Learn AWS QuickSight Data Visualization and Analytics

Introduction to AWS QuickSight with practical lab exercises; Create Visualizations & dashboards & Analytics

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Level Up from beginner to confident Data Analyst.

Gain fundamental understanding of data visualization and analytics.

Deal with data manipulation and transformation

Importing Data from different source

Experience working with cloud service

Drafting reports and analysis.

Learn to use multiple visualization structures for presenting data

Creating, publishing and sharing your own dashboards

Learn AWS Quicksight from experienced professional data analysts.


This course covers the basic to advanced data visualization techniques. It is designed for students having no or very little experience in the field of data analytics. The course is divided into 11 modules. Starting from the very basic introduction of data visualization and data analytics and explains the difference amongst the two. Later the course covers all steps for setting the accounts of AWS and Quicksight to allow the students to get started using the visualization tool. Followed by an introduction of both AWS and Quicksight and a detailed overview of the tool. All the major types of visualizations and analysis are covered which are dealt by data analysts on a day to day basis alongwith the types of data that is represented effectively using these visuals .

Importing data from multiple sources, data preparation and transformation is covered in this course. Visualization structures such as tables and pivot tables are covered in depth with the help of various lab sessions. To be able to add calculated fields using the existing data is a very strong pursuit of a data analyst, this aspect has been covered in depth and repeatedly throughout the lab sessions. Then there are some important features of Quicksight namely, filters and controls which are explained accompanied with their respective types using practical examples. Each section is covered using the practical lab sessions.

The course has a capstone project at the end which explains the start to end workflow of data visualization using Quicksight, after which the student is able to gain practical insight to the course.

By the end of this course students will emerge with a solid understanding of data visualization and analytics using AWS Quicksight and hands-on experience designing analysis and visualization.

All the lab resources for this course can be found on our git repository.


Learn AWS QuickSight Data Visualization and Analytics
Learn AWS QuickSight Data Visualization and Analytics
Learn AWS QuickSight Data Visualization and Analytics
Learn AWS QuickSight Data Visualization and Analytics


Introduction to Data Visualization

Intro to Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization

Types of Data Visualizations

Types of Data

Introduction to Charts


Introduction to Analytics

Intro to Analytics

What is Data Analytics

Type of Analytics


Introduction to AWS QuickSight

What is AWS

What is AWS QuickSight

Lab: Setting up AWS Account


AWS QuickSight Basics

Creating QuickSight Account

Dashboard Overview

Load Data into AWS QuickSight

Importing Data into QuickSight

Data Preparation Stage

Add Calculated Fields

QuickSight operations on DataSets


Creating Tables

Sorting and Formating Tables

Conditional Formatting and Show Totals

KPI's and Pivot Tables

Create Pivot Table

Aggregation Method

Working with KPI's


Adding Filters

Types of Filters

Text Filters

Date Filters

Numeric Filters


Date Controls

Numeric Controls

Text Controls

Data Visualization

Pie Chart

Bar and Column Chart

Line Graph

Area Graph

Stacked Bar and Column Chart

Combo Chart

Tree Map

Geographical Plot


Create Dashboard

Capstone Project

Capstone Project


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