Land a Job in the Management Consulting

For aspiring Management Consultants looking to understand the consulting industry and land a job at a top firm


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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

How to get a job at a consulting firm


If you seek work in a dynamic environment - with varied client needs and build on your knowledge based on past experience, a management consultant role can be a good fit for you. Management consultants analyze what a firm does and try to maximize its efficiency. They can be faced with challenges around different domains like finance, marketing, human resources, or operations.

Our course (Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Management Consulting), is aimed at giving you an overview of a career in Management Consulting. This course is primarily divided into 5 sections:

  1. Introduction to Management Consulting

This will acquaint you with the various types of consulting assignments, firms to look out for as well as a recommended approach to consulting projects

2. Adoption for Management Consulting

In this section, we will be studying some case studies to understand how management consultants helped organizations maximize their efficiency

3. Living the Profession

Are you excited to learn about how consultants work during the day or what your career growth will look like? This section will answer all your questions

4. Championing your Job Application

We will be looking at which skills you should develop, how to prepare for interviews, and different recruitment rounds.

5. Practice Case Studies and Assessments for the Recruitment Process

Get hands on experience on practicing case studies and other assessments you may face in the recruitment process, with a step by step guide on how to approach the different types of assessments.

Throughout the course, you will find some assessments to test your understanding of the lessons.

Happy Learning!


Land a Job in the Management Consulting
Land a Job in the Management Consulting
Land a Job in the Management Consulting
Land a Job in the Management Consulting


Introduction to Management Consulting

What is Management Consulting

Why organisations seek consultants

Exploring Consulting Firms

Adoption of Management Consulting by Organisations

Recommended Approach to Addressing a Consulting Case

Understanding how PWC undertakes Talent Transformation

How organisations are leveraging Management Consulting?

McKinsey's Approach to Retail Transformation

Learning how Deloitte transformed Expo 2020

Living the Profession - Management Consultant

Explore Career Opportunities & Dream Roles

Day in the life of a Management Consultant

Career Trajectory as a Management Consultant

How to Kick-start your Management Consulting Career

Ace your Job Application

Developing Technical Skills for a job in Consulting

Differentiate your Job Application

Preparing for Interviews

Preparing for Interviews

Good Luck!

Cracking Recruitment Process at Consulting Firms

Solving Probability Cases

Solving Market Entry Cases

Solving Growth Strategy Cases

Practising for Digital Assessments


Best Practices for Consulting Interviews


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