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Laravel - Single Page App & Vue CRUD

Learn to create Single Page Applications with Laravel & Vue.js

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Laravel - Single Page App & Vue CRUD


2 hours


Nov 2018

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What you will learn

Students will able to Use Laravel and Vue to create Single Page Applications


We go straight to the point on this course, there is no wasting time explaining fundamental concepts of Laravel or Vue. You are expected to know how to use Laravel. This course will make a nice addition to your Laravel & Vue Skill Set.

I decided to create small courses with right to the point projects because employers are looking for developers who can BUILD, create applications that will satisfy the needs of their companies. Nowadays you either know what you are doing or you don't have a job.

Laravel / PHP is on demand since millions of websites use it. Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks and every developer that wants to succeed in this market should learn it well.

Come and join me on this small adventure, you won't regret it!


Our First Setup Steps

App Demostration


Reference Files

Model, Migration and Auth

Setting Up Routes and Creating a Controller

Setting Up Our Controller Methods - Part 1 - Index

Setting Up Our Controller Methods - Part 2 - Store

Setting Up Our Controller Methods - Part 3 - Update & Delete


Installing VUE and Making Sure its working with our App

Adding Our HTML Table

Reading Data - Part 1

Reading Data - Part 2

Creating Data Part 1

Creating Data Part 2

Creating Data Part 3

Displaying Errors

Updating Data Part 1

Updating Data Part 2

Deleting Data

Reseting Data Method

Creating a Loader Feature

Creating a Notification Feature



Benjamin2 September 2020

I think the first part was a bit hard to follow so i bough the laravel/vue Original like 49 hour course and it helped alot. Lots of great stuff!

Maria1 November 2019

It was a quick course but lot of learning. I did some advanced dev to learn more from this, like adding pagination, clean some codes, used sorting and pagination stuff. Yeah this deserved a full star. Thanks Edwin!

Daniel28 October 2019

I just love this lesson cause of the fact that its this instructor he is very helpful and super funny. The way he explains things helps me under stand what need s to be done. For people who dont know how to use laravel and Vue.js to link to the database this Course is Amazingly helpful

Huaweichen7 September 2019

If you like to be a cowboy coder, and do not care about details, and with unexpected and unprepared live debugger, this would be your best choice. Plus this is only ONE hour course with 30% of unexpected live debugging. It is very bad. I expected this course to give me a good code quality for interview, but the code just really bad for preparation of interviews.

Christian12 August 2019

yes, it is. I hope the instructor would make another course similar to this but with more difficulty and perhaps make a real-world system.

Russell5 August 2019

pretty interesting to finally see how to make something with vue and laravel. love edwin and his positivity.

KEN25 July 2019

Edwin`s Course is Always Greate!! Please Make More Laravel with Vue.js Intermidiate Course!! Thank you!

Aske19 July 2019

Well, I have bought several of Edwin Diaz's courses, and I think he's great at explaining in a way that doesn't make it boring for a guy like me, that want's to get his hands dirty instead of sitting with a face first in a book. Unfortunately, in this course, he seems really insecure about what he's explaining, and it makes me question if this was the right course for me. Other courses I bought from him, I didn't have anything to point out. But this course could have been more prepared since it's a paid one, you have made so many great courses, but this wasn't one. Sorry

Chloe18 July 2019

The course itself at the start (setting up) was a bit beyond my current skills but after managing to set it up it was a really good course to do. I came to the course to understand Vue.js and i have left with a better understanding of the framework and how to implement. Edwin is a great instructor. Highly reccomend

Bhaskar9 May 2019

90% of the content worked for me as it was. 10% of the code did not work so I had to improvise to get that code to work.

Rok3 May 2019

Because the course offered by far the highest value & entertainment for my money in a long time. Keep rocking, Eddie.

Mark30 March 2019

Edwin has a good teaching style and this is a decent introduction to integrating Vue.js and Laravel. There are a couple of bugs that leave you hanging so if you get stuck, be sure to check out the Q&A. Good responses to questions!

Ненад3 March 2019

This course gave me a good starting point for learning vue and combining it with laravel. It's precise, well-explained, fun to listen!

Showty10 February 2019

I'm a Japanese and I haven't learn front end development. I just started learning. I could see nice development style at front end in this course ,that I never can see in my company(not IT company). thank you,Edwin Diaz

Gurminder14 January 2019

Edwin hi again I bought this an hour ago hope fully will complete it by tomorrow, then apply for a job with this in my resume


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