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Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course

Start creating your own kinetic typography videos, titles, and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects in just minutes!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

create stunning kinetic typography videos on their own

use modern techniques to reveal text in their videos

make their videos look better with better-looking titles

understand the basics of After Effects


Ever wanted to add motion to your video titles and text?

Kinetic typography is everywhere nowadays - in films, commercials, music videos, online courses. This 'motion typography' makes your videos look more professional and engaging. While it seems complicated, creating your own kinetic typography videos in Adobe After Effects is quite simple when broken down into the basic animations that are actually happening.

That's what this course is all about - breaking down a complicated motion graphics video, and teaching you how to animate each type of text animation.

What will you be able to do with this course?

  • Use traditional cuts to introduce new words
  • Reveal text with scale and position animation
  • Rotate and flip text onto the screen
  • Revolve text onto the screen (like they do in so many commercials!)
  • Improve animations with motion blur, easy ease, and graph editing
  • Export and upload your videos
  • Much more!

If you've ever wanted to jump right into creating kinetic typography videos, but didn't know how - this is the perfect course for you.

How does this course work?

This course is taught using Adobe After Effects. We used the latest Creative Cloud version of After Effects, but you can use any previous version (CS6 or earlier) because the process is the same. In this course, we dive right into creating kinetic typography in After Effects. While it will be easier to follow along if you have some experience with After Effects, it is not a requirement. If this course goes too quickly or seems too advanced for you, try enrolling in our full Kinetic Typography or Complete Adobe After Effects courses, which are for complete After Effects beginners.

Throughout this course, you will be working on your own kinetic typography project. Each lesson breaks down one scene from the sample video, going over a new technique in revealing text (cut, scale, position, and rotation animations).

What bonuses are included in this course?

Follow along by using the downloadable After Effects project file. This way, you can follow along with everything we do in the course.

Why should you enroll?

You should enroll if you want to quickly learn the basic building blocks of creating advanced and intricate text animations. Phil, the instructor, is always available to help out - as if you were in a live course. So if you ever get stuck or need something explained, you will find an answer. By the way, Phil has taught over 100,000 students here on Udemy and really knows how to explain complex ideas - like motion typography - to beginners like you.

We can't wait to see you in the course!


Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course
Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course
Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course
Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course


Getting Started with the Course

Course Overview

What is the Course Project?

Kinetic Typography Basic Animations

Revealing Text with Cuts and Scale Animations

Revealing Text with Position Animations

Revealing Text with Rotation Animations and Flipping Text

Revealing Text with a Wipe Reveal

Adding a Background

Add a Texture to Your Background

Adding Camera-like Motion to Your Scenes

Exporting and Posting Your Course Project

Exporting Videos from After Effects

Bonus Kinetic Typography Techniques

Revolving 3D Text Animation

Add a Video Background Layer and Make It Dark & Blurry

3D Text in After Effects


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Jack8 October 2020

The instructor's knowledge is outstanding, and the way he teaches with a friendly voice and easy to follow.

You8 October 2020

He explains it very good but he is way to fast. Really can't follow and have to stop the video all the time.

Shubham22 September 2020

The Course was very short, wanted more content regarding kinetic typography, and also it will be good if the audio of Video that lecturer was working on was also included it would be really helpful as this course where we have to match the audio and text together.

Nikunj18 September 2020

Seems like some of the basics are missing. It is like a crash course. But as a crash course it is okay. It will be better if you provide some videos on software installation, ideal PC configuration for the software and also explain the tool a little bit in a detailed manner. So that someone beginner (like me) can get to know more about the tool at least. I brought the course but still facing a lot of problems while creating videos. Sometimes while editing my voice becomes so deep that I starts to hate my voice. Don't know how to normalize it. Might be it is because of GPU processing (not sure if anyone also face the same) Also the font is little bit smaller even watching in laptop it is little not comfortable. The course could be a lot better with some small improvements.

Zach31 August 2020

I come from a video editing background, and needed to pick up a few skills to expand my project options. Blazed through it, and the project and process were clean. As someone who has a large reel behind them, I would have liked to see more "why" we do certain things for each step, so I can apply the why to create new ideas from the concepts rather than just a copy of the course project.

Kenny6 February 2020

Giving too much detail on one section wouldn't help me much, but the lessons are pretty much coherently educated and easy-learned.

Eric5 February 2020

I like Phil's lessons and I absolutely recommend this course to beginners. For beginners, he does a great job of actually explaining what you're doing and not just showing you how you get an end result. Maybe I didn't do a good job of reading the course description but I was expecting a little more from this course. I still enjoyed it but I would like to see a more advanced kinetic typography class from Phil.

Jason23 January 2020

While I already knew most of the basic concepts that this lesson taught, it really helped me see a great way to combine them.

Jim5 January 2020

I loved this course. The instructors recording/audio was perfect. The speed at which he taught was spot on. He did his best to let you know when he was using keyboard shortcuts. I was originally worried about the courses length. I felt a course this short couldn't possibly contain any meaningful lesson. This isn't the case at all. I learned a ton. But... One thing that annoyed me at first was the lack of resources. This course is taught in a "do what I do" fashion but he doesn't make his audio/images available. I almost refunded the course but decided to look online and find a royalty free audio file and tried to follow along. This allowed me much more flexibility in implementing the lessons being taught but because some of the effects didn't apply to my audio... It caused me to improvise and helped me really solidify the lessons. I'm not sure if that was planned or something he overlooked. Either way, I'm happy with the results.

Rameel7 December 2019

I think It is the best course on this topic. 4.5 stars doesn't suit it. so updated my rating to 5 star. :)

Kimberly3 October 2019

This course requires that you have some prior knowledge of terms. Some steps are completed without mentioning what tools are called that are used.

Doug8 June 2019

Very GOOD - I've already gone through an extensive course on AfterEffects through Udemy just to get an overview (45 courses) plus another Udemy course on using 'Expressions' in AE ---- now I'm looking for exactly what this course is doing for me; teaching me workflow - just finished Section 3 and I love it already: Doug Mattocks

Varinder7 June 2019

Thanks so much for teaching this stuff. but I have one question you didn't taught us about your videos which you show us at first how you create that one .(but about other effects which you used over there) I think you should provide other details as well which is showing in your video. Hope you can make another video . how you merge all projects into one . please do some thing I have another inquiries please provide me some more information. I am very keen to learn all this.Thanks

Scott10 May 2019

This is a great course for people new to After Effects. I had a lot of fun with the text animations and the variety of which you can animate text. Great stuff!

Adrian1 May 2019

He teaches all the basics you need to use the text tool in animation. What could have been improved is going maybe a bit more into advanced stuff. I know this is a crash course but it would have given a nice touch to it.


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