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Learn Camtasia 2021 from scratch

Camtasia 2021 video tutorials


4.5 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Students will learn to use Camtasia 2021 to record and edit screen casts.


This course is a guide to using recently released Camtasia 2021. The course provides comprehensive curriculum to master this screen recording and video creation and editing software. The course material includes video tutorials. This course takes you step by step to make you proficient in use of Camtasia 2021. On completion of this course, you should be able to create eye catching and engaging learning and marketing videos. This course also provides you with adequate know how to be able to create your own information products.

New features included in Camtasia 2021 such as Media Mattes, corner rounding, are game changers and you will learn all about them in this course.

You can use Camtasia to create training videos, sales videos and eye catching explainer videos. This is also a great tool for creating animated presentations.

  • You will learn the following: -

  • About the interface. It is important to get familiar with the interface to be be able to make good use of the application.

  • About the timeline. The course explains all nuances of using the timeline.

  • Using and managing library

  • Recording screencasts

  • How to record PowerPoint presentations

  • Editing videos

  • How to animate in Camtasia

  • How to edit audio

  • Using audio effects

  • Using behaviours

  • Using visual effects

  • Creating quizzes

In this course you will learn step by step all you need to use and master Camtasia 2021. Enrol now to learn from it and benefit from this course.


Learn Camtasia 2021 from scratch
Learn Camtasia 2021 from scratch
Learn Camtasia 2021 from scratch
Learn Camtasia 2021 from scratch


Getting started

What is Camtasia 2021

About the interface of Camtasia 2021


About the Media Bin

About the canvas

More about the Canvas

Timeline : Overview

Timeline : Working with tracks

Timeline : Tools

Using the library

Creating the library

Using transitions

Recording with Camtasia 2021

Recording : Overview

Recording : Work flow

Recording : PowerPoint Presentations

Recording : Mobile Screen

Suggested Equipment

Editing in Camtasia 2021

Editing : Work Flow

Splitting and stitching

Separating and editing audio

Working with markers

Using Favorites

Creating and managing themes

Customizing Intros


Audio : Recording Tips

Recording Voice Narration

Audio Effects : Part 1

Audio Effects : Part 2

Enhancing Videos

Annotations - Part 1

Annotations - Part 2

Using Behaviors

Animations - Part 1

Animations - Part 2

Animations - Zoom and Pan

Cursor Effects

Creating a Quiz

Visual Effects


Borders and Shadows

Color Adjustment, Colorize and Tint

Using device frames

Removing color

Using Media Matee

Using corner rounding

Using track matee






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