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Learn CSS - For Beginners

Learn to Work with Cascading Style Sheets

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Apr 2019

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What you will learn

Parts of a CSS Rule


CSS Selectors, Classes, Spans

CSS Text Properties

CSS Display & Position Properties

CSS Backgrounds

CSS Positioning (Static, Relative, Absolute, Fixed, Float)

Styling Links

CSS Tables


Students learn to harness the true power of front-end development using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Through comprehensive, hands-on exercises, students will develop stylish, responsive web layouts using CSS properties and style definitions.

We start with basic concepts such as the parts of a CSS rule and working with Classes, Divisions and IDs. Next we explore an intensive collection of style definition, from working with text, backgrounds and transparency, right to CSS positioning, link styling, and popular layout development techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to work on several projects to master the limitless potential of this powerful language.


Learn CSS - For Beginners
Learn CSS - For Beginners
Learn CSS - For Beginners
Learn CSS - For Beginners


CSS Development

Introduction to CSS

Parts of a CSS Rule

Types of CSS Rules

CSS - Color Names and Codes

CSS Classes and Spans

CSS Divisions - DIVs


CSS Margins

CSS Padding

CSS Text Properties

CSS Font Properties

CSS Borders

CSS Backgrounds

CSS Transparency

CSS Text on Top of Images

CSS Width and Height Properties

CSS Display Properties

CSS Static Positioning

CSS Relative Positioning

CSS Absolute Positioning

CSS Fixed Positioning

CSS Float Property

CSS Clear Property

CSS Z-Index

CSS Styling Links

CSS Tables

CSS Project - Introduction

CSS Project - CSS Rules

CSS Project - Navigation Rules

CSS Project - Responsive CSS

CSS Project - Page Elements


Alberto9 November 2020

The course goes really fast and doesn't have any exercises to practice what is covering since he always just either copy pastes or goes right to the next lesson

Harpreet4 September 2020

i really enjoyed the simplicity of teaching and find it easy to learn quickly in clear steps. thank you

Jagadeeswaran22 August 2020

In this CSS course I had learnt many ideas and now I have a confidence to create a webpage in better manner and more new things to impliment. This course was very usefull.

Daniele19 August 2020

Il corso contiene un bel po' di informazioni (ma nemmeno tantissime) tutte spiegate in maniera sommaria, senza entrare nel dettaglio di nulla. Io che già avevo avuto qualche accenno di CSS sinceramente non ho ritenuto il corso nè valido nè tantomeno utile. Partendo innanzitutto dal fatto che non ti viene spiegata bene la sintassi e per uno che sta iniziando adesso secondo me è la base. In secundis non viene spiegato cosa è il box model, e si viene buttati tra le istruzioni e margini, padding senza un senso logico. Ma la cosa più sbagliata secondo me è la parte finale dove viene creata una bozza di pagina internet responsive senza nemmeno una lezione che vada a spiegare che cosa sia una media query. Infine il materiale corredato al corso non è adeguato, in quanto non sempre i riferimenti espressi a lezione si trovano nella cartella adatta o si trovano affatto.

SuryaTeja13 August 2020

instructor is very bad at reaching the concept and '''' he hasn't told clearly ,,,, he told very poor not even a brief explaination . he just copied and pasted the syntax.

Mukesh7 August 2020

Quite effective course.Thank you for these basics of CSS.The project at last included all the stuffs which was a summary for the whole course.

Sayan5 August 2020

Its for beginners but its awful to start with. please add a proper introductory video atleast to start with.

Hamza3 August 2020

Learning experience could be better if there are done some changes to the formatting and video quality. Everything else is fine for beginners.

Ayush18 July 2020

what was taught was like 1+2=3, then, in the end, he gave the project and use so many new techniques that by himself he didn't teach and tada you have learned CSS, thank god I didn't pay for this stupid course. This teacher teaches like our education system, which is not applicable to real-life projects. Complete waste of time. DON'T BUY IT !!!!!!!!

Suman17 July 2020

It was a wonderful experience learning the css basics. The hands-on project was very nice could have been just a little more descriptive but it was still very nice.

Anjali16 July 2020

Very well explained the basic concepts. I'll suggest this course for the beginners. If you already know about the basics then don't go for it.

Dimitri10 July 2020

Straight to the point and clear. The course could have include CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid to be 5 stars

Shreyas23 May 2020

Good as I expected.You should explain it properly.Dont paste directly some tags also explain how they came and how they'll use to build a page.Explain in deep as you can.

Udaya5 October 2019

Wow. Explaining is very much clear. It could have been so much better, if the out put is bit more zoomed.

Karan26 June 2019

I don't know why he was in so rush to complete his course. Could have been better if he has spend more time in telling each attribute role effectively. Project was like here and go , Most part of the code I didn't understand . He should have made body of the project first. Step by step Then he should add style to it. That too in a order way by showing what happens when I apply styles.


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