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Laravel Deployment - Launch your Laravel Application Online

Deploy your laravel application online fast

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

At the end of this course students will be able to deploy their laravel installation online free of charge


Laravel is a great PHP framework, that helps us build really complex applications, fast and secured, but the hosting part can be a little daunting at first.This is a short course in which students will learn how to deploy their laravel applications online fast, easy and free.

On the path to deploying your Laravel installation you will also learn some really good skills, here is the list.


PassS stands for platform as a service, and on this course I will introduce you to one. 

2. UI Setup 

On this PassS we are going to learn how to setup our application through their web interface which is pretty easy and awesome. 

3. Command line setup 

Here we are going to use our terminal or command prompt window to setup our application with this PassS. Don’t worry, this will not be as hard as you think, this stuff is easy.

4. Nameserver setup

On this part, we will learn how to change our nameservers to make our app visible by using our own custom domains. 

4. Database

Finally, we’ll learn how to setup a PostgreSQL database for our Laravel application, offline and online.

If you are ready to Learn how to deploy a Laravel Application online, then come and join me on this course. 

See you inside!

Edwin Diaz


Laravel Deployment - Launch your Laravel Application Online
Laravel Deployment - Launch your Laravel Application Online
Laravel Deployment - Launch your Laravel Application Online
Laravel Deployment - Launch your Laravel Application Online


Let's get Laravel on the cloud!



App intro

Creating our app

Setting up app configurations

Deploying our project online

Laravel variable configurations

Connecting to PostGre locally

Database configurations

Connecting to the app database

Registering and Login in through our online application

Setting our project locally



Amir20 February 2021

Hi Edwin Diaz Thanks a lot for this interesting lecture, your accent is sweet i like it. I hope i can flow you in Udemy and Linkedin.

Mohamed12 May 2020

Nice Course , i learned a lot of valuable information about how to deploy my laravel application cloud

Fernando1 March 2020

should clarify from the very beggining this is how to deploy on a PaSS service. I was looking on how to deploy on apache.

Emir4 September 2019

nice course. easy to understand some logics for example serverless, heroku and deploying a laravel or any other php app to heroku. thx to edwin.

Gregg2 December 2018

While this course is definitely not for beginners and is real fast paced it does show how to use Heroku with a Laravel app using PostgreSQL.

Stephane7 October 2018

Edwin Diaz rocks as an intrsuctor. He's keeping you motivated, instructive, never forgets any detail so you can't miss any learning step, and last bnut not least, very friendly and spontaneousin his way of teaching. You will learn a lot, and never be let aside, and have fun all along. If you want to learn Laravel no matter if your a beginner or already expert developper, just follow his master course: https://www.udemy.com/php-with-laravel-for-beginners-become-a-master-in-laravel/learn/v4/overview Stéphane

Ulas13 September 2018

there s not much about laravel and none laravel tricks , the guy is telling about using the heroku , maybe you should change the name of this course

Marija24 October 2017

This course was a very useful experience for me. I successfully deployed my first app. Thank you, Edwin...You are awesome :)

Duane7 October 2017

Good quick course for me. I've taken Edwin's Laravel course and others. I've been looking for some options to deploy to cloud so this really helped. The course answered all my questions. Might be nice to add to this course of how to deploy to mySql on heroku with ClearDB. Personally I'd like to deploy to one server a number of Laravel apps - would be nice to see how this could be done with heroku or other options. Thanks Edwin

Subramanya31 August 2017

its good but he should have installed the software in the video so that its easier to understand... whats the point of learning something if i cant even install the required softwares

Melvin3 April 2017

Excellent course for getting your Laravel projects online!! I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to take the next step in Laravel. Excellent job Mr. Edwin Diaz!!!

Luis24 January 2017

In this course is using Heroku but it is no longer free, and is not using a more common platform as shared linux server or so.

Alex22 November 2016

Very detailed explanation. I successfully deployed a Laravel app to Heroku following the step-by-step instructions.

Phan4 November 2016

Yes, this is what i need to deploy my project to server, during i study laravel I don't know where to host it, now make me me fully understand...

George26 October 2016

Yet to see exceptional benefits from it and its too platform specific. Re: Yes Edwin I agree with you but it seems to be a bit rushed, too platform specific and definitely a handful for beginners. I would have thought a simple means to launch laravel on a shared host would have been nice.


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