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Laravel Payment Processing Using the Best Payment Platforms

Integrate payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe in Laravel to receive online payments using the APIs from Laravel

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Integrate the best payment platforms in your projects

Start receiving payments, integrating the platforms you need

Integrate PayPal into your projects, to receive payments online

Adapt your projects to use different payment platforms

Integrate Stripe to receive payments in your projects

Provide multiple payment alternatives to your users (platforms and currencies)

Handle payments in different currencies across multiple payment platforms


Learn to integrate multiple payment platforms at once in the same Laravel project, using as an example the most popular payment gateways (PayPal and Stripe).

Do you want to start receiving payments on your existing projects?

Me too. And in this course, I teach you how to achieve it without getting crazy in the process, using Laravel.

Process payments with Laravel and the best payment platforms.
Let's be honest, we currently don't have time to go line by line reading and understanding the documentation to then test and fail with each platform. For that reason, in this course, I guide you along the direct path, to integrate the best online payment and e-commerce platforms of the current times. EVERYTHING in the same Laravel project.

Billions of dollars have been raised online only in recent months. With this course, you can open up to your customers and users and start receiving online payments using the best PHP framework, Laravel, along with the best online payment gateways. As a use-case, integrate PayPal and Stripe (considering SCA) in Laravel (and more coming).

Why choose me?
Because I'm always there to enhance your learning :)

More than 18,000 students appreciate the effectiveness of my answers to all their questions and the more than 4,000 positive ratings prove it.

Because I not only teach you Laravel but how to solve real-world problems with Laravel.

What's good about Laravel?
Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP. With Laravel, you can develop high complexity PHP applications in a very short time, which includes payment processing using the most popular payment gateways. During the course, you will see the enormous facilities that Laravel offers when implementing complex tasks. Of course, we are using the latest version of Laravel.

Why PayPal and Stripe?
It's not just about PayPal and Stripe. In the course, everything will be perfectly adaptable to any additional platform that is added in the future or those you need to use.

Initially, PayPal and Stripe are used with Laravel, because both, PayPal and Stripe, are the most popular online payment gateways globally and meet the needs of a huge portion of online businesses.

What about SCA?
Do not worry! I cover you on this too. SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) is a very important security requirement for some regions and it is a good idea to take that into consideration for your projects. In this course, I show you the details about SCA, Stripe, and Laravel. That way, your Laravel project will accomplish the SCA directives while using Stripe.

So join now to integrate the best payment platforms with Laravel and you will get this:

  • Integrate and receive payments with PayPal, directly using the PayPal API in Laravel

  • Integrate and process payments with Stripe, directly using the Stripe API from Laravel

  • Integrate Stripe in Laravel, considering SCA

  • Accomplish SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) when using Stripe in your Laravel project

  • Build a payment platform that integrates MULTIPLE payment gateways at once in a single Laravel project.

  • It includes the essential steps to process payments from Laravel, not only with PayPal and Stripe but with any other platform.

Why take this course?
During two months, my team and I have been preparing a course to explore the essentials when processing payments with Laravel, using the most important payment platforms.

The goal?
Simplify the process to integrate multiple platforms with essential steps. So, regardless of the platforms to use, the process would be quite similar and simple to carry out.

Exploring the different parts where developers "suffer" most by integrating payment platforms into any project. Especially, when several are required at once.

You will want to complete this course since the first class.

Is this course for you?
This course is probably for anyone (expert or not). This course is for you if you meet any of these conditions:

  • You are a beginner or want to start using payment gateways to process payments on your online projects.

  • You are a Laravel or PHP developer and you want to integrate the best payment platforms in your projects.

  • You are an entrepreneur and you want to start creating your online services and receive money with them.

  • You are an expert in web development and you need to integrate multiple payment platforms in the same project, without spending time understanding official articles and documents.

The benefits you will get

  • The freedom to implement solutions once and let your products and services sell online without having to be there every time.

  • The feeling of professional growth and building real and incredible projects.

  • Build any Laravel project that can collect payments online automatically, using the most important payment platforms.

So that said all this...

Do not wait for more. The world moves quickly and billions of dollars are raised completely online.

Offering multiple payment options online will help your users and you simplify your lives.

So press the button to enter the course today.

And join me throughout this process to integrate the best payment platforms available.


Laravel Payment Processing Using the Best Payment Platforms
Laravel Payment Processing Using the Best Payment Platforms
Laravel Payment Processing Using the Best Payment Platforms
Laravel Payment Processing Using the Best Payment Platforms


Meet the instructor and how to take advantage of the course

About the payment platform with Laravel and what you'll learn

About the instructor, Laravel and payment platforms

The development environment to use

The source code of the course

Obtaining and preparing a Laravel project to process payments

Getting the structure of Laravel using Composer

Creating the essential models and tables for the payment platform

Preparing the payment platform and filling the database from Laravel

Be sure everything is clear about the essential models and tables

Preparing some visual components in Laravel to process payments

Adding laravel/ui to build some visual components

Generating visual components with laravel/ui

Improving and using the components generated with Laravel UI

Adding components to display the messages from the payment platform

Building a payment generator to process from Laravel

Creating a form with random amounts using Bootstrap in Laravel

Showing the types of currency available to process a payment

Showing the available payment platforms with Laravel and Bootstrap

Allowing to customize the form for each payment platform

Adding the actions to process a payment on the platform with Laravel

Make sure you understand the reasons behind the created form

Allowing to consume the API of any payment platform from Laravel

Adding GuzzleHTTP to Laravel to consume HTTP APIs

Creating a component to use any API of the payment platforms

Preparing Laravel to use PayPal as a payment platform

Creating PayPal test accounts to send and receive payments

Creating a PayPal application to consume your API from Laravel

Configuring the payment platform in Laravel to use the PayPal API

Adding a service in Laravel responsible for consuming the PayPal API

Implementing the necessary actions in Laravel to use the PayPal API

Decoding and authenticating requests to the PayPal API

Creating an order in the PayPal API for a given amount and currency

Capturing a payment of an order given in Laravel with the PayPal API

Controlling from Laravel the creation of an order using PayPal

Controlling from Laravel the capture of a payment with PayPal

Improving and preparing Laravel to use any other payment platform

Implementing the payment cancellation flow for any platform

Considering zero-decimal currencies

Creating a component that solves a payment platform dynamically

Resolving the payment platform service according to the user's choice

Preparing the project to use Stripe as an additional payment platform

Creating an account in Stripe for use with the payment platform

Obtaining access credentials to use the Stripe API from Laravel

Configuring the payment platform with Laravel to use Stripe

Creating the service for Laravel that will use the Stripe API

Adding the essential elements in Laravel to start charging with Stripe

Decoding and authenticating Stripe API requests

Requesting a payment method to make payments with Stripe from Laravel

Obtaining a token that represents the payment method in Stripe

Implementing the components to process payments with the Stripe API

Creating a payment intention with the Stripe API from Laravel

Confirming a payment intention from Laravel using the Stripe API

Handling with Laravel the creation of a payment intent in Stripe

Handling with Laravel the confirmation of a payment intent in Stripe

Handling Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with Stripe and Laravel

Considering Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with Stripe

Preparing the Stripe service to process payments with 3D Secure (SCA)

Performing 3D Secure validation directly with Stripe

Conclusions and recommendations on payment processing from Laravel

There is still much that can be done to process payments with Laravel

Considerations when publishing your payment platform to production

What would you like to see in the course?

Bonus Lecture


Andrey4 January 2021

This course helps me a lot! I will use it's material in my job! Thanks author! For sure I will buy some else course from this author!

Nyk20 October 2020

I'm learning a great deal. The instructor is responsive to my questions. I'm hopeful this class will teach me how to accomplish my end result.

Azeem23 August 2020

The course is of course 5 start. You have explained it really in detail and I don' think you left anything. The only suggestion I would like to make if you could add a bonus section where you could start with your ecommerce project on the order form and then once payment has been made by using any payment gateway, you would update order as paid and send a notification to both parties about the successful order. That would really help a lot of students.

Martín11 July 2020

Perfecto, a diferencia de muchos cursos online en otras plataformas, el profesor no da vueltas y es muy preciso a la hora de explicar, ademas de partir de mostrar el objetivo del curso brevemente. Felicitaciones, estoy muy entusiasmado.

Ihab11 July 2020

I wish you to make an interface and a service provider. It would be more flexible and more professional.

Louise3 June 2020

Had to spend a good amount of time setting up my own development environment but I think I am now almost there!

Abhishek17 March 2020

Its a good course ( short and sweet). Juan's teaching method is great. However, their could be some explanation on Stripe API before coding, that would have been great. Also, I was thinking this course would teach subscriptions from Stripe but it doesn't. Please add that!

Noah15 February 2020

This course was the perfect match and I feel that this instructor will be very good at explaining the Larvel framework. This instructor speaks clearly and clarifies everything with his students and I feel he is a very easy instructor to follow along with.

Jeremie16 December 2019

This guy is explaining it very well! His voices is not perfectly clear sometimes, but the way he teaches is very pleasant and enjoyable!

Jozef16 December 2019

I have a great experience by taking this course and this course is very content-specific and easy to understand.

Warren17 November 2019

This is by far the best and most comprehensive Laravel 6 based course currently on Udemy. The instructor is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and very supportive. He makes clear at the very beginning of the course his reasons for the way he set up the environment for the course. I had chosen a more advanced setup utilizing Laravel homestead and ran in to a small issue. Instead of just brushing me off for using a different setup he replied very promptly with suggestions on things to check/try which resolved the issue. I would really love to see him take this course and come up with another Laravel 6 course building from the first route through deployment a full on mock cms e-commerce site with both a standard shop and subscription service (either as a single capstone project or course with multiple projects.) If he makes a course like that I know I would buy!


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