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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Master CorelDRAW Quickly

Create Logos, Banners, Business Cards, Flyers, Magazines, Flex, Invitation Cards, Identity Cards, Textbooks, Certificate

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

You will be able to design graphics such as Logos, Banners, Business Cards, Flyers, Magazines, Flex, Invitation Cards, Identity Cards, Textbooks, CDs, Cartons, Certificates, Awards, Posters and many others

Learn How to Use Different Tools in Corel Draw

Design clean and professional graphics

Combining vector shapes to use them in logos and graphics

Use Interface, tool, basic shape, effects artistic-media, and work with Text

Distort and apply drop shadow and 3D effects to objects

Beginners course, ideal for both students and professionals

Design various type of certificates

Design various type of identity card (ID card)

Create and design beautiful wedding card, magazines, logos and many others

Work on different kinds of flyers

Be able to design banners and beautiful handbills

Will become one of the best graphics designer in town

Will be able to understand how to use CorelDraw effectively


Start creating professional graphic design in CorelDRAW.

If you're looking for a software that is user-friendly and you can easily create Logos, Banners, Business Cards, Flyers, Magazines, Flex, Invitation Cards, Identity Cards, Textbooks, Certificate and many others. CorelDraw is the best answer. CorelDRAW is used by professionals across the world for every promotional material.

What are we designing ?

  • Banners

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Billboard

  • Invitation Cards

  • Identity Cards

  • Letter Heads

  • Company Logos

  • Hand-bills

  • Business Cards

  • Flyers

  • Shirt Design

  • Posters

  • Envelope Design

  • Certificates

  • Stickers

  • Pamphlet Design

  • CD Plates Design

  • Carton Design

  • Mirror

  • Colour Separation

  • Books Design

  • Understanding Page planning and Numbering

  • and many others ...

The go-to design suite for hobbyists and home businesses

Whether graphic design is a pastime or you create with a purpose, CorelDRAW Standard has everything you need to produce compelling graphics for home projects or your small business.


Create anything and everything

From manufacturing and engineering, to sign making, marketing, and more, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is enjoyed by diverse designers, industries, and businesses worldwide.

Apparel and textiles

Whether you’re in the business of screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment printing or apparel, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has all the tools you need to produce and output designs for the fashion industry.

Vector illustration

Use CorelDRAW’s powerful vector illustration tools to turn basic lines and shapes into complex works of art. Create curves with many versatile shaping and drawing tools. Add creative effects to your vector artwork with effect tools like Contour, Envelope, Blend, Mesh Fill, and more.


Arrange type beautifully with a complete set of typography tools. Add effects to text like block shadows and contours, fine-tune fonts responsively with variable font support, fit text to paths, and more.
Font management

Organize and manage your font library with the intuitive Corel Font Manager, and use your favorite fonts without installing them. Work faster with fonts using the network storage feature.

Page layout

Find all the tools you need to create layouts for brochures, multi-page documents and more. Use the Placeholder Text tool to mock up a page and see how the text will look.

Color, fills and transparencies

Easily apply color to fills and outlines using color swatches, or generate colors based on color harmonies. Change the transparency of an object and fill objects with patterns, gradients, mesh fills, and more.

Design for print or web

Experience flawless publishing and output, every time.

  • Control color consistency across different media and know your colors are accurate before you print

  • Develop captivating website content with a collection of web graphics tools and presets

Easy to use

Create confidently with intuitive tools, tips, and tutorials at your fingertips—no matter your skill level or area of expertise.

Don’t waste your money

Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for CorelDRAW training when you can receive high quality, interactive, web-based CorelDRAW training at a fraction of the cost? Introducing excellent, online CorelDRAW training that allows you to learn at your pace without spending entire days at a time away from the office or your college.

The course includes basic introductory lessons to CorelDRAW. You learn commands and techniques for creating, editing, create and printing drawings with CorelDRAW with easy. You will become familiar with the CorelDRAW interface, tool, basic shape, effects artistic-media, setting up drawings for print, manipulating reusable content, working with text, shadows, and basic display features.

Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste another minute of your precious life on poor quality videos on YouTube. Or instructors who you can’t understand. Or teachers who have no real world in-person teaching experience. Your time is precious. Take this course and find out hidden secret on how to make thousand of dollars with graphics design.

From Beginner to Expert CorelDraw Designer

We know that you’re here because you value your time. If you wanted to watch someone program for hours and hours without explaining what they’re doing, you’d be on YouTube.

By getting this course, you can be rest assured that the course is carefully thought out and edited. There are beautiful animations that explain all the difficult concepts and we’re always on hand to answer student questions.

Sign up today, and look forwards to:

  • HD 1080p video content, everything you’ll ever need to succeed as a graphics designer

  • Design Logos, Banners, Business Cards, Flyers, Magazines, Flex, Invitation Cards, Identity Cards, Textbooks, Certificate

  • All the knowledge you need to start graphics design business

  • Design graphics  worth lots of money

  • Challenges and Solutions

  • Fast and helpful support if you need anything or have questions

  • My great sense of humor


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Master CorelDRAW Quickly
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Master CorelDRAW Quickly
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Master CorelDRAW Quickly
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Master CorelDRAW Quickly




1.2 Required tools and more info on CorelDraw

1.3 More Explanation on version of CorelDraw

1.4 Installing CorelDraw 12 Suit Package

1.5 Brief Explanation on CorelDraw 12

1.6 Installing CorelDraw 2019

1.7 Installing CorelDraw 2019 Part 2 -Must Watch

1.8 Brief Informaton on CorelDraw 2019

2. Understanding CorelDraw 2019 Components

2.1 Understanding new option under menu bar

2.2 Understanding open, save as, acquire image option under file

2.3 Understanding import, export, print and print preview

2.4 Understanding and explanation on edit menu in coreldraw

2.5 Understanding and explanation on view menu in coreldraw

2.6 Understanding and explanation on layout menu in coreldraw

2.7 Understanding and explanation on object menu in coreldraw

2.8 Understanding and explanation on object menu in coreldraw part two

2.9 Understanding and explanation on object menu in coreldraw part four

2.10 Understanding and explanation on object menu in coreldraw part four

3. Comprehensive Explanation on Effect Menu

3.1 Explaining with practical 3D Effect under effect menu

3.2 Working with the Colour Adjustment

3.3 Working with the art strokes

3.4 Working with the art strokes part two

3.5 Working with the art strokes part three

3.6 Understanding the function blur in effect menu

3.7 Understanding the function of camera in effect menu

3.8 Understanding the function of colour transform in effect menu

3.9 Understanding the work of contour dust in effect menu

3.10 Using the creative and bump map under custom in effect menu

3.11 Design of a simple world map logo

3.12 Perfecting our logo part two

3.13 Understanding the function of distort in effect menu

3.14 Using add noise for our desing in effect menu

3.15 Using sharpen and creative design

3.16 Using Artistic for our design

3.17 Using Bevel Tool to design beautiful text

3.18 Using Blend Tool for our graphics

3.19 Using Contour and Envelope tool

3.20 Working with the lens to copy part of an image

3.21 Photococktail and pointilizer

3.22 Round up section and more info about bitmap menu

4. Using Bitmap Menu for Graphic Design

4.1 Introduction to corel bitmap

4.2 Full discussion on bitmap and its effect on object

5. Working with the text menu

5.1 Working with the text menu

5.2 Using Fit Text to Path

5.3 Text menu - working with the case and writting tools

6. Working with the tables, tools, windows and help menu

6.1 Working with the tables and tools menu

6.2 Working with the tables and tools menu part two

6.3 Complete other menus and round up section

7. Comprehensive Explanation on ToolBox Tools

7.1 Working with the pick took, free hand pick took and free transform tool

7.2 Working with the shape tool

7.3 Using shape tool to create Redeemed Christian Logo

7.4 Using the shape tool to remove background image

7.5 Working with the twirl, repel, attrack, smooth and smear tools

7.6 Using text, rectangle, knife, ellipse and freehand tool

7.7 Brief explanation on drp shadow

7.8 Professional way of using drop shadow

7.9 More on blend, contour tool

7.10 Using Block Shadow, Extrude and Envelope Tools

7.11 Using our transparent tool in more professional way

7.12 Using colour eyedropper tool

7.13 Using Fill Colour and Placing Image Inside a Text

7.14 More explanation on fill tool in core 12

7.15 Using Smart Fill Tool

7.16 More tools and round up section


Keith3 September 2021

A beautiful course, learned so much, would have been better with more resource downloads. Easy to follow the tutor, thanks

Esther3 March 2021

This is the best course on CorelDraw. I cant believe this course is available on this platform. Once again, thanks

Owen16 January 2021

Very easy to follow. The instructor just needs to clear completed designs from the workspace in order not to create too much distractions.


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