Learn Dr. Dixit’s effortless weight loss plan.

Diabetes and obesity prevention and possibly reverse type 2 diabetes

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Learn Dr. Dixit’s effortless weight loss plan.


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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Crucial Information related to obesity and diabetes

Science behind the Dr. Dixit lifestyle

Working of Dr. Dixit lifestyle

Useful tips to follow Dr. Dixit lifestyle

Advice given for diabetic patients

Learn about World free of obesity and diabetes campaign

Ways to contribute to this noble cause


In this course, you will learn about diabetes, obesity, and how to prevent or take measures to possibly reverse it by making changes in your lifestyle.

Dr. Jagannath Dixit who is well known for the “Dr. Dixit diet” is teaching Community Medicine for the last 31 years in various medical colleges. He has done MD in Preventive and Social Medicine in 1990, PG Diploma in Hospital Administration in 1991, and PG Diploma in Human Resource Management in 1995.

He was honored with the "Best Teacher" (medical faculty) award and "Dr. Shardini Dahanukar Best of the best teachers“ (all faculties) award by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik for the year 2015-2016. Along with these, he has received three national and four state-level awards for his contribution in the field of health education through books, newspapers, radio, and Television.

He was awarded fellowship by Indian Society for Malaria and other Communicable Diseases , Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine and Indian Public Health Association.

He has written academic books namely “Principles and practice of biostatistics” and “Principles and practice of Medical Research” widely used by medical students in India and along with it he has written 20 books in Marathi for health education of lay people. He has published more than fifty research articles in reputed medical journals.

Inspired by the work of late Dr. Shrikant Jichkar he has initiated the “World free from obesity and diabetes” campaign. Dr. Dixit and his team have conducted more than 300 lectures on the topic: Effortless Weight loss and diabetes prevention.

He was invited by Hon. Prime Minister Narendraji Modi in December 2019 to deliver lectures for Prime Minister Office staff, Special Protection Group and members of Parliament on “Effortless weight loss and diabetes prevention” under Fit India campaign.

He is chairman of Association for Diabetes and Obesity Reversal (ADORE) trust, which he founded to realize the dream of “World free of obesity and diabetes”.


  1. Dr Dixit lifestyle is not suggested for children below 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating women (till their baby completes 9 months of age) and patients of Type 1 diabetes.

  2. Patients with Type 2 diabetes should consult their treating physician before following this lifestyle.

  3. Dr Dixit lifestyle is not intended as a substitute for one to one counseling, examination and treatment by a physician.

  4. FTB courses goal is to provide the information from the author as it is.


Dr. Dixit Lifestyle

Purpose of this course

Dr. Dixit Lifestyle

The support from culture, religion, tradition and science

Important information

How it works

Understanding Dr Dixit lifestyle

Obstacles while following Dr Dixit lifestyle

Research evidence

World free of obesity and diabetes campaign

Insights from World free of obesity and diabetes campaign

Our expectations from you…


Sneha18 July 2021

This course reopens our mind on old traditional sayings....and energises us to move ahead for a healthy life style.

Prakash11 July 2021

I was having crave to eat something now and then. But I was not having any physical problems like obesity or diabetes but I used to have acidity issue... After following The Dr. Dixit's diet plan or lifestyle modification my acidity vanished like a magic. I reduced weight moderately and no craving for fancy spicy food or chocolate or sweets... I was drinking coffee but now I am able to give up drinking coffee entirely.. Basically this lifestyle modification makes a foodie person calm down and no crave for food. That makes life easy and contented. In addition no fear to get diabetes forever and no acidity and no obesity. Enjoy food twice a day without any restrictions.. Isn't it GREAT? It's so simple to follow.. Just eat food of your choice twice a day and drink ample water in between and do 45 minutes moderate exercise like waking or yoga daily and boost energy and get brain calmness... Simply Great results and easy to follow lifestyle modification... All your questions are answered by team of experts for free. Just visit www.adoretrust,org and get help yourself... Life made so easy... Thanks to Dr. J V Dixit and Team and THE CAMPAIGN

Subhash9 July 2021

I have experimented allot with this diet plan. When I started with this plan I was highly diabetic (HBA1C - 10.2) and within almost seven months I came into the category of Pre-Diabetic stage (HBA1C - 5.7). Later on due to some reasons I left the plan and again HBA1C has come up to 8.2. Now, again I have started with the plan and I am very much confident that very soon I will be able to achieve my target. Finally, I have understood one thing, this is not just a plan, it's a lifestyle, and sooner or later everyone must follow the same willingly or forcefully.

Milind9 July 2021

Dr. Dixit Sir has very elaborately and easily explained the management of a complicated disease called DIABETES. He has suggested a simple yet effective lifestyle modification to reverse diabetes.

Atul9 July 2021

Yes. The best course for health especially for diabetes cure/reversal and weight loss. Every adult shall follow this diet plan in the world. Course is also best.

Manali9 July 2021

It was very informative .Very easy to follow and 100 % result oriented.I would also share this to many people.

Sudip9 July 2021

Dr Dixit Lifestyle is very much helpful for reveal of diabetes, prevention of diabetes and weight loss. The mission "World free of Obesity and Diabetes" led by Dr Jagannath Dixit Sir is a Noble cause and everyone should follow this for healthy life. Many thanks to Dr Dixit Sir for giving me the opportunity to serve society via this campaign.

Rajeev9 July 2021

Very nice course and explained in a very simple language.This lifestyle is Very easy to understand and easy to follow with no cost, requires only dedication.

Santosh9 July 2021

I had diabetes and hypertension for nearly 10+ years. By following Dr. Dixit advice and Diet plan I could loose 14 kg in weight and 6 inches in waist size and most importantly now I am free of Diabetes and Hypertension medicines and leading a healthy life. I sincerely thank Dr. Vichar and Dr. Dixit for making this diet plan available for all of us.

Sanjay9 July 2021

It's very easy to understand and simple to follow. And can be followed throughout our life. Free of cost.

Anirudha9 July 2021

This is a fantastic program which has brought in positive changes in thousands of people by helping them to come out of diabetes. This program has been instrumental in transforming lives of thousands by the weight loss which happens naturally without taking any food supplement whatsoever. Everyone Must tryout this program to enjoy and witness miracle happening in their lives. Eat twice a day and exercise is the Mantra of this lifestyle.....

Madhavi9 July 2021

The course is a real eye-opener. Anyone can follow this lifestyle and become diabetes free or lose weight easily ??

Asmita8 July 2021

After completing this course I understood in depth and concluded this lifestyle is simple to follow. The course is very well paced and has all the needed information to follow this diet plan.

Nilesh8 July 2021

I adopted this 3D (Dr. Dixit Diet) lifestyle from 2018 and till date following. I am able to lose my weight 9 Kg (66Kg to 57Kg) in just 4 months. Other parameters like blood sugar level, circumference reduction, acidity issues, headache etc. are no more with me. Now became non-diabetic from diabetic (HbA1C reduced to 5.6% from 7.3%). Feeling light and energetic throughout the day. Simple to follow and easy to adopt lifestyle. Two only meals and Exercise ad day (4.5km walk). Reach out to me on my email if need more details in this regards on - nileshpawar2000@gmail.com


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