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Laravel - Create a user registration with email notification

Activate users by sending emails and by tokens validation right from the database in Laravel apps

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Apr 2018

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What you will learn

At the end of the course students will be able to understand queuing in Laravel

At the end of the course students will be able to understand events in Laravel

At the end of the course students will know how properly send emails with laravel

At the end of the courses students will know how to create an account activation feature for their current of future project


Learn how to activate users account via email with your Laravel app.

On this course we cover 

  • Route model binding
  • Sending email via SMTP
  • Learn about email testing t server (how we test our email sending)
  • Queuing emails for faster user interaction
  • And lots more.....

You can use the knowledge of this course to create a really awesome user registration that activates and notifies users in Laravel apps.

Laravel has become one of the best and most popular PHP framework on the planet. For a time it seemed that PHP was boring and and just plain old. Laravel brought back the joy of coding to the PHP community.

Laravel has many functionalities right out of the box, but it is lacking the account user activation which in my opinion is necessary for applications to have since there is so much SPAM.

On this course, we are going straight to the point and build an account activation small app where the user registers, gets an email to activate their account and if they did not get it, they can ask for the code again.

If you ready to learn then I'm ready to teach, lets do it

Edwin Diaz


Laravel - Create a user registration with email notification
Laravel - Create a user registration with email notification
Laravel - Create a user registration with email notification
Laravel - Create a user registration with email notification




What we are going to be building


Reference files

Database connection, migrations and models

Relations and fillable setup

Route model binding

These are the first steps

Code submission

Email setup

Setting up the email feature

Sending and queuing emails

Setting up user notifications

Creating the controllers and routes

Activating users

handling not active users

Resend method part 1

Resend method part 2

Refactoring with events

Integrating a new notification system -user registration

Integrating a new notification system - email resending with ajax



Md.13 June 2019

I have enrolled and completed many courses of Edwin. Excellent courses. Excellent instructor. Thank you very much... :)

Ibinabo28 November 2018

Edwins course have been a great addition to my library and have helped me improve my knowledge in the programming world especially in php and laravel. i used to hate OOP but when i took the OOP course i just had to start the laravel and since then i try to get the other courses so i can be knowledgeable in the field.

Roy30 January 2018

It isn't clear from which part the course starts at....i guess the instructor forgot to clarify how to set up the environment....

Lemme30 August 2017

Excellent to-the-point practical course for those who are familiar with the Laravel framework and have a desire to implement an authentication functionality with a little flare to their projects. Edwin, as a teacher, is motivating and knowledgeable about the subject. I enjoyed the course very much!

Yury7 March 2017

Got this one as a freebie from Edwin during promotion. The course is a little misaligned around mid-course and you will face a few hiccups on the way but it is not a starter course and if you got here you should be able to figure it all out by yourself. Which is always an added value and great practice. What I would suggest is to add more practice and some kind of tasks from instructor to students. I think latest Edwin's courses are kind of missing this important part. The course demonstrated couple useful techniques in Laravel and was definitely worthwhile taking. Thank you Edwin!

Danny23 January 2017

Edwin delivers an amazing tutorial that's easy to follow and reveals the magic behind Mail, Events and Listeners in Laravel. He adds Sweet Alert implementation as the cherry on top. What a tasty screencasts sundae for developers!


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