Kundalini Singing Bowls Essentials

An essentials course for understanding the singing bowl, as well as the importance of the 5 elements and 7 Chakras.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Singing bowl essentials

The chakra system and the elements

Meditation skills


Welcome to the Kundalini Singing Bowl Essentials Course!

Sound is a marvellous healing modality and the singing bowl is one of the most powerful instruments to channel this. The harmonious and soothing sounds of the singing bowl has the ability to clear blockages and bring awareness within our physical and energetic system.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced practitioner of singing bowls, this course is essential for you!

You will be learning from Chaitanyashree, a renowned sound therapist with two decades of first hand knowledge and experience. Chaitanyashree has performed thousands of healings throughout his life across Nepal and now in Australia. Join with him, and learn authentic techniques on using the singing bowl today.

This course covers the essential learning skills on how to use the singing bowl for healing and meditation. In this course you will learn important knowledge needed your singing bowl journey.

Topics that will be covered include:

- The 5 elements and how to use the singing bowl for them

- The 7 chakras and how to use the singing bowl to balance them

- Sound syllables for the 7 Chakras and how to chant them properly

- How to hold and use the singing bowl the proper way

- Interactive singing bowl healing demonstration

We here from Kundalini Healing Therapies are very happy and excited to bring you this wonderful course, and we sincerely hope it will benefit you and those around you.



Kundalini Singing Bowls Essentials
Kundalini Singing Bowls Essentials
Kundalini Singing Bowls Essentials
Kundalini Singing Bowls Essentials






Importance of Singing Bowl

Overview of this course

History and Understanding

What is Sound and Sound Healing

Origin of Singing Bowl

How the Singing Bowl can help us

Things to know before we start

Connection of Elements with our fingers

How to hold a bowl

The drumstick

The mallet

The 5 Elements

Why we should understand the elements first

Earth Element explanation

Practice to invoke Earth Element

Water Element

Water Element - Practice to invoke water element

Fire Element

Fire Element - Practice to invoke Fire Element

Air Element explanation

Practice to invoke Air Element

Ether Element

Ether Element - Practice to invoke




Chakra Explanation

Muladhar Chakra ( Root )

Root Chakra - Sound Syllable

Root Chakra - How to use the singing bowl for this Chakra

Swadisthan Chakra ( Sacral )

Sacral Chakra - Sound Syllable

Sacral Chakra - How to use the bowl on this Chakra

Manipur Chakra ( Solar Plexus )

Solar Plexus - Sound Syllable

Solar Plexus - How to use the Singing Bowl on this Chakra

Anahat Chakra ( Heart )

Heart Chakra - Sound Syllable

Heart Chakra - How to use the Singing Bowl for this Chakra

Vishuddi Chakra ( Throat )

Throat Chakra - Sound Syllable

Throat Chakra - How to use the Singing Bowl for this Chakra

Aghya Chakra ( Third Eye )

Third Eye - Sound Syllable

Third Eye - How to use the bowl for this Chakra

Sahasra Chakra ( Crown )

Crown Chakra - Sound Syllable

Crown Chakra - How to use the Singing Bowl for this Chakra

How to select a Singing Bowl

How to select a bowl

Kundalini Singing Bowl

Sound Healing Demonstration for practitioners

Interactive Sound Healing demonstration


Juansegui10 August 2021

Great Course, highly recommended if you are interested in sound healing, singing bowls, chakras and love. Thanks!

Zion9 August 2021

I have the pleasure of knowing and being taught by Chaitanyashree in real life. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in buying a bowl, already has a bowl, is a musician or is interested in sound therapy. It's so good to be able to learn from my home and the filming and course quality is amazing!

Queshraagi9 August 2021

A very good Sound Healing Course with a detailed information on the History of the Bowls, its apllications on the Chakra system and How to find a right Bowl for healing. I found the Course very helpful and made me understand the different aspects of Sound Healing. I would like to recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning and practicing Sound Healing. Thank You

Ahmada7 August 2021

I don't sleep well for a very long time. I am taking this course to try to get some improvement in this purpose.

Jason5 August 2021

i found Chaitanyashree to be inspiring & informative sharing his knowledge & wisdom about the metaphysical & incorporating sound with the singing bowls. i feel this is a really compressed course that can be used has a good introduction for his sing bowl lesson level 1. Considering the duration of the course if unpacked & time spent on each chakra actioning the instructions over a day or a week building a relationship with the bowls & meditation the value of the course you will receive will be worth more than what is paid. Great value great course Namaste Jason Hill

Philippe3 August 2021

Je connais ce professeur et je suis très heureux de pouvoir assister à ce cours online car je ne peux pas venir en Australie ou au Nepal pour suivre ses cours. Merci

Umesh2 August 2021

This course was amazing. I really enjoyed understanding the background of how to play the singing bowls. This guy is the real deal. He really understands sound and singing bowls in a way that I have not seen or heard before. I highly recommend to anyone!! Thank you

Patrick2 August 2021

A detailed and easy to understand course. I was able to learn a lot about chakras, the elements as well as how to play the singing bowl properly and effectively. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the singing bowl and sound healing.


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