | Independent Practice

Independent Clause | Advanced

Independent Clause | Introduction
Independent Clause | Guided Practice
Independent Clause | Short Story
Independent Clause | Independent Practice

Dependent (Subordinate) Clause | Advanced

Dependent (subordinate) Clause | Introduction
Dependent (subordinate) Clause | Guided Practice
Dependent (subordinate) Clause | Short Story
Dependent (subordinate) Clause | Independent Practice

Noun Clause | Advanced

Noun Clause | Introduction
Noun Clause | Guided Practice
Noun Clause | Short Story
Noun Clause | Independent Practice

Adjective (relative) Clause | Advanced

Adjective (relative) Clause | Introduction
Adjective (relative) Clause | Guided Practice
Adjective (relative) Clause | Short Story
Adjective (relative) Clause | Independent Practice

Adverb Clause | Advanced

Adverb Clause | Introduction
Adverb Clause | Guided Instruction
Adverb Clause | Short Story
Adverb Clause | Independent Practice

Reported Speech | Advanced

Reported Speech | Introduction
Reported Speech | Guided Practice
Reported Speech | Short Story
Reported Speech | Independent Practice

Common English Grammar Mistakes


Fewer VS Less - Then VS Than | Common Grammar Mistakes

Fewer VS Less - Then VS Than | Introduction
Fewer VS Less - Then VS Than | Guided Practice
Fewer VS Less - Then VS Than | Short Story
Fewer VS Less - Then VS Than | Independent Practice

There VS Their VS They're - To VS Too VS Two | Common Grammar Mistakes

There VS Their VS They're - To VS Too VS Two | Introduction
There VS Their VS They're - To VS Too VS Two | Guided Practice
There VS Their VS They're - To VS Too VS Two | Short Story
There VS Their VS They're - To VS Too VS Two | Independent Practice

Your VS You're - its VS it's | Common Grammar Mistakes

Your VS You're - its VS it's | Introduction
Your VS You're - its VS it's | Guided Practice
Your VS You're - its VS it's | Short Story
Your VS You're - its VS it's | Independent Practice


November 22, 2021
This is a very comprehensive course to keep for a lifetime. I will not likely go through every lecture but will use it as a reference.
November 21, 2021
I love these courses,they are easy to understand and remember. So many other courses overwhelm me with complicated words and i just get lost. Highly recommend ?
November 21, 2021
I have been using Course for success for over 2 years now, it was relevant then and even more so now, I always refer now and again to refresh my skills. The instructions are lessons are easy to follow and I am happy to be able to learn at my own pace.
November 21, 2021
I've enjoyed the modules in the courses that I have completed as they are informative and very easy to follow provided you've read and understood each question - certificates follow at the end of each course - Thankyou for a wide range of courses available these will be great if I want to study further
November 21, 2021
This course exceeded my expectation in learning English Grammar. It provides many examples to practice and will surely learn a lot from this course. Kudos to the instructor who created this course.
November 21, 2021
This course is very helpful to learn English Grammar and improve my English skills in all aspects. It provides many examples and very detailed.
November 20, 2021
Yes, it was above expectations. Thank you very much for this that I have the opportunity to learn something from you. Love everything. Simplified and uncomplicated explanation. The delivery is superb and excellent!
November 20, 2021
What I love about this course is that it is simplified that can be easily understood by a person like me who at times having difficulty in basic grammar usage. Thank you for this. Will definitely finish the course and make sure to apply everything that I learned.
November 20, 2021
This is a great course and very easy to understand . All the contents are covered with examples. Very Informative !
November 20, 2021
I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues.
November 20, 2021
Wow!! Amazing course which is on English Grammar. I have learnt a lot of Grammar through this course. The teaching method is soo good.
November 20, 2021
I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow
November 20, 2021
I saw this because it's free, and I have no regret buying it at all! I always thought I'm good with English, but this lecture made me realized I have more to learn. Can't wait to finish it.
September 27, 2021
The course is very interactive and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the online course. Very informative indeed!
September 8, 2021
So far really good. I like that explanations go deep on the grammatical rules. Unlike other in-person English lessons I’ve taken when they present it very superficially. There’s plenty of exercises which I also like



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