Lead Generation: Productive Cold Email

How to prepare effective email. how to handle negative reply, conversion metrics for email etc

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Steps to grow your small business with cold email

Cold email examples and why they work

Cold email template that will generate warm lead for your sales team

How to deal with rejection in cold email

How to turn cold email rejection into opportunities

Sneaky ways to find prospects email address

Conversion metric for cold email

Track, measure and improve cold email prospecting

Cold email benchmark by campaign and industry


" A cold email is an initial e-mail that is sent to a receiver in order to gain a benefit in terms of favor, sales, opportunity or any other dual-sided gain" In short, when you email someone you do not know for some particular reason is cold emailing. Also cold email is not just limited to sales, there are several examples of cold email that we can experience and see in our day to day lives. Examples, student sending email to human resources professionals for internships, Marketers sending emails to gain publicity and traction for their new product or salesman sending mass emails to unknown people in order to sell his product. These all are a few of the many examples of cold email in day to day lives. it works for the students. It works for the marketer. It work like magic for the salesman.

Sellers can reach out to prospects ( future customers) that might not be aware of the product. Cold emailing helps in creating awareness among the people in general. A person might be looking for a travel package to Dubai and when he gets it all served in his box, he would love it. Therefore cold emailing helps in connecting people who might be needing each other. The are more better ways to ensure that once email get the maximum open rate and response rate, it is very important we take care first about the email we are sending itself, because a very poor email will give you more negative response or the potential client will even fail to reply you. The email subject line is the first most important area to check first before sending the email itself.


Lead Generation: Productive Cold Email
Lead Generation: Productive Cold Email
Lead Generation: Productive Cold Email
Lead Generation: Productive Cold Email




What is cold email

Steps To Grow Your Small Business With Cold Email

Build your email list

Learn how to write a great email

Let your email signature do the rest of the talking

Scale your cold email strategy

Follow-up with your prospects

Cold Email Examples And why They Work

Before- After- Bridge

Problem - Agitate- Solve

Star - chain - hook

Star - store - solution

The 3B Plan

Cold Email Templates That Will Generate Warm Lead For Your Sales Team

The art and science of effective cold email subject lines

How to write effective cold email

How to set up and send cold email

How To Deal With Rejection In Cold Email

Do not let feedback discourage you

Cold mail conversation demand patience

Dealing with rejection

Feedback is a useful tool

Spinning the conversation

How To Turn Cold Email Rejection Into Opportunities

You gave up tool soon

They are not the right fit

You do not understand their needs

You are grabbing their attention

They are not ready yet

How To Handle Negative Replies

How many negative replies are too many

Best practice for handling negative replies

What negative replies tell you about your campaign and your offer

Sneaky Ways To Find Prospects Email Addresses

Start with a basic LinkedIn search

Use this sneaky plugin direct on linkedln

Use Voila Norbert with only a name and website

for their newsletters for insight and real email

Conduct a detailed google search

Just ask

Conversion Metric For Cold Email

Bounce rate

Open rate

Response rate

Conversion rate

Track, Measure And Improve Cold Email Prospecting

Track,measure and improve cold email prospecting


Cold email benchmark by campaign size and industry


Tim17 July 2021

As a business person l know and agree on this course, that effective email cannot be achieve easily, it important that all the necessary measures are taken to ensure that the email follow the appropriate format to be able to get the needed response that will have a positive impact for the business.

Kapo18 May 2021

My company does not do much of cold email marketing because our management mind have not assess the detailed impact and benefits of cold email but your course outline and teaching information is hitting in the right direction, i think i need to sit down with my management and discuss again the need to take cold email seriously.


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