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Launch A Podcast In 5 Days: A Beginners Guide To Podcasting

Set up, record & host in Anchor FM, publish & promote on Spotify. Plus learn how to take your podcast to the next level.

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to build credibility and authority with a podcast that grows your brand and audience

The exact steps to launch your trailer and first two episodes of your brand new podcast

The importance of getting something going rather than striving for perfection up front

All the extra "bells and whistles" you can add to your podcast AFTER you get your first episodes live

The planning approach to batch recording and pre-scheduling your episodes to be more efficient

Ways to promote your podcast to get the best possible launch and then keep it going

How to set up and use the simplest tool currently available for hosting your podcast and managing your episodes

How to script or bullet-point talking points for your solo episodes or hosted interviews

How to choose cover art, decide on a podcast name and write titles and descriptions

The most important things in launching your podcast and the things you can worry about later

How to set goals for your podcast and how to ensure your content continually aligns back to them

"Burn your boats" when you commit to a 5 day launch plan, this will ensure you actually get it done

Different episode formats: interviews (self and co-hosted), solo episodes and pros and cons of each

The importance of consistency in frequency and how to decide what your frequency should be before you launch

The importance of launching three episodes when you start your podcast and how this builds credibility from the start

My exact scripts, blueprint, cover art, descriptions and titles for my own podcast and what I learnt when I launched it

How to edit your sound files and how to produce them to minimise your post-production editing

The beginner level knowledge that you need about sound, microphones and recording your podcast episodes

Why smiling is important to activate the muscles in your face that actually makes your voice sound better

How to set up a regular promotion plan for your regular episodes to maximise listeners and plays

Additional promotion and community building options like a Facebook group and detailed show notes

Other tools like auphonic for fixing audio, wavve for social media and how to re-purpose / re-use suitable content


Do you have a message that you want to get out to a wider audience? Do you feel strongly about something that you feel a podcast could amplify and help build your brand, drive traffic to your products and boost your business?

Podcasts have become incredibly popular in the last few years with thousands of people starting podcasts and millions more consuming more and more episodes every year. You've probably been thinking about starting a podcast and even have a great idea for one. However you just haven't got it going; maybe you think its too difficult or will take too much time. Maybe you just haven't had the discipline or a clear plan that you can follow to take your idea from concept to outcome.

This course will solve all these problems for you and ensure that you achieve your goal of launching your podcast. I strongly believe that getting started is more important that trying to be too perfect or worrying about all the bells and whistles you think are important. In the course we will work together to define what you want to do and what are the steps you need to take to get there.

It's a 5-day blueprint with clear checklists that take you through the process step by step. You'll learn exactly what you need to do on each day and then you will complete those actions to move you closer to your goal. In the introduction you'll learn about how the course works and then we will dive straight in, get you set up, recording, uploading and managing your episodes to launch on day 5.

On day 1 you will jump right in, set up your Anchor FM account and design your podcast. You’ll also do some initial promotion and a bit of planning for promoting and launching your podcast

Day 2: You will script out your intro, trailer episode as well as your first two episodes. You will also start promoting your podcast with your existing audience to build up awareness and anticipation for launching your podcast.

Day 3: You will record your intro, your trailer and your first 2 episodes

Day 4: You will upload your first 3 episodes into Anchor FM and schedule them to go-live on Day 5. You will also firm up your plans for the following episodes and continue doing promotion and marketing for your new podcast

Day 5: Your first 3 episodes go live and you can use these links in your ongoing marketing and promotion.

There’s also a bonus section were I teach you some additional things to think about as you make ongoing improvements to your podcast. I would suggest you only do these lessons once you’ve successfully completed your 5 day launch plan.

Do this course and you will become a podcaster. I look forward to seeing you in class and building the confidence and progress you need in order to achieve this goal. I will be with you every step of the way.


Launch A Podcast In 5 Days: A Beginners Guide To Podcasting
Launch A Podcast In 5 Days: A Beginners Guide To Podcasting
Launch A Podcast In 5 Days: A Beginners Guide To Podcasting
Launch A Podcast In 5 Days: A Beginners Guide To Podcasting



Introduction To Launch A Podcast In 5 Days: A Beginners Guide To Podcasting

How This Course Works: One Section For Each Day With Lessons, Actions & Progress

Overview Of The Key Steps In Day 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 To Launching Your Podcast In

Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Us What You Want To Learn

See How Anchor.FM Hosts & Publishes, Schedules A Podcast: Dashboard, Episodes ++

Your Handy Checklist & Guide: Preview, Download & Follow Before Starting Day 1

Day 1: Set Up Your Podcast In Anchor.FM & Plan Format, Frequency & More

Day 1: Set Up Your Podcast In Anchor.FM: Title, Description, Art & Settings

Day 1: Podcast Goals, Category & Get It Done By Burning Your Boats

Day 1: Plan Your Podcast Format & Frequency

Day 1: Set Up Your Podcast In Anchor.FM; Title, Art, Description, Public Site ++

Day 2: Script Your First Episodes And Possibly Intro See My Scripts In Resources

Day 2: Script Or Jot Down Talking Points For Your First 3 Podcast Episodes

Day 2: [Optional] Script An Intro Which You Will Record And Add To All Episodes

Day 3: Record Your Episodes In Anchor.FM Using Basic Audio Equipment

Day 3: Record The Episodes You Made Notes For & Possibly Your Intro

Day 3: Demo Lesson Record Your Trailer Episode In Anchor.FM [using built-in mic]

Day 3: Demo - Record Intro, Solo, Interview & Combine, Edit Audio [lapel mic]

Day 4: Update Your Recorded Episodes, Schedule Them For Day 5 & Keep Promoting

Day 4: Add Titles, Descriptions, Schedule Episodes, Update Your Plans & Promote

Day 4: Demo - Update Titles, Descriptions And Schedule For Early Tomorrow

Day 5: Congratulations You Are Now A Podcaster!! - Listen Live On Spotify

Day 5: Find Your Podcast On Spotify; Listen & Share Your Links, Update Your Plan

Additional Techniques & Features To Take Your New Podcast To The Next Level

Social Media Countdown & Community: Promoting Your Podcast / Episode

See A Demo Of Auphonic To Easily Improve The Quality Of Audio Files

Learn About Writing Better Show Notes & See Examples Of Good Show Notes

Wavve: Create Animated Podcast Episode Clips For Promoting In Social Media Posts


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