Six Sigma: Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt (Accredited)

Six Sigma White Belt Certification (Accredited) | Your Six Sigma Journey with White Belt & Seven Basic Tools of Quality

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What you will learn

Explain what Quality is

Describe the term Six Sigma and Lean

List the different Six Sigma Roles

Discuss the DMAIC Model

Demonstrate Data Analysis using the Seven Basic Tools of Quality

Illustrate the use of tools such as Fishbone Diagram, SIPOC, & Check Sheet

Infer results using tools such as Histogram, Pareto Charts, 5 Why Analysis, & Run Charts



This Six Sigma White Belt Certification course is accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service (Provider No: 14627, Certificate No: A029014-01).

Six Sigma White Belt Certification is the beginning of all Six Sigma certifications. As an individual grows the Six Sigma certification ladder, his resume becomes highly lucrative and better than his peers. A Six Sigma Certification allows the individual to get the right visibility across all levels in the organization. He starts adding value in whatever he does with the help of this Six Sigma knowledge, skills and expertise. This same Six Sigma certification allows him to minimize or eliminate the competition.       

If you are a working professional, you can’t just do your business as usual activities and expect a promotion OR a pay hike. If you are a fresher, you can’t just complete education and directly land up into a dream job. Like you there are many professionals who are looking for the same exact thing. How could you be different? You need an edge! And Six Sigma Certification is at the forefront of giving you that EDGE you were always looking for.   

Six Sigma certified professionals:   

  • Are highly respected individuals 

  • Are trained to solve any business problem 

  • Are capable of driving process improvements in the organization 

  • Get a pay-check that is much higher than their peers 

  • Have a skill-set that is designed to find problems and crush them in a matter of days 

  • Are known to maintain the right work-life balance

A Six Sigma White Belt Certification is the right start to your Six Sigma journey.    

A Six Sigma White Belt Certified professional:   

  • Has the know-how of Six Sigma Basics, Lean and Kaizen

  • Is trained to use the 7 Basic Tools of Quality including - 1) Process Map (SIPOC); 2) Check Sheet; 3) Histogram; 4)      Fishbone Diagram; 5) Pareto Chart; 6) 5 Why Analysis and 7) Run Chart 

  • Is capable of driving Six Sigma project activities

  • Has already set himself/herself on-track of fast paced growth

This course – Six Sigma White Belt: Learn Six Sigma and Grow Your Potential is designed to teach you the basics of Six Sigma and give you all the know-how to become an effective Six Sigma White Belt. This is a complete beginners guide to the journey of Six Sigma.    

If you are already a professional with medium to advanced level of Six Sigma knowledge, this course is probably not for you.

This course is created by individuals who are world-class Six Sigma trainers, Six Sigma Master Black Belts, industry professionals and gurus of Six Sigma who excel in online trainings.   

The course guarantees a detailed understanding of Six Sigma concepts at the White Belt level. Our ratings by fellow Udemy students indicate 100% satisfaction.   

Our promise to you   

We are a full time online training organization. We’ll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send us a direct message.   

Get ready to change your life   

You could be making a few thousand dollars each month OR you could be a fresher just out of college. If you have a passion to succeed in your career, if you want to bring that change in your life, if you want to gain high visibility in your organization, this Six Sigma course sow the seeds for your success.   

Contents and Overview   

  • You start with a quick understanding of why Six Sigma Certification is important for you

  • You then begin the Six Sigma White Belt journey by learning the different definitions of Quality

  • You continue your learning by understanding the history of Quality

  • You learn what is Six Sigma?

  • You then learn about the different Six Sigma roles in a Lean Six Sigma project 

  • You understand the difference between 99% quality and Six Sigma level of quality (which is essentially at 99.99966%) 

  • You learn an overview of the Six Sigma DMAIC model

  • You then learn the seven basic tools of quality including – Process Map (SIPOC), Checksheets, Histogram, Pareto Chart, Fishbone Diagram, 5 Why Analysis and Run Chart 

  • You understand what is Lean, value-added and non-value added activities and what is kaizen.   

When you finish the course, you:   

  • Become a Certified Six Sigma White Belt 

  • Add this powerful Six Sigma credential to your resume

  • Describe what is Six Sigma to any layman

  • Gain an end-to-end view of your business process - Create a SIPOC

  • Get to the root-cause of business problems - Use 5 Why Analysis

  • Analyze data and infer results using basic graphical tools such as Histogram, Pareto Chart and Run Chart 

  • Gain an overview of Lean and Kaizen

  • Upgrade your skill-set with Six Sigma certification

In a nutshell, you’ll feel confident to start practicing Six Sigma tools and techniques in your day-to-day professional life.   

So why wait? Enroll today and become a Certified Six Sigma White Belt!


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Six Sigma White Belt: Welcome and Introduction

Welcome, key points to note
Introduction - Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification Program
Important! Additional Instructions

Six Sigma White Belt: Understanding Quality

What is the importance of Quality?
History of Quality
A Special Message from Ross...
Understanding Quality

Six Sigma White Belt: Understanding Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma?
Typical Six Sigma Roles
Difference between 99% and Six Sigma Level of Performance
The Six Sigma DMAIC Model
Recap: Understanding Six Sigma

Six Sigma White Belt: Understanding the Seven Basic Tools of Quality

The Seven Basic Tools of Quality
How to create Histogram using a Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)
Histogram Conclusion
Recap: SIPOC, Check Sheet & Histogram
How to create Pareto Chart using a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)?
Pareto Charts Conclusion
Fishbone Diagram_An Overview
How to create Fishbone Diagram using a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)?
Fishbone Diagram Conclusion
5 Why Analysis_An Overview
5 Why Analysis Example
5 Why Analysis Conclusion
Recap: Pareto Chart, Fishbone Diagram and 5 Why Analysis
Run Charts_An Overview
How to create Run Chart using a Spreadsheet (Excel)?
Run Charts Conclusion
RECAP: Run Charts

Six Sigma White Belt: Understanding Lean

What is Lean?
RECAP: What is Lean?

Six Sigma White Belt: Summarizing our Learnings and Next Steps

Six Sigma White Belt: Summarizing the learnings
Post-course Quiz
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July 14, 2022
Thank you so much for the valuable content. The content was simple to learn which made me understand the concepts. I found this course really enjoyable, the course content is laid out extremely well and the information is easily understood. Thank you!
July 14, 2022
It was a nice course, with easy to follow lectures, I would recommend it to anyone starting on Six Sigma
July 13, 2022
Very Simplified and Detailed course! Loved it and Loved the recourses! I hope that would be a great first step for me in The quality field ! Thanks a lot
July 11, 2022
Yes - I've taken many many courses and this one is, by far, the most professionally presented course I've taken. Thanks!
July 11, 2022
I enjoyed the visuals and breakdown of each section. The best part of these sections would definitely be the included pdf course material attached to each module! One suggestion I may have is to improve the audio quality for the course.
July 9, 2022
Thanks for this session. The content was simple with relevant examples, well paced and helped me learn quickly
July 7, 2022
Inhaltlich ein sehr guter Kurs, aber leider ist die Background Music ein bisschen sehr stark im vordergrund. Das wurde aber glücklicherweise in zukünftigen Kursen geändert
July 7, 2022
I found this course really enjoyable, the course content is laid out extremely well and the information is easily understood. I gained some great knowledge that I was lacking in the manufacturing industry.
July 6, 2022
Yes, the course is great! However, How can I remove the back music... it's a bit loud and blocks out the voice of the narrator? It's distracting.
July 6, 2022
the background music and poor voice audio make it difficult to understand. While the captions help, the poor quality is distracting.
July 6, 2022
Content and delivery wise: I thought it was very thorough and clear, suitable pace (and great advise on how to speed up/slow down, if needed). Knowledgeable, nice graphics/material. Half a star taken off for the music - I agree with other reviewers that the music should be removed... It is serious detractor from concentration. We would never put that on in a classroom, so why here? Better to put on some background music of your own if that helps you (at a volume of your choosing). Luckily, the content was interesting enough that I sort of forgot the music after a while!
July 4, 2022
For me, it would be better if I had the Summary notes before I start each section. This would save me lots of time going back and reviewing the last 5 or 10 seconds in order for me to take notes.
July 3, 2022
Very high level, more time could be spent on the gathering of data instead of the creating the basic excel charts. No, bad but will not convince anyone not interested in Lean Six Sigma of it’s value.
July 3, 2022
Course is really good, The content is very crisp and neat, the coach is very great. White belt is basically a beginner course, the more you go up in the levels the more depth you will get. I successfully got my white belt certificate with the help of this course and now I am moved to Yellow belt. I am thankful to the Udemy and the coach for building the course and let people know the importance of Quality. Highly recommended course !!
June 7, 2022
It was a good course, where I surely learned the basic concepts of six sigma and, partially, Lean. I am satisfied with the result. As a suggestion, I would have more quizzes during the lessons. The last one is very good to remember what has been learned.



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