Learn Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency in Java

Everything you Need to Know About Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies and Other Altcoins

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Understand why blockchain technology is important

Understand proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS)

Understand why cryptocurrencies will change the whole industry

Understand Bitcoin, Ethereum and some of the altcoins

Implement a simple blockchain and cryptocurrency from scratch in Java


Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows for decentralized and distributed storage of information. Maybe the hottest topic at the moment in the field of software engineering - besides artificial intelligence and machine learning - is blockchain technology. Many experts in the industry predict that the blockchain will disrupt the ways we interact with technology.

In this course you will learn about the basics of blockchain technology as well as about cryptocurrencies. You can learn about the concrete implementation of these technologies in Java - although you can skip the implementation parts if you wish.

Chapter 1 - Blockchain Theory

  • the fundamental basics of blockchain technology

  • SHA-256 hashing technique

  • centralized and decentralized ledgers

  • the concept of mining (and miners)

  • consensus algorithms

  • proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS)

  • the byzantine generals problem

Chapter 2 - Blockchain Implementation

  • implementing a simple blockchain from scratch in Java

Chapter 3 - Cryptocurrency Theory

  • motivation behind cryptocurrencies

  • Merkle trees and transaction verification algorithms

  • mining in cryptocurrencies

  • mempools

  • unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs)

  • elliptic curve cryptography in cryptocurrencies

  • what is a wallet?

  • orpahned blocks and the block verification problem

  • the 51% attack

  • soft fork and hard fork

Chapter 4 - Cryptocurrency Implementation

  • implementing a simple cryptocurrency from scratch in Java

Chapter 5 - Altcoins & Cryptocurrency Evolution

  • Ethereum, Solidity and the Ether cryptocurrency

  • what are ICOs?

  • cardano and ADA

  • altcoins

  • LiteCoin (LTC)

  • Dash

You should take this course, if you are interested in blockchains and cryptocurrency technology. Thanks for joining my course, let's get started!


Learn Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency in Java
Learn Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency in Java
Learn Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency in Java
Learn Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency in Java




Blockchain Introduction

Blockchain theory - motivation

Blockchain theory - data structure

Blockchain theory - SHA256

Blockchain theory - SHA256 illustration

Blockchain theory - decentralized ledger

Blockchain theory - mining I

Blockchain theory - mining II

Blockchain theory - consensus

Blockchain theory - byzantine generals problem

Blockchain theory - proof of work

Blockchain Implementation

Blockchain implementation 1

Blockchain implementation 2

Blockchain implementation 3

Blockchain implementation 4

Blockchain implementation 5

Blockchain implementation 6

Cryptocurrency Introduction

Cryptocurrency motivation

Cryptocurrency policies


Mempools example

Merkle-tree motivation

Merkle-tree implementation

PublicKey and PrivateKey



51% attack

Cryptocurrency Implementation

Cryptocurrency implementation 1

Cryptocurrency implementation 2

Cryptocurrency implementation 3

Cryptocurrency implementation 4

Cryptocurrency implementation 5

Cryptocurrency implementation 6

Cryptocurrency implementation 7

Cryptocurrency implementation 8

Course Materials (DOWNLOADS)

Course materials


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Andy26 May 2020


Matthew25 February 2020

Good explanations of key concepts for both blockchain and the implementation of cryptocurrencies. I t would recommend it for anyone who has an interest in either

Rand13 January 2020

Excellent course so far. Everything broken down just enough but not dumbed down too much. Like the working examples of concepts covered.

Heimo6 January 2019

The lecturer is a genius! I am enjoying his videos very much since he knows how to explain complicated content in a universal and understanding way with an inclination to relevant details. He also doesn't waste time and emphasized important parts by using redundancy which means: Important parts are emphasized, repeated and you don't need to watch the videos a second or third time. This is good. After all, only mindblowing technology and science is his focus which makes it even more interesting to watch his videos.

Roberto2 December 2018

I was engaged right from the beginning. The pace, the in-depth explanations, and real implementation kept me even from taking breaks. I would like to know how the data is propagated in the network and see actual wallets sending each other money. But, overall it was a great, well-explained course.

Tuna20 November 2018

Good course to understand basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain.But the end of the course you will get only console result that not include P2P networking or GUI for the program.

Michael9 November 2018

This course has nothing to do with the real world blockchain technology that is used today in the industry. Contains a very basic explanation what a simple blockchain is and creates a Java example of its implementation. Doesn't help AT ALL if one wants to develop marketable skills. Besides questionable value of this course it contains a lot of repetition of the past sections. This is especially annoying in case of very simple concepts. The lectures can move much faster if these repetitions are avoided

Anand26 October 2018

Really enjoying the lectures, They are good enough to understand quickly for minimal computer coding knowledge.

Philipp18 October 2018

If you want to understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrency from a technical perspective you can do it here! Perfect course, the first time I have the feeling to understand Blockchain and Bitcoin completely.

Don10 October 2018

I really enjoyed this course, it was a nice detour from my normal grind. I had been wondering how blockchain technology worked, especially in non-coin type uses, and it's clear now how almost anything could be stored and secured in a blockchain type system. Thanks very much!

Georgios26 September 2018

Gained a clear understanding of how BlockChain and CryptoCurrency work. Source code is concise , clearly explained and reviewed by the instructor who knows the subject very well.

Vijay11 September 2018

The implementation provided is like a college lab excersize of block chain example. I was expecting to see code that is used for real world implementation of blockchain.

José30 August 2018

The mix of theory and practice was very important to understand the real scenario of blockchain and cryptocurrency operation. I recommend this course for all people that want to start your studies about blockchain.

David14 August 2018

This course covers much content in a concise fashion. The instructor explained the basic mechanisms of blockchain with both generic and concrete examples. The use of Java as the coding language is both appropriate and innovative relative to other Udemy courses on the same subject. The code materials provided by the instructor was well-organized and nicely commented. The first three modules were very well operated. The last one, perhaps due to the increasing difficulty and complexity of the subject, was more challenging to grasp. The course could be improved by including additional, advanced topics that may be optional.

Tran19 June 2018

The teacher explains the problems clearly, and in deep. All the problems is showed in examples for easy to understand


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