Leadership & Cultural Diversity (Accredited Oxford Diploma)

(18 hrs) Generations; Cultural Diversity and Management -& Leadership in India & Industrial Organisational Strategy

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May 2021

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What you will learn

The importance of cultural diversity

The importance of age diversity

Working in a multi-generational office

The Skeldon approach

Dressing gown theory

Artificial Intelligence and Generation Alpha

How to motivate Baby Boomers AND Millennials

Industrial Organisational Strategy

Leadership in India


IMPORTANT: This course has an emphasis on discussion - the course is to a world-wide global class. We can all learn from one another. This long  Diploma course is serious and workbooks and assignments are set. Leadership is not about watching videos alone but discussing, considering, suggesting and then making decisions. The Educational Announcements and the Q/A ensure that this course is always up to date.

Recent review:

"love detailed oriented people, and this instructor not only has a vision, he takes the best time to explain himself and his method"

  • Twenty new lectures added 25th May 2021

  • New lecture added 6th April 2020: Leadership Research. This lecture includes extensive homework.

  • WORKBOOK ADDED APRIL 2020: Leadership in India

  • WORKBOOK ADDED 29 July 2020: Industrial Organisational Strategy

This course is split into three sections:


  • Generations in workplace

  • 8 things to know Millennials

  • Generation alpha

  • The Skeldon approach

Cultural diversity

  • Benefits

  • Dressing Gown theory

  • Challenges


  • Managing Baby Boomers

  • Managing a multi-generational workplace

The emphasis throughout in giving practical examples and the setting of research topics. You - the students from 166 countries - know far more than I do about your own culture, your own skills and your own workplace environments. I bring to the course my academic and work-based background, (too many) years of experience and a willingness to listen.

Many many lectures about the generations - interspersed with clips from films which I had the privilege of acting in - and some exercises/questions for you to answer.


  • Maslow

  • Herzberg

  • Taylor

  • McGregor

  • Skeldon approach

  • Dressing gown theory

So, some new(ish) and some old.

But all relevant.


Leadership & Cultural Diversity (Accredited Oxford Diploma)
Leadership & Cultural Diversity (Accredited Oxford Diploma)
Leadership & Cultural Diversity (Accredited Oxford Diploma)
Leadership & Cultural Diversity (Accredited Oxford Diploma)


The Oxford Diploma

The Diploma



Baby Boomers

Generation X

Millennials - pt 1

Millennials - pt 2

Generation Z - pt 1

Generation Z - pt 2

The Work Environment - pt 1

The Work Environment - pt 2

Generation Z (Return)

Selling to - pt 1

Selling to - pt 2

Eight things to learn about Millennials - pt 1

Eight things to learn about Millennials - pt 2

Millennials - what does that mean for you?

Generation Alpha

Why Generation Alphas matter

AI and Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha and Ageing Parents

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity - the Benefits (including Skeldon Approach)

Dressing Gown Theory

Cultural Diversity - the Conclusion

Postscripts - and a Challenge

Postscript - part 1

Postscript - part 2

Postscript - part 3

Postscript 2: Multigenerational - pt 1

Postscript 2: Multigenerational - 2

Postscript 2: Multigenerational - pt 3

The Challenge - pt 1

The Challenge - pt 2


Elida27 December 2020

love detailed oriented people, and this instructor not only has a vision, he takes the best time to explain himself and his method

Reshma26 November 2020

So far i am finding the course interesting, relatable and insightful. My primary interest is understanding human behaviour and helping others be better versions of themselves...grow, develop, be more! I am hoping that this course helps me in some way, no matter how small, to be a better leader.

Satrajit5 October 2020

I have been a Leadership Researcher & Coach/Facilitator, having served as a Counselor and Deputy Director in the Confederation of Indian Industry's Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership. I signed up for this course because of the Instructor's depth - in instructional approach, honesty, and subject matter expertise - not to mention that the Diploma comes at a genuine extra cost - of no extra monies payable but sincere, back-breaking work. I have just started studying, and finding the content, design and challenges built into the course extremely inviting, an would recommend anyone serious to learn these subjects as well as wishing to acquire a legitimate qualification to dump all courses and take this one. Of course, there I opine apropos my personal background and interests. On a more general note - very pleased. A very, very cogent approach to acquisition of skills and transfer of learning. Great work.

Pooja9 August 2020

This is my first course with Udemy and tutor Chris. I must say I have become a fan of his work. I am a teacher myself and I know the difference between a good content and a great content. This course has great content. It shows the efforts the tutor has put into to make it more holistic than specific. The course content emphasis on research. There are workbooks, articles and videos along with tasks and homework with it. Everything goes with the flow. The course starts on an easy tone but becomes tougher towards the end. You will come to realise that this course is tough thats why meaningful. Take up this course only if you are serious about Diversity, inclusion and leadership. If you do take up be ready to see the changes in you and your mindset towards the end. I Thank Chris for taking time and creating such wonderful content for this course. I appreciate it and proud to have known him and his work through this course

S.Lingeswara2 June 2020

SIr Chris Bankes! I am pretty sure to say that it is going to be a plethora of knowledge resources i am going to experience! I am not feeling this interaction with you is virtual but for real!! S.Lingeswara Prasad. MBA- Finance, M.Sc. C.S. (M.A. Psychology Major)., India. ✉s.l.prasad@live.com L&D Trainer In: IT, Strategic Management, Six Sigma,Tally ERP, Inventory, Personality Development, Aptitude, Campus Drives, Verbal Reasoning, Communication & Soft Skills.,

Giovany1 May 2020

Great speaker, Although it is a video, Chris tried to connect with the audience and he manage to capture all the attention. Great course. It would be nice to see more examples.

Rommy29 April 2020

Happy to know that the speaker is a person with so many experience and skillful. Thanks Professor! I learn so much in every section on this course. This is very recommended to be take

Robert18 December 2019

To be fair, I have only just started the course (6%) so treat this review with care! The subject matter is clear and relevant. There are topics raised in the Q/A sections. The Captions are clear. Plenty of resources. A good start UPDATE Have now finished Generation X and Baby Boomers. A lot of this resonates. Very clear and very well structured. UPDATE Have now finished Millennials and only just noticed the questions in the Q/A section. I've answered BUT it doesn't seem like anyone else is joining in.

Isaac4 November 2019

The Skeldon approach is a completely new thing for me and is something very interesting. Thank you for this insight!


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