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Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel

Build realtime notifications, games, chat rooms, and more realtime applications with Laravel and Websockets.

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Build a realtime notifications application

Build a realtime API with Laravel

Create a game that works in realtime

Create a chat room that works in realtime

Transmit private messages and events in realtime

Broadcast events and public messages in realtime

Master the essences of realtime applications


Learn to build realtime applications with Laravel, using multiple examples along the course.

Everyone talks about realtime applications, but it is not always clear how to achieve it and the advantages that this gives to any project. During this course, I will show you, using multiple approaches with different applications, how to build realtime applications for any of your projects.

Are you looking to interact in realtime and instantly with the users of your projects?
We all should and, in this course, I will show you how to do it in multiple ways on a Laravel project. Additionally, you will be able to use and deploy your own WebSockets server using Laravel WebSockets.

Build multiple realtime applications with Laravel
Initially, realtime applications have a simple way to work. However, there are multiple ways to use realtime data and events depending on the different applications and results you require. In this course, I will show you different approaches to apply and learn to build your own realtime applications with Laravel.

You will learn by creating realtime notifications, a realtime API, a realtime game, a chat, and more.

Use and deploy your own Laravel WebSockets Server
During the course, you will be able to use Laravel WebSockets as an alternative to Pusher to use your own WebSocketsServer.
Laravel WebSockets is a Laravel package using Ratchet PHP, that allows you to create a complete WebSockets server from a Laravel project easily.

Why choose me?
Because I'm always there to assist and guide your learning :)

More than 16,000 students appreciate the effectiveness of the answers and assistance to all their questions and their more than 3,400 positive ratings prove it.

Because I not only teach you Laravel and realtime, but also how to solve real-world problems with Laravel.

What's good about Laravel?
Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP. With Laravel, you can develop high complexity PHP applications in a very short time, which includes, thanks to tools like Laravel Echo, realtime applications. During the course, you will see the enormous facilities that Laravel offers when implementing complex tasks and broadcast events and messages in realtime. Of course, you can use the most recent version of Laravel (Laravel).

Why realtime applications?
Persistent connections with WebSockets allow you to keep a constant flow of data, transmit it and react to events instantly. With this, you can immediately interact with your users and maintain a consistent and high-level user experience, as well as keep your information and data constantly updated.

At the end of the course, after exploring multiple ways to implement and use applications in realtime with Laravel you will be able to apply it with total confidence in your own projects.

So join now to apply realtime connections in multiple ways:

  • Build a realtime notification system with Laravel

  • Build a realtime API with Laravel

  • Create a game that works in realtime for multiple connected users.

  • Build a chat room with realtime messages

  • Build a system of private interactions between users in realtime

  • Use public channels to broadcast events and messages in realtime with Laravel

  • Use private channels to control the transmission of messages in realtime

  • Use presence channels to send messages and determine users connected to a channel in realtime

  • Authenticate and validate secure access to private realtime channels with Laravel

  • Create and use your own WebSockets Server with Laravel

  • Deploy your own Laravel WebSockets server

Why take this course?
For years I have been providing online courses on multiple web development topics. Among so many topics, one of the most popular my students and that tend to generate confusion has been realtime applications with Laravel.

So, from that growing need of my students; my team and I have decided to resolve this issue definitively with a course that provides and explains the multiple approaches to build different types of applications in realtime without leaving any doubt.

The goal?
Explore the different ways to broadcast messages in realtime with Laravel applications and use it, so that you can understand the essence and fundamentals of realtime applications and use it in your own ideas and projects.

You will want to complete this course from the first class, as realtime interactions are part of what any application must currently offer and each developer must learn and domain it.

Is this course for you?
This course is probably for anyone (expert or not). This course is for you if you meet any of these conditions:

  • You are a beginner or want to start with the use and creation of applications in realtime.

  • You are a Laravel or PHP developer and you want to explore multiple ways to build applications in realtime.

  • You are an entrepreneur and want to improve the interaction of your users and your information with realtime data.

  • You have experience in web development and need to go further with realtime data interactions and exposures of your applications.

The benefits you will get

  • The flexibility to explore multiple ways to create realtime applications with Laravel.

  • The feeling of professional growth by mastering a high demand skill and utility.

  • Build any Laravel project that interacts with your users in realtime and broadcast data instantly.

  • The enormous advantage of having your own WebSockets server.

That said...
Go ahead. The world moves quickly and your users wait for that information and data that you can send them immediately (realtime).

So press the button to enter the course today.

Join everyone in this process to build multiple applications in realtime with Laravel.


Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel
Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel
Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel
Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel



About the instructor and what you will learn

About the course and what you will achieve

Understanding messages broadcasting on realtime

The development environment to use

The source code of the course

Starting with the Laravel Structure to Create Realtime Applications with Laravel

Obtaining and Preparing the Laravel Structure Using Composer

Adding Laravel UI and Generating Some Useful Components

Compiling Some Required Components Using NPM

Exploring the Way as Laravel Mix Works in Laravel

Configuring Laravel to Handle Events and Messages on Realtime

Getting Ready to Use Pusher as the Realtime Service on Laravel

Installing and Preparing Laravel Echo to Broadcast Messages

Creating Your First Realtime Notifications System with Laravel

Adding a Generic Component to Show Notification in Laravel

Creating an Event to Notify Users’ Session Changes

Using Laravel Listeners to Broadcast Changes on Users’ Session

Showing the Notification on Realtime Using Laravel Echo

Broadcasting the Event Only to Authenticated Users

Creating a Realtime API with Laravel

Implementing the Actions Over a Resource to Broadcast

Showing the List of User to Manipulate It on Realtime

Creating the Events to Indicate Changes on Users

Broadcasting the Events Over Users on Realtime

Showing the Changes on the Users’ List on Realtime

Creating a Realtime Game with Laravel Echo

Adding the Visual Components of the Realtime Game

Creating the Events of the Game to Broadcast

Creating a Command to Broadcast Game Events on Realtime

Showing Events to Players in Realtime with Laravel Echo

Creating a Chat Room Using Realtime Messages with Laravel Echo

Creating Visual Components to Send Messages in Realtime

Managing the List of Connected Users in Realtime

Creating an Event on Sending Messages in the Chat

Broadcasting the Event Created When Sending a Message

Showing the Broadcasted Messages to All Users

Allowing to Send Private Events in Realtime with Laravel Echo

Adding Components to Allow Events Between Users

Creating and Broadcasting an Event Using a Private Channel

Showing the Private Events Only to the Receiver and Sender

Adding, Configuring and Using Your Own WebSockets Server

Creating a New Laravel Project for The WebSockets Server

Adding Laravel WebSockets to The Project

Configuring an Application in the Laravel WebSockets Server

Using Your Own WebSockets Server from your Laravel Project

Checking the Laravel WebSockets Statistics

Deploying Laravel WebSockets on a Server

Cloning and Deploying the Laravel WebSockets Project

Using Supervisor to Execute the WebSockets Server

Configuring a Reversed Proxy for the WebSockets Server

Using the New Server in the Laravel Realtime Application

Securing the Connections to the Laravel WebSockets Server

Accepting HTTP Connections for the Laravel WebSockets Project

Generating SSL Certificates for the Laravel WebSockets Server

Establishing Secure Connections to the Laravel WebSockets Server

Conclusions and Recommendations

The Essence of the Realtime Application with Laravel

Bonus Class

Pending Topics


Marcus4 February 2020

Juan is a good instructor and holds a keen understanding of Laravel. Overall, this course helped to refresh my memory of using Laravel Echo. His lectures are polished, sound quality is good. I would have liked to see a bit more complexity in use cases. Although, he shows about 4 different use case examples, I think the course would benefit from something along the lines of a shopping example including multiple listeners, shipment notification, auto-emails based on events, websocket connection to an admin, etc. You can certainly go from his examples to yours, but more depth would be good. I would also appreciate an update lecture from Juan as to why he would recommend using the beyondCode WebSockets approach as opposed to Pusher for production use cases. Is price the only difference? Seems like replacing Pusher is too easy here; I would guess that if you're running an e-commerce store 99.999% uptime with event notifications would be critical. More on this helpful. Juan does a great job, and I appreciate the effort he puts into his content. Looking fwd to his next. Recommended.

David7 January 2020

@JuanD MeGon Many thanks for this great course. Your teach methode works fine for me :) I saw you will update this course, with the websocket laravel package. I hope the update will come next days :D


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