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Quality Parenting Skills


Quality Parenting!

A priority on cards reflect about conscious parenting in a big way.

Quality education is the need of the hour and with the result, at the same time the boards of education and learning must develop a plan to help schools, teachers and parents educate children about safe, responsible use of the Internet. For example, encourage schools and families to place computers in rooms that are shared (such as family rooms, dining rooms, offices or libraries), where children can use the Internet with others around them. And teach children never to share personal information (name, address, telephone, or credit card number) online. This may go a long way in making this a success. The day-to-day activities at the school and the home education will provide a healthy liking for the computer and this is required to foster appropriate use of the Internet among pre-schoolers and other young children.

The usage of the Internet to communicate more effectively with parents and students goes a long way to generate interest for all. For instance, launch school district or school websites or publicize websites in newsletters and places where parents are likely to be. Update websites frequently with relevant, timely information. Post exemplary student work online, with teacher commentary explaining why this work meets academic standards. Make websites interactive by soliciting comments or holding public forums about education issues online. Encourage teachers, parents and students to communicate through email, make their email IDs and even communicate off-line with that reference only for generating pulses of craze and interest of being a netizen. And finally, engage the community. This can be very easily done through holding computer and Internet training classes for parents or hosting convenient opportunities for parents, community leaders, librarians, teachers, and others to talk together about children's use of the Internet. Schools may want to collaborate with libraries, community computing centers, local colleges and universities, and other places that offer alternative access to computers.

The module covers the momentum of teaching and igniting the students from the parenting side to be good and joyful with mental health as a priority to gather confidence and achieve success in life.

Cheers & Happy Learning.


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Concentrating on Excellent Performance as a parent
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Being Positive at all times
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Quality Parenting
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