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The Kotlin Learning Guide [Arabic Edition]

تعلم لغة كوتلن باللغة العربية

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The Kotlin Learning Guide [Arabic Edition]


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Aug 2021

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ستتمكن من فهم لغة الكوتلن


هذه الدورة المفصلة في المستوى الاول والثاني من الكوتلن حيث افترض الشخص الذي امامي لا يعرف اي شي عن عالم البرمجة ستتمكن من خلال هذه الدورة من الدخول الى عالم البرمجة وفهم اساسيات اللغات البرمجية

لا تحتاج الى اي مؤهلات للدخول الى هذه الدورة ،تتميز هذه الدورة بأنها مفصلة ولكن ليس فيها تشعبات وتفاصيل غير اساسية

Kotlin remains one of the most widely used and fastest-growing programming languages in recent years. Developers across the globe prefer using Kotlin for a range of projects such as data science, server-side or cloud development, etc. The demand for Kotlin is on the rise and it will continue to grow in the years to come. In this post, let’s explore the top five reasons why Kotlin is a great programming language to learn in 2021.

1. Modern language

It is a modern programming language that brings together the best of object-oriented and functional programming. Some of the most promising features of Kotlin include clean compact syntax, security, general-purpose, and more.

2. Easy to learn

Kotlin’s syntax is easy to learn for beginners and it offers a host of powerful features. It can be a great language to upskill for experienced programmers. It has a shallow learning curve especially if you have experience in Python or Java. The programming language is also quite easy for iOS developers as it is based on familiar concepts of modern technology.

3. Great materials

There are ample materials available on Kotlin that learners can leverage to have a good grasp of the programming language. There are numerous courses that a beginner can start with. Most of these courses are self-paced and offer great insights into the programming language. Also, the developer community is quite huge so if learners get stuck or have queries they can always seek solutions from the developer community.

4. Career prospects

Many leading brands use Kotlin for their software and Kotlin skills are highly in demand. If estimates are to be believed, job postings related to Kotlin skills are skyrocketing since 2017 by 1400%.

5. Community support

Kotlin is an open-source language and has a strong community of developers. There are over 200 Kotlin user groups, over 37,000 Kotlinlang slack users, and thousands of other members. The community support is huge in Kotlin and it is constantly growing.



مقدمة عن الدورة

ما هي البرمجة، لماذا يجب ان اتعلم البرمجة

ما هي لغة الكوتلن

تحميل وتنصب الادوات المطلوبة

ضبط بيئة العمل

Kotlin Basics

Print, Println, Var, Val, Int, Char, Double

String, Boolean


Type Casting

Null Safety


App 1: Get My Age

If Statements


Mathematical Operation

Order of Operation

Logic Operation

String (Dealing With Function)

App 2: Degree

App 2: Degree Part 2, while

Nested While and Do-While Loops

For Loop

Control Statements

Exception (Try-Catch) 1

Array and Collection


Use For in Array

Array (Dealing With Function)

Array List

Array List (Dealing With Function)

For Each

Collections Part 1

Collections Part 2


Function Part 1

Function Part 2

Passing Array Through Function


Built in Function

Exception (Try-Catch) 2

Higher Order Function and Lambda

Lambda Expression

Higher Order Function 1

Higher Order Function 2

Higher Order Function 3

HOF and Lambda with Array

Object Oriented Programming

Object, Attributes and Action

Class: part 1

Class: part 2





Super and Constructor


Access Modifier

Package and Import

Exception (Try-Catch) 3

Exception (Try-Catch) 4

Polymorphism 1

Polymorphism 2

Abstract, Interface

Multi Inheritance

Object, Companion Object

Anonymous Class

Anonymous Class Part 2

Object Type Casting

Nested Class

Multi Threading

Multi Threading Part 2

Enum Class

Enum Class Part 2

Generic Class

Introduction to Android Studio

التعرف على البيئة، بناء التطبيق الاول

برمجة التطبيق


Hashem1 July 2020

افضل شرح لكوتلن باللغة العربية علي الاطلاق لا تتعب نفسك في البحث هذه الافضل والا فاتجة الي اللغة الانجليزية ويجدر الذكر ان هذه الدورة ينقصها بعض الشروحات مثل:- المصفوفات ثنائية الابعاد بعض اجزاء في try catch tuples infix شرح بعض function لكنة لا تزال الافضل وربما لن تحتاج ما ذكرتة الا في حالة الاحتراف جزاك الله خيرا


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