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The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1

Master Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO, YouTube, Email, Facebook Marketing, Analytics & More!

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Grow a Business Online From Scratch

Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Land a High-Paying Job in Digital Marketing

Work From Home as a Freelance Marketer


Join 400,000+ students in the bestselling digital marketing course on Udemy!

With over 20 hours of training, quizzes and practical steps you can follow - this is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses available. We'll cover SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more!

Learn By Doing

The course is hugely interactive with projects, checklists & actionable lectures built into every section.

Learn step by step how to market a business online from scratch across all the major marketing channels.

Follow the steps on screen to get results at work, for own business or for your digital marketing clients.

12 Courses in 1

Covering 12 major online marketing topics and comprising of 20+ hours of clear cut lectures & practice activities - this course is "incredible value for money!" as one student said. We'll cover:

  1. Market Research. Ask 3 simple questions to validate your business idea.

  2. WordPress. Build a world-class website in 1 hour without any coding.

  3. Email Marketing. Build a mailing list of 1000 people in 30 days from scratch.

  4. Copywriting. Write sales pages that make the cash register ring!

  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Get free traffic to your website with SEO.

  6. YouTube Marketing. Drive traffic & sales with simple "how to" videos.

  7. Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora).

  8. Linkedin Marketing. Go viral on Linkedin and 400x your connections.

  9. App Marketing. Discover 43 Ways To Promote Your App.

  10. Google Adwords. Avoid common mistakes and set up profitable campaigns first time.

  11. Facebook Ads. Make money with Facebook Ads without spending a fortune.

  12. Google Analytics. Improve your marketing with Google Analytics data.

By the end of this course, you will be confidently implementing marketing strategies across the major online marketing channels.

All the strategies, tips and tools recommended are either free or very cost effective.

You'll Also Get:

✔ Lifetime Access to course updates

✔ Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

✔ Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Don't Miss Out!

Every second you wait is costing you valuable leads and sales.

This courses come with a 30 day money-back guarantee - so there's no risk to get started.

Go ahead and hit the "take this course" button to start growing a business online today!


The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1
The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1
The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1
The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1



Course Overview

Notes (Downloadable PDF)


Digital Marketing Demystified in 5 Mins!

5 Best Digital Marketing Tools

Market Research

Market Research Intro

How to Find a Hungry-to-Buy Audience with 3 Simple Questions

How to Get Responses to Your Survey

How to Analyse Your Survey Results

How to Get Valuable Feedback Without Sending a Survey

Market Research - Assignment

Make a Website

Build This Site in Less Than 1 Hour

Why Use Wordpress vs. Wix, Weebly etc?

WordPress.com vs.WordPress.org

How to Get a Free Domain & 60% Off Web Hosting

WordPress Installation

How to Verify WHOIS Information [IMPORTANT]

How to Add Pages, Post, Menus & Widgets

How to Add a Premium Wordpress Theme

How to Improve Your WordPress Security with Plugins

How to Activate Your Free SSL Certificate in 1 Click!

Update: How to Get Business Email Free

How to Set Up Email Addresses for Your Business

Assignment - Set Up a Website

Email Marketing

Why Market Your Business with Email?

How to Create a Free Mailchimp Account

Add Opt-Ins & Pop Ups to Your Website for Free

Collect Emails Without a Website

Create an Email Campaign with Mailchimp

Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

Email Marketing Analytics

Assignment - Email Marketing


What is Copywriting?

The “AIDA” Formula

11 Tips for Writing Magnetic Headlines

How to Flip Features Into Benefits

5 Tips to Create an Irresistible Call to Action (CTA)

How to Write Like Your Customers Talk

Assignment - Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Introduction to SEO

An Overview of SEO

5 SEO Metrics to Measure SEO Performance

How to SEO Optimise Your Homepage

How to Verify Your Website in The Google Search Console

How to Improve Website Performance & Speed

How to Take the Google Mobile Friendly Test

How to Do Keyword Research: Steps & Strategy

How to Quickly Brainstorm 1000's of Keyword Ideas

How to Narrow Down Your Keyword List (Updated)

How to Assess Keyword Competition & Choose Target Keywords

How to Write Title Tags Search Engines Love

How to Skyrocket Clickthrough Rate with Meta Descriptions

How to Appear in the Google Image Search Results

Copy Optimization: Headings Tags, Outgoing & Internal Links etc.

The Types of Backlinks That Really Matter and How to Get Them

How to Maximise Links for Your SEO Campaigns

How to Create Content That Generates Links & Social Shares on Autopilot

How to Leverage Authority Websites and Top of the Search Results

The Poster Boy Formula - Build Traffic, Backlinks & Valuable Relationships

Student Q&A #1

Student Q&A #2

Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business in Google

Assignment - SEO

Quiz - SEO

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Overview

YouTube Marketing Strategy

How to Find Video Ideas with Competitor Analysis

How to Find Video Ideas with Keyword Research (Updated)

YouTube Account Setup

How to Revert to Creator Studio Classic

YouTube Account Optimisation

YouTube Banner

YouTube Channel Tags

YouTube SEO

Enable Custom Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Cards

New YouTube Cards External Link Requirements

YouTube Comments

Manage Multiple YouTube Accounts

YouTube Monetisation

New Monetisation Requirements YouTube

YouTube VidIQ (Free Tool)

YouTube - Increase Subscribers by 400%

YouTube Ads

YouTube Analytics

Assignment - YouTube Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Why Market Your Business on Facebook?

Facebook Page Setup

Facebook Icon

Facebook Cover Image

Facebook Page Description

Facebook - What to Post?

8 Tactics To Get Your First Page Likes

Secret Way to Boost Page Likes

Facebook Competitions / Contests

Facebook Groups

Facebook Live

Manage Multiple Facebook Pages

Facebook Comments & Reviews

Facebook Insights

Solved: What's the difference between like/follows, fans/followers?

Assignment - Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing - What You Will Learn?

Twitter Profile Setup

Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter Profile Optimisation

Twitter Features

Twitter - What to Post?

Twitter Followers

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Polls

Pinned Tweets

Twitter Customer Acquisition

Twitter @Mention Influencers

Twitter on Your Website

Twitter Analytics

Assignment - Twitter Marketing

Quora Marketing

Why Market Your Business on Quora?

Quora Marketing Strategy

Quora Account Setup

Quora Account Optimisation

Build a List of Questions to Answer

Solved: Why is Quora hiding the question stats field?

Format Your Answers for Maximum Clicks

Quora Promotion

Find Blog Post Ideas with Quora

Quora Business Page Setup

Quora Analytics

Assignment - Quora Marketing

Google AdWords / Ads

Why Market Your Business with Google Ads?

How Google Ads Works

Analyze Your PPC Competition

Google Ads Account Setup

Select the Right Campaign Type

Determine Bids & Budgets

Target Your Audience

Advanced Campaign Settings

Choose Profitable Keywords

Write Ads That Grab Attention

Assignment - Google Ads

Google Analytics


Google Analytics Glossary - Top 50 Terms

Google Analytics Overview

Google Analytics Demo Account

How to Set Up Google Analytics & Install the Tracking Code On Your Website

How Google Analytics Works

How to Add Backup Views

How to Add Filters to Reporting Views

How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics

How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Main Tools for Analysis

How to Analyse Real Time Reports

How to Analyze Audience Reports

How to Analyze Acquisition Reports

How to Analyze Behaviour Reports

How to Analyse with Segments

How to Track Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Tagging

Campaign Tagging Example

How to Use Benchmarking Reports to Grow a Business

How to Set Up Custom Dashboards for In-Depth Analysis

How to Set Up Event Tracking in Google Analytics

Goal Value: Rule of Thumb for Assigning Dollar Amounts

How to Set Up Custom Alerts For Traffic Spikes/Drops

How to Remove Spam Traffic from Google Analytics

Use Machine Learning to Understand Your Data (Analytics Intelligence)

How to Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts

How to Link Google Adwords to Google Analytics

Assignment - Google Analytics

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Business Account Setup

Follow These Instagram Accounts

Instagram Profile Image

Instagram Bio

Instagram Content Creation

Instagram Reposting

Instagram Followers Hack

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Stories

Instagram @Mention Influencers

Instagram Spam

Instagram Analytics

Shopping on Instagram (New Feature)

Next Steps

Pinterest Marketing

Why Market Your Business on Pinterest?

Pinterest Account Setup

Pinterest Accounts to Follow

Pinterest Account Optimisation

Pinterest Account Verification

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Followers

Pinterest Chrome Extension (Free)

Pinterest Graphics

Next Steps

LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin Account Setup & Optimisation

Linkedin Connections Hack

Linkedin InMail Hack

Linkedin Viral Posts

Linkedin Blog Traffic

Linkedin Groups

Linkedin Company Page Setup

Linkedin Ad Credits ($50 Free)

Next Steps

Facebook Ads

7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success

Facebook Success Stories

How to Set Up An Advertising Account

Boost Posts vs. Ads Create Tool vs. Power Editor - Updated

Key Ad Policies (Facebook & Instagram)

Facebook Ad Structure

Create Your First Ad - Choose a Campaign Objective

Targeting by Location & Demographics

Targeting By Interests

Targeting By Behaviours & Connection

Ad Placements


Ad Creative

Tips to Write a Winning Ad

Place Ad Order

Key Advertising Terms

Ad Reporting

How to View Your Billing Summary

Facebook Pixel

How to Install the Facebook Pixel for Apps

Website Custom Audiences

Email List Custom Audience

Page Engagement Custom Audiences

Video Views Custom Audience

Lookalike Audiences

Page Likes With Custom Audiences

Video Ads

Lead Ads

Instagram Ads

Dynamic Ads For Ecommerce

Collection Ads for Ecommerce

Canvas Ads

Offer Claim Ads

Local Awareness Ads - Updated

Event Response Ads

Power Editor

Easy Split Testing with Power Editor

Bulk Manage with Power Editor

Business Manager

Solved: Do I need to use Business Manager?

Business Manager - Roles & Permissions

Custom Conversions and Standard Events

Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP's)

How to Start a Facebook Ads Business

Next Steps

App Marketing

App Store Market Research

43 Ways To Promote Your App

Facebook Ads : App Install & Enggagement Ads

Google Ads : App Install & Engagement Ads

Old Content

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You've Done It! ...12 Key Takeaways from This Course

How to Get Your Certificate of Completion

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Merike9 October 2020

The content is clearly outlined, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and scope of the work well defined.

Bright8 October 2020

The course contains litreally everything, why I like it is cause it's a 12 in one course and each section serve as singular courses

Anand8 October 2020

It is promoting paid resources I recommend to give any free resources and give options to use a paid resource. We are already paying for the course.

Salima8 October 2020

Ofcourse ,was indeed of great help to update oneself and implement in real life to get superb success in every field of life.

Adrian7 October 2020

This is a great course but is not updated at 2020. Almost all the tools are different, but the principle of use them is the same.

Tracey27 February 2020

Amazing! I’m absolutely buzzing! The Digital Marketing Tools shared, the explanations, the research methods, the website building...all Fantastic! I am trying to watch it through once first and then take action, however I’m implementing alongside it. Really excited about the amount of knowledge I am building on top of existing and how it compliments each other so well! Thank you ?

Tejas26 February 2020

Course was fantastic and learn core part of every individual aspect, just one suggestion that you have given an examples of "Digital Marketing Course" for practical reason, which is repeated almost in every section. So my suggestion is to provide different different examples too for a better view. Thanks for such a great experience.

Nessa26 February 2020

I like how simplified this course is so far without being dragging. I've always been curious about the topic, and this is supplementing my knowledge a lot.

Shawn25 February 2020

I've learned so much in such a short time. I now know that the details can make or break you even when it comes to the title you choose for your videos, books or blogs. I'm very impressed.

Jawad25 February 2020

I’ve been able to listen and take notes while on my daily morning walk around the neighborhood. Very convenient!

Mathys25 February 2020

This course is just what I was looking for. It is a practical guide through the marketing process and gives you a good jumpstart. Although this course misses an explanation on concepts, i think it's of great use to anyone who has the basics and fundamentals but doesn't know where and how to get started.

Pankaj25 February 2020

This is what I have known since many years. This is good only if someone is new to course and didnt expect any thing extra

Amadou25 February 2020

The course is extremely helpful and very easy to understand. So far it's all fun to learn with you. Excited for the rest.

Allen24 February 2020

Very thorough course that provides plenty of useful tips and hints and doesn't require a high degree of technical knowledge. Certainly geared towards online businesses, but does offer great suggestions for local businesses for getting noticed.

Sara24 February 2020

Because so far i find udemy convenient. Especially that it has an app. Makes it at reach of all times


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