Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

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What you will learn

History of Lean and Six Sigma.

Updated terminology and language regularly.

Learn about the breakthrough formula and how it relates to the concept of determinism.

Understand methodologies such as DMAIC, DMADV, PDCA, ©TREAT 1,2,3 and ©REDUCE.

Identify, choose and participate in improvement projects

Understand your roles and responsibilities as a lean six sigma yellow belt.

Understand what constitutes a problem and learn methods of closing gaps.

Basic Lean and Six Sigma Tools.

Basic elements of teamwork, culture and change management.

Regular updates on: Materials, Templates, Quizzes and Curriculum based on customer feedback.


2017 Updates - Overview of Lean Updated (course activities added).

                           Overview of Waste Updated (course activities added).


The six sigma yellow belt course is developed exclusively for individuals seeking to gain an understanding of lean, six sigma and continuous improvement strategy and techniques. The course has been setup in such a way that it is affordable for everyone.  Lean six sigma is a great way to show your employer you are ready for more, and have the skills and desire to help support a strategic journey. Learn to improve quality and reduce defects and find and eliminate waste within your organization.  The average lean six sigma yellow belt makes between 10 and 15% more than individuals who are not yet certified.

Six sigma yellow will gain a proficient understanding of basic problem solving methods and core concepts and principles of both lean and six sigma.  Additionally the course is equipped with key take aways and quizzes to ensure that you retain your new skill set and are ready to support lean and six sigma activities.  Courses are equipped with key terminologies and templates for you to utilize at your organizations.  So what are you waiting for, enroll today.


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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Overview of Lean

Overview of lean part 1
Overview of lean part 2
Overview of Lean Quiz

Overview of Six Sigma

Overview of Six Sigma Part 1
Overview of Six Sigma Part 2
Overview of Six Sigma Part 3
Overview of six sigma quiz

Overview of Continuous improvement strategies, Six Sigma and Lean - DEFINE

Overview of Continuous Improvement Strategies (Define)
Continuous Improvement Quiz

The Basics of Six Sigma

History of Six Sigma (Define)
History of Six Sigma
Benefits of six sigma (Define)
The Problem Solving Formula (Define)
The Problem Solving Formula (Define) - Quiz
The Voice of the Customer, Business and Employee (Define)

General Roles and Responsibilities (Define)

Overview of Lean Six Sigma Belt System (Define)
Lean Six Sigma Belt System
General roles of a yellow belt in lean six sigma (Define)
General roles of a yellow belt
Organizational Roles and Responsibilities (Define)

Fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma (Define)

Introduction to Processes (Define)
Introduction to processes - Quiz
Critical to Quality Characteristics (Define)
Critical to Quality Characteristics - Quiz
The Cost of Poor Quality (Define)

The Pareto Concept (Define)

The Pareto Concept and Building a Pareto Chart (Define)
The Pareto Priority Index (Define)

Basic Lean and Six Sigma Metrics

Time is of the essence (Lead, Cycle and Takt) (Define)
Defects Per Unit (Define)
Defects Per Opportunities (Define)
Defects per million opportunities (DPMO) (Define)
First time yield (Define)
Rolled throughput yield (RTY) (Define)

Selecting Six Sigma Projects

Building a business case: What, Why, How, When and Where explanation.
Everything you need to know about a Project Charter (Define)
Project Charter Quiz

The Lean Enterprise

History of Lean
History of Lean
Benefits of Lean
Core Principles in Lean
Core Principles of Lean Quiz

Systems and Methods that assist in managing quality

Six Sigma Opportunities
Six Sigma Opportunities Quiz
ISO Overview
ISO Overview Quiz
TQM Overview
TQM quiz

Core Concepts of a Lean or Six Sigma Organization

Customer Focus
Customer Focus Quiz
The three categories of work
Value added and non value added quiz
Standardization overview
Standards and Standardization Overview quiz
How do you define a problem?
How do you define a problem Quiz
Gemba and Genchi Genbutsu
Gemba and Genchi Genbutsu Quiz

The 8 types of muda examples and general solutions

Waste Overview
©STUDY Activity - Stand in the Circle
The Waste of Transportation
The Waste of Inventory
The Waste of Motion
The Waste of waiting
The deadly waste of Overproduction, part 1
The deadly waste of Overproduction, part 2
The waste of Overprocessing
The waste of Defects
The waste of underutilized resources and skills
8 Forms of Waste and Origins Quiz

Beginning Lean Six Sigma

Key Principles in Six Sigma (Define)
Beginning Lean Six Sigma

Methodologies used in Lean and Six Sigma

TREAT 1,2,3

Tools in Lean and Six Sigma

Seven basic quality tools
The Seven Basic Quality Tools - quiz
5S Overview
The 5S System - quiz

Measuring a process

Overview of ©VALUE STREAM Methodology

Communication, Facilitation and Culture

Lean Culture
Communication and relations
Huddle quiz
Hansei Quiz
Teamwork in Lean Six Sigma

Basics of Control (Control Phase)

Kanban (Control)


Key principles in Six Sigma

Key Terms used in Lean Six Sigma - Appendix

Explanation of the ABC's of Lean
Balanced Scorecard
Continuous Flow Production
Executive Steering Committee
Non Value Added
On-Time Delivery
Quality Management System
Root Cause
The ABC's of Lean "Standard Operating Procedure"
The ABC's of Lean "Theory of constraints"
The ABC's of Lean "Variation"
The ABC's of Lean "Waste"




September 14, 2021
I like this course. It is giving me the foundation knowledge and skills to prepare for future Green Belt exam. The course is well structured and includes quizzes to test your knowledge,etc.
July 27, 2021
So far it feels like a great match to educate me on the principles of lean more to apply them to my everyday career.
February 3, 2021
Courses are clear. Concepts are well explained with practicle exercises, exchange with other students and the teacher.
January 27, 2021
Very informative introduction, I was skeptical about starting the yellow belt training without taking the white belt one, but now reckon that it is not a must, and one can embark on the yellow belt straightaway.
December 19, 2020
The info shared here can be found for free online, there is no practical aspect of the certification.
April 13, 2020
great examples. broken up in bites that are easy to digest before going on to the next tool. great way to sharpen skills
April 13, 2020
kinda...but i want more specific video content...otherwise its cool...majorly things discussed are at surfacial level..i want a deeper level
April 12, 2020
Thanks for the Lean Six sigma Yellow Belt course , I am recommending , please provide the notes in only pdf format instead of Jpg image in some of the course content . which is may useful for long time reference .
April 11, 2020
I enjoyed taking the course as it is filled with valuable information that I can utilize in everyday life and apply at work. I am eager to put into practice the concepts I learned and look forward to improving productivity in my workplace. The delivery of information in this course was concise and to the point - I wouldn't expect anything else from a Lean Six Sigma!
March 20, 2020
This course is far more detail and covers more than the Yellow Belt training manual from Council for Six Sigma Certification. In addition to just obtaining a certification, this course also provides valuable knowledge which can be applied in real life.
March 5, 2020
Had taken other Lean Six Sigma courses but never to completion, this was a great overview that wrapped everything up and will be a great resource moving forward!
February 12, 2020
Easy to understand, some material repeated from White Belt course but good refresher, suggest to compile slides into a single PDF per Lecture.
October 25, 2019
Se queda corto en cuanto a la profundidad de las metodologías y herramientas de lean six sigma. Ademas falta ejemplos prácticos de mayor complejidad; casos de procesos de manufactura.
April 6, 2019
I think the tests could be a few questions longer. We cover a lot throughout the course and some of the tests were very short. Maybe offer a big final review test as well?
March 20, 2019
So far yes the course has matched my expectations. The animation is a little disjointed (eg within the last slide of lecture 3, the first 4 bullet points were removed from screen before the fifth appeared). The course content skips between areas and there's not always enough time to see theoretical models on screen before moving onto the next slide.



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