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Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green & Black Belt I go4sixsigma

3 projects. LSS Yellow, Green Belt and Black Belt level. Project template. Minitab

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

The overarching learning objective of this course is to develop a comprehensive set of skills that will allow you to function effectively as a Six Sigma Black Belt. The Black Belt body of knowledge includes techniques for both quantitative and non-quantitative analysis, as well as the team leadership skills necessary to get projects across the goal line. After completing this course, you should be able to DO the following: • Communicate using Six Sigma concepts • Think about your organization as a collection of processes, with inputs that determine the output • Understand and apply the five-step DMAIC model as a framework to organize process improvement activity • Employ a wide range of process improvement techniques • Employ your Six Sigma skills to lead a successful process improvement project and deliver meaningful results to the organization.


1. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training

Please watch training videos, complete your LSS Yellow Belt project

2. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training

Please start with the project template, watch training videos, complete your LSS Green Belt project

3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training

Please use the same project template, watch training videos, complete your LSS Black Belt project

When you complete 100% of training you can download Udemy Certificate confirming you finished Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Green Belt and Black Belt training at Udemy

As an additional option you can send your completed projects to anna@go4sixsigma.com for paid projects check and paid LSS GB and LSS BB certificates.

Only LSS YB Certificate $19

Only LSS GB Certificate: $39

Only LSS BB Certificate $49

Both LSS GB and BB Certificates $59

All LSS YB, GB and BB Certificates $69

Anna Grabowska-Grabiec

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt



Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green & Black Belt I go4sixsigma
Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green & Black Belt I go4sixsigma
Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green & Black Belt I go4sixsigma
Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green & Black Belt I go4sixsigma


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Welcome to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course!

Please download Lean Six Sigma project template here!

1.1. Define phase. Project charter

1.2. Define phase. SIPOC

1.3. Define phase. Process Map

1.4. Define phase. Stakeholders

2.1. Measure phase. Data collection plan

2.2. Measure phase. Data, VOC & VOP

2.3. Measure phase. Pareto chart

3.1. Analyze phase. Gemba walk & 7 Wastes

3.2. Analyze phase. Ishikawa Diagram

3.3. Analyze phase. 5 Why

4.1. Improve phase. Impact difficulty matrix

4.2. Improve phase. Implementation plan

5.1. Control phase. Control plan

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Download Minitab free 30 days trial

1. Minitab Assistant function and distribution of data

2. Minitab getting started

3. Minitab Control charts

Minitab. Analyzing data

4. Minitab Graphing data

4. Minitab. Process capability

The best statistics you have ever seen!


Pallav8 October 2020

The course is going good judging by the first 30 minutes. Certain pronunciation created confusion but wasn't in the essential parts. It was in some throwaway examples. Even though I didn't understand the example, i got the concept as more examples were provided.

Salil5 October 2020

The audio fluctuates and even with in ear earphones its difficult to hear the instructor very clearly at times.

Alan13 September 2020

This is an awesome course. The video clips made me appreciate the i portance of statistical analysis which is made quick and enjoyable throught the use of minitab.

Piero2 September 2020

I give 3 because I consider that the content, the length and the format of the course corresponds to a "Regular, could be (much) better" evaluation. Although I managed some knowledge before, I think that this Yellow-Green-Black Belt Trainings leave a lot to wish for. It wasn't a total waste of time, because I extracted (some) useful data, but there are clearly better courses at even lower prices (and the natural way to evaluate a service is to contrast it with other services of the same area). This is my objective (and summarized) evaluation of this course, in order to help Anna Grabowska-Grabiec to improve it and give you my honest thoughts about it: 1. In terms of the content... It is not an expert class at all, because basic principles are being presented (management concepts, tools and frameworks, that are easily found on the Internet) trough really basic examples as well. On the other hand, I think that Anna doesn't add important value when she speaks, mainly because she describes (almost with the same words) the things that are presented in the templates (=downloadable resources). On the other hand, the templates are useful, as they summarize important information. 2. In terms of the format... - I think she has a limited use of the english language (which is also an important factor to consider). Thus, she often hesitates and doesn't speak fluently. - I personally don't like that the biggest amount of time of each video (specially in the Green Belt Training part) is focused on her (physically) explaining things, rather than presenting useful slides or highlighting mentioned data. Overall, the format of the presentation is mediocre and definitely lacks editing. - Connected with the previous points, I claim that every single video could be shorter. A lot of time is wasted mainly due to (i) an over-explanation of things and (ii) the lack of editing in the videos. Otherwise, another option would be to take truly advantage of the used time (because 5,5 hours is actually very short to teach three belts, specially if we consider the Green and Black ones; I know courses that offers a White Belt Training in 6 hours, for example). Positive aspects... As I said, the templates are good. Then, the big picture of management tools, frameworks and basics presented is useful. Finally, I found the Change Management part in the Yellow Bet Training really interesting (and will definitely read the presented book).

Sonal15 August 2020

The course is very basic. Good for people who are just getting started with the six sigma methodology as the course content is simple and not complex. The pace of training is good.

Jishnu12 April 2020


Oluwadara5 April 2020

it gave a better understanding of the value chain through which our products can be produced, processed and distributed. The knowledge is a good plus

Emmanuel3 April 2020

The explanations are well done and down to earth for even a beginner to understand. well done so far.

Wasif2 April 2020

Certificate processing and feedback is slow. Instructor is very responsive and has in-depth knowledge about the topics which was really good.

Kevin21 March 2020

The content delivery by Anna is phenomenal and over simplified. I have had other Six Sigma training but how Anna has progressed with every phase and explained through the Project Template is just brilliant. She is also very approachable and supportive and the resources are absolutely adequate to give you a grip on the subject.

Felicia17 March 2020

She doesn’t sound very confident. But it could be a language barrier. Information is still helpful, though

Liza13 March 2020

The instructor does a great job in explaining what is needed to complete the charter. I was a little hesitant when I made the purchase of this program but I'm glad that so far it is above what I anticipated.

Dhirendra17 February 2020

Anna has structured the training very precisely. The Excel sheet has lot of explanation and very good examples. Examples in the excel sheet helped me to understand the intention of doing the step and what could be metrics in my chosen case.

Tanaka13 December 2019

The excel sheet that you use in this course points you in the right direction and it fits in very well with the videos.

Shakti3 December 2019

I was expecting to learn about lean six sigma concept. But so far the content has been about project and project charter.


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