Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Service Industry Professionals

Black Belt course exclusively designed for professionals who work in service industries (any non-manufacturing industry)

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11 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Simplified explanations of all the concepts of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with practical examples and exercises designed exclusively for service industry scenarios.

Multiple exercises (with key) for each module with detailed (step by step) instructions. All you need is MS Excel for these exercises and you can download these exercise files.

A real case study of how a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project is driven to improve a service industry process.

Key concepts, various tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and their benefits

How to gather and translate the voice of stakeholders into improvement needs with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to identify and precisely define problem and goals of an improvement area with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Different types of data, data collection mechanisms, and data analysis techniques with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to measure the performance of a process for different types of data with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to represent data graphically and how to apply statistical analysis techniques with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Discrete and continuous probability distributions with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Advanced statistical techniques such as: estimation, hypothesis testing, etc. with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to do 360 degree Root Cause Analysis on a problem to find out all the root causes with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to analyze inputs from people using different brainstorming techniques with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to integrate the Lean techniques into DMAIC methodology of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to integrate various creative thinking techniques into Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to monitor the post-improvement performance of a process with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to ensure long-lasting solutions using a structured problem solving approach with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Lean Six Sigma Certification is undoubtedly in demand. The average Lean Six Sigma graduate makes $82,000.00 USD per year, as reported by the company, Indeed. Google it and check out for yourself. That's how you know your investment in this Course is worth more than you can imagine!


This course consists of thirty-three (33) videos that are part of 8 modules namely: Introduction, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control, Case Study, and Conclusion.

Each module comes with excellent audio-visual demonstrations with high quality professional narrations. All the concepts are explained with easy to understand practical examples. Additionally, there are 63 templates, exercises, and course materials provided to you to make you quickly gain the expertise and confidence on the concepts. You can download all these course materials, templates, and the exercises.

After you complete the course, you will have the opportunity to become a "Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional". There will be one online test each of the following modules: Introduction, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. You will have 5 attempts to clear one test. The questions will be based on the course material that is provided to you as part of this course.

NOTE: There is an additional cost for the certification due to state and country testing that cannot be done via Udemy. You will get more details about the cost and the certification procedure in the last (Bonus) lecture.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Service Industry Professionals
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Service Industry Professionals
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Service Industry Professionals
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Service Industry Professionals


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Course Overview


Introduction Part 2


Define Part 2


Measure Part 2

Measure Part 3

Measure Part 4

Measure Part 5

Measure Part 6

Measure Part 7

Measure Part 8


Analyze Part 2

Analyze Part 3

Analyze Part 4

Analyze Part 5

Analyze Part 6

Analyze Part 7

Analyze Part 8

Analyze Part 9

Analyze Part 10

Analyze Part 11

Analyze Part 12


Improve Part 2

Improve Part 3

Improve Part 4

Improve Part 5


Control Part 2

Case Study


Bonus Section

Get Your Official Certification


Mateusz5 April 2021

I like it but what I don't like is music when you show templates. I listen your videos on 1.5 speed and it is not allowing me to hear you properly. other than that so far so good

Péter26 December 2020

The correlation topic was a bit flawed, but a generally well prepared and visualized course with many examples, templates and excel walk-throughs. Really useful, but not always go deep to black belt level.

varadaraj23 December 2020

This course gives me the in-depth knowledge of each process, as per my daily routine work, which has been carried forward at the work area. Each process as per explained has been explained in a very simple manner, which can be easily understood. The course is amazing, Thanks to Udemy in explaining the complete concept of Lean Six Sigma BB

Nelson28 September 2020

very detailed .clear explanation and practical examples. However, I saw no response to my questions and others. Some of the questions have been pending for many months. Seems the trainer doesn't bother to answer them.

Jose10 August 2020

Great materials and overviews of the course. Solid foundation to build upon. Looking forward to the rest of the course.

Vivek28 May 2020

Wonderfull explaination of all tools and techniques of lean six sigma. I would be more than happy if edusure includes more quizes and practise sessions after each lecture. Also, if possible please include to do a virtual project in the last. I am finally going for the certification... Hope i will get it.. :)

Anindya28 April 2020

Some more material and real life examples, simulations to achieve 6 sigma black belt on projects would have been appreciated

Clare24 April 2020

A good combination of two people explaining verbally and easy to understand graphics. The use of examples on Excel is good.

Alan10 April 2020

the course demonstrates the significance of the topic with the very simple manner of teaching it. . very well.

James28 March 2020

I have taken a number of Six Sigma courses, but this one really stands out. First, it is very focused on the data analysis formulas and how and when to use them. Secondly, it shows how to apply Six Sigma principles to service business as opposed to manufacturing.

Michael5 November 2019

This will definitely help me with my career advancement. I am now more confident that I'll bring more value to the team.

Rekha2 July 2019

each section is only of less time, and certificate should not tell about the time. as this short time will reflect in the certificate as 8hrs course which will reduce the value,

Scott3 April 2019

Very in-depth course. I do question the practical need for so much of a focus on Statistics. I do not foresee needing to give my teams a crash course on Statistics when trying to implement this in a real-world scenario.

Corinne30 March 2019

The course content was very exhaustive and very helpful. At times since words are computer generated, it tended to be a bit slow. Having a signature on the certificate helps.

Michael24 February 2019

It provided me the information I expected, much of which I already knew. But I have a question re: one of the exercises. I guess I'll figure out how to reach to course author to ask my question.


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