The basics of color theory and amazing oil painting

Theory of color

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

be informed about theory of color and its elements

understand the color meaning and color wheel, primary secondary and tertiary colors....

harmoney and meaning of colors and other issues of colors

practical part: See how I could paint amazing impressionist artwork with my brush strokes.


   In this course, I  explain the theory of color and how I painted amazing impressionist paintings with my own style. I show up the color theory in the presentation with ppt slides. In the practical part, I put the fruits banana, apple, and half-apple under the spotlight in order to well visualize them. As result, I can differentiate between the darkening and lightening parts of my items. Light is crucial in the painting process especially if you want to paint still life painting elements. The different brush sizes are important to complete this painting. Green, yellow, white, and blue is necessary colors to make this impressionist painting.

       As  I paint through I was explaining the mixing of colors and other things related to the painting I do. Some recommendations also are presented to help you make better artworks, The still life paintings are a great example to start with if you want to begin paintings beside foto examples of your topics. keep your position while you painting or take a foto and keep it to correct your painting mistakes after you finish your artwork. And never neglect the light either daylight or spotlight are both concerned to create amazing artwork as I mentioned.


The basics of color theory and amazing oil painting - Screenshot_01The basics of color theory and amazing oil painting - Screenshot_02The basics of color theory and amazing oil painting - Screenshot_03The basics of color theory and amazing oil painting - Screenshot_04




Color theory

Color theory/ color definition, color wheel, color models and so on
Definition: hue, value; Warm and cool colors ,Harmony and colors Symbol

Practical part; explain how I paint impressionsit artworkt with oil colors

outline artwork
Coloring drawing items
final touches and complete painting
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