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Learn All The Key Variations & Ideas | Scandinavian Defense

This Is A Complete Opening Guide


5 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

How to get advantage after first 10-15 moves

Learn all the variations; sublines & main lines

Middlegame plans

A solid repertoire against 1.e4


The most aggressive first move of white is 1.e4. If Blacks don't know what to do exactly against it, then they will face many problems. In this comprehensive guide to Scandinavian Defense I would like to introduce you to this opening, which is a credible answer against the whites' plans.

The opening 1. e4 – d5 called Scandinavian defense or center counter attack. It took it's name from Scandinavian masters in 19th century. It is one of the oldest recorded openings and this didn't happened accidentally. The ideas and middlegame plans are rather easy; so even an amateure can apply them in practise with success.


  • Solid opneing

  • No temntion in the center

  • Better endgame pawn structure

  • Benefit of exchnages

  • Simple and easy plans

  • You can stop early attacks

  • Good for blitz games


  • Early Queen development

  • White can win time against her

  • White has more space

  • More freedom for his pieces

How The Lessons Will Help You?

If you found this article interesting then you can study the complete course in the opening that I have prepared for you, in Scandinavian Defense with 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5. The course presents a complete opening repertoire for both White and Black pieces, so after the study you can play this opening successfully in your tournament games.

The queen retreats to a5 so Black can increase the pressure on the pawn d4 with the Nc6 and long casteling. Black's plan are simple, so they can be aplied even by a rookie chess player. The main strategic principles that Black should use are clearly explained and they are:

The asymmetrical pawn stracture, which gives the important possibility to create a fortress behind the square d5.

The light-square Bishop is developing fast; something that does not happen in other openings such as the French Defense or Caro Can.

The c8-bishop can developed infrond of the Black's pawns, outside his pawn structure.


Learn All The Key Variations & Ideas | Scandinavian Defense
Learn All The Key Variations & Ideas | Scandinavian Defense
Learn All The Key Variations & Ideas | Scandinavian Defense
Learn All The Key Variations & Ideas | Scandinavian Defense



Intro // The Best Scandinavian Games

Sublines | 3.d3

Sublines | 3.Qf3

Sublines | 3.c4

Sublines | 3.d4

Sublines | 3.Nf3

Sublines | 3...Qe5+

Sublines | 4.Rb1

Sublines | 4.b4

Sublines | 4.g3

Sublines | 4.Bc4

Sublines | 4...g6

Sublines | 4...e5

Sublines | 4...c6

Sublines | 5.h3

Main Lines

Main Line | 5.Bd2

Main Line | 5.Bc4

Main Line | 5.Nf3 Ne4

Main Line | 5.Nf3 Bf5

Main Line | 6.Ne5

Main Line | 6...Bg4

Main Line | 8.Ne4

Main Line | 8.Qe2


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