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Laravel Homestead

Learn to install and use Laravel Homestead

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

At the end of the course students will be able to install and use Laravel Homestead


Welcome to this Laravel Homestead course! 

Laravel is a very popular PHP framework that allows developers to create really cool applications, easily and fast. As you progress in your understanding of Laravel and your start creating more and more projects, you come to the realization that you need a little more power and flexibility; That's where Homestead comes in. 

Laravel Homestead is a package or as some of us call it a "box" full of Laravel goodies inside. Right out of the box Laravel Homestead includes ....

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Git
  • PHP 7.1
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Sqlite3
  • Postgres
  • Composer
  • Node (With Yarn, PM2, Bower, Grunt, and Gulp)
  • Redis
  • Memcached
  • Beanstalkd

As you can see, here is everything you need to start creating projects right away. The great thing about this, is that your environment is totally portable. You can give your configuration file to a friend, co-worker and they can be up an running in minutes, exactly with the same tools you have in yours. 

Another great advantage of having a virtual environment for our Laravel projects is that we don't have to install any of these softwares into our computer directly, this will prevent issues that can affect other development environments that we might have. 

If you are ready to be more productive with Laravel then take this course, and I see you inside!


Laravel Homestead
Laravel Homestead
Laravel Homestead
Laravel Homestead


Introduction to the course




Mac installation

Downloading and installing the tools we need

Update (Edwin from the future)

Vagrant configuration and Homestead cloning

We SSH into vagrant

New Laravel installation

Creating some example aliases

Work flow


Downloading tools

Homestead yaml file configuration

Downloading and getting laravel working



Emilio22 September 2020

Thanks Edwin! this is a good course, but maybe you should redo the "windows version" because it's annoying when you don't know how to use windows

Thomas14 September 2020

This course is very out of date. The installation instructions for Windows did not work for me at all.

Md.29 August 2020

Course was small and precise, exactly what one needs to setup laravel homestead. A cheatsheet with all the command used in the course would be greatly appreciated but overall awesome course indeed.

V30 July 2020

Error after error after error......... missing steps in his explanations. More than 1 hour wasted on this tut

Anonymized14 April 2020

This was a very confusing course for me- just trying to figure out what exactly needs to be installed was hard. There should be a checklist/list of website links somewhere so viewers can make sure to get it all. The instructor jumps around a lot and its not entirely clear -when- to download each tool. Also, it would be nice to have examples of common errors, and for the instructor to say something like "I am going to go over these first, and then we will download them one by one together." So that users know exactly when to download, or even a bookmark at each actual download. Overall, I got through the course, but with much struggle. I probably ended up watching each lecture 3 times over before I fully understood what I was being told to do.

LongMa9 February 2020

didn't have better understanding of laravel working. Need to do real project with Laravel, e.g. making a simple web application with Homestead with MVC.

Shannon30 January 2020

The course helped me successfully install Laravel. I like how Edwin solves problems as you watch. Am looking forward to learning Laravel in his next course.

Shawn28 January 2020

So easy to follow and understand Edwin...takes away all the frustration I am having in learning all of this....

Werner20 January 2020

Course includes the mistakes that could be made by the developer and this in turn assists with learning how to resolve them. I had to google some issues though that I came across that were not covered in the course.

Ramakrishnan12 January 2020

very easy to understand lecture series. though on windows all command have to be given powershell. these in command prompt doesnt seem to work.

Basil29 December 2019

Great experience. Master Edwin is really doing a great job. He has proven enough passion for teaching. I love the community too, very helpful indeed. I will really be glad if this platform can help me achieve my dream of building great applications.

Aparajita20 December 2019

Not able to understand what is virtual box and why it is required in a laravel project. You didn't explained it. As a newcomer I was not able to understand it. But other than that you were very expressive and a good course start.

Dani14 December 2019

Hey Edwin, Thank you for the good work. I did not watch the Mac installation, but I watched the Windows installation as I am using Windows machine. You need to re-work the videos, it is kinda confusing. My knowledge in web servers, Linux and Windows helped me a lot to troubleshoot some installation issues.

Sbu8 December 2019

This course helped me run Laravel and Vagrant for the first time after so many unsuccessful attempts with other tutorials

Viral24 November 2019

Superb course for a beginner in Laravel. Also, Edwin is the great tutor, well explained by him, very clear delivery of the content, good to learn from him.


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