Photography Fundamentals


Landscape and Nature Photography COMPLETE Guide

Create stunning landscape and nature photography images by learning basic photography techniques.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Understand your camera gear and camera settings to achieve the best results.

MASTER photography basics, ISO, Shutter Speed & Apeture.

How the exposure triangle effects the overall image.

Learn how to read and understand a Histogram.

Master exposure in landscape & nature photography.

Basic & advanced composition techniques

Practical in-field tutorials demonstrating when and how to apply certain methods.

How to create fantastic unique landscape and nature images.

Low-Light Photography Samples


Do you love landscape and nature photography? Do you need additional help to capture the images you've always dreamt of? If so, you've come to the right place.

Hello and welcome to Nature and Landscape Photography COMPLETE Guide. This course will give you all the confidence you need to create fantastic landscape and nature photos. Throughout this course, we will cover the best-suited gear for landscape photography, how to achieve perfect exposure, and how to create unique compositions that will make our photography stand out!

Join Matthew Storer as he shares his 20+ years of experience in landscape and nature photography from travelling to 100+ countries around the world. We'll explore how to photograph picturesque rivers, sunrises and sunsets, mountains, achieve scale and learn to separate colours in a landscape. Furthermore, master in-camera tips and tricks while understanding what the camera settings are doing to obtain the best results in multiple different photography situations, plus much much more!

Throughout this course we'll cover:

  • Understand our camera equipment to achieve the best results.

  • Learn to master exposure settings and how to read a histogram.

  • Recognise the best in-camera settings for landscape & nature photography.

  • How to photography different landscapes in different lighting conditions.

  • Explore the basic and more advanced composition strategies

  • Discover how light impacts the landscape in nature photography

  • Interact with practical and useful assignments to skyrocket your learning ability.

What to expect?

Included in the courses are "practical in-field tuition" demonstrating the techniques and essential methods explained in the lecture. As a result, taking you out in the field to explore different lighting condition and compositions allows you to witness when and how to apply the various techniques through a specific step-by-step procedure.

To me, the best way to learn is by doing. Therefore, I've structured this course to be practice, helping you with your photography where and when you need it most, out in the field.

Think you're ready to create stunning landscape images?

Join me in this straightforward step-by-step course, outlaying strategies for helping you to create beautiful, unique photographs. This purpose behind this course is to give you the knowledge, experience and confidence to let you fully control your camera. As a result, this will elaborate your photography knowledge in different situations, elements and landscapes during unique lighting conditions.

I've been using these techniques for 20+ years to create award-winning images. Therefore, I will give you the confidence and know-how to create the photos you've always dreamt of capturing.

Do you want to learn more about this course? That's fine, click the video above to watch the introduction video.

Register today, click the "Take This Course" so you can get started right away! Additionally, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel like this course doesn't suit your style. NO RISK, MAXIMUM REWARD!


Landscape and Nature Photography COMPLETE Guide
Landscape and Nature Photography COMPLETE Guide
Landscape and Nature Photography COMPLETE Guide
Landscape and Nature Photography COMPLETE Guide


Introduction to Landscape Photography

Intro to the Nature Photography Course

What is Nature Photography?

Photography Equipment - What do you need?

Camera Equipment Overview

Camera for Nature Photography

Camera Sensor's Comparison

Best Lenses for Landscape Photography

Pro VS Budget Lenses - What do you need?

Prime Lenses - Are they necessary?

Tripods - Cheap VS Expensive

Filters - What do you 'actually' need?

Extra Recommended Accessories


Introduction to Camera Basics

What is ISO?

Understanding ISO out in Landscape Photography

Understanding ISO in Low Light Photography

What is Shutter Speed?

Understanding Shutter Speed in Landscape Photography

Understanding Shutter Speed with a Waterfall

What is Aperture?

The BEST Aperture for Landscape Photography

Aperture in Low Light Photography

Understanding the Exposure Triangle

Why Aperture Priority is the Most Preferred Shooting Mode

Advanced Basics

Introduction to Advanced Basics in Landscape Photography

Histogram - Why's it so important

PRO TIP: Expose to the right of the Histogram

In Camera Metering Modes - What should you use?

The POWER of Exposure Compensation


What is RAW and why's it important?

The IMPORTANCE of Dynamic Range

White Balance - Important or Overrated?

Focusing in Landscape Photography

Introduction to Focusing

Hyperfocal Distance VS Single Point Focusing

Aperture in Focusing

Aperture + Focusing + Focal Range

Focusing with a Wide-Angle Lens

Focusing with a Telephoto Lens

Filters for Landscape Photography

What is a Polarizing Filter?

How a Polarizer Works in a Waterfall Scene!

How a Polarizer Reduces Mountain Haze

What is a ND Filter?

Using ND Filter's to achieve Silky Water

What is Colour Cast in Landscape Photography?

Exposure in Photography

Introduction to Exposure

Dynamic Range + Expose to the Right (Histogram Explained)

Impact of Light

Finding the CORRECT Light for our photography

Sunset Photography for PRO'S!

How Exposure bracketing helps you take BETTER photos!

Basic Composition


3 IMPORTANT composition elements to understand

What is the Rule of Thirds

How to frame a subject

Creating Leading Lines in the Composition

How diagonal lines help the views eye

Using 'S' and 'Z' Curves to enhance the framing

Get CREATIVE with different focal lengths

Changing the Perspective through framing

Advanced Composition Techniques

Wide- Angle Compositions

Telephoto Compositions

Focus Stacking to acheive RAZOR sharp results

Panoramic Photography and why I LOVE it!

Creating Scale in our images

Creating our OWN leading lines with Long Exposure

Editing Landscape images in Post-Production

Introduction to Editing

Basics of Editing in Adobe Lightroom

Photo Editing Global Adjustments

The Power of Local Adjustments

ALWAYS expose to the right of the Histogram - PROOF!

Use a Grad Filter to your advantage

Edit an ENTIRE image like a PRO!

Focus Stack - Photoshop & Helicon Focus

REMOVE Colour Cast in Post-Production

Blend multiple images together for PERFECT Exposure

Stitching Panoramics Images in Adobe Lightroom


Alasdair31 May 2021

feels rather rushed and needs more details on actual process would be handy , ok course if you have some knowledge of how to use a dslr , but maybe not if your a total beginner ..

Benjamin19 May 2021

What a course. Great, easy to understand teaching. Great tutor who makes learning easy. The lessons actually stick in your head. You can easily take as much or as little as you want from this course. Best choice available.

Dean16 May 2021

Really great course!! Definitely better than any youtube video's that I have seen. I have grown throughout the course with the tips and expert advice he has given.

Louise6 April 2021

Many thanks. I learnt a lot from this course. I have done the modules, gone out to shoot my images, edited them - but then gone out again and again focusing on different aspects to try and get a full understanding. I also sent Matthew some of my images for some constructive criticism which he gave me feedback on. It is well worth doing.

Bob18 March 2021

Mathew has a great deal of enthusiasm which comes across. Some good learning points here which I will use in future works.

Annie26 January 2021

Very good class to follow. Everything is well explained and the teacher makes it easy to understand. One of the best I have taken.

Malcolm21 January 2021

I have a fair bit of experience as a photographer so a lot I already knew, but I found so many tips and have already improved my landscapes and look forward to further doing so when our restrictions ease. Moving the histogram to the right has brought great results. Thanks for a great course and would be interested in any more that you have produced.

Ronald19 January 2021

Completed this great 5-hour course on 2/18/2021 with so many helpful ideas that I can use right now! I highly recommend this course to others desiring a clear, hands-on oriented understanding for getting the best out of your landscape photography! Thanks again!!!

Thomas10 January 2021

The content was highly repetitive and presentation was very quick. The repetition drew my attention away from the new learning in each video.

Zala27 October 2020

Great tips and trick on how to improve your landscape photography. Learnt a lot of things and can't wait to try them all out in the field.


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