Strategic Key Account Management

Managing for Profit with scarce resources

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Feb 2022
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What you will learn

How to Analyse and Select Key Accounts

Learn some tools and processes for executing a successful Key Account Strategy

Understand the true meaning of value

How to develop strategies and tactics to suit each type of account

Learn how to create compelling value propositions for each account type

Learn Consultative Selling Skills

Learn how to create Customer Personas

Learn how to map and manage the Customer Journey

Learn how to create compelling Value Propositions

Learn how to use and apply the Science of Persuasion

Learn how Behavioural Economics affects the purchase decision.


This course is drawn on my 20 plus years on teaching Key Account Management and working with some of Europe's foremost thinkers and writers on KAM.

Too often, KAM is viewed on as being an issue only for the Sales Force.  In truth, done properly, KAM is a strategic issue that involves participation across the entire Enterprise.  Fundamentally, KAM is about the maximisation of profits and the most effective deployment of scarce resources.  It is a long-term, strategic commitment to change the way companies engage with their markets.  Above all else, it is not a short-term fix.

Managing accounts is akin to playing roulette.  All the accounts are the slots on the roulette wheel and squares on the table.  Our resources to services all these are scarce and represent the chips we gamble with.  The function of Key Account Management is to enable us to place our few chips on the squares so as to win most of the time.

Many books and trainings on Key Account Management talk about the things you should do to service your Key Accounts, this one does too, but here we also show how actionable strategies and tactics can be developed for ALL accounts to support the KAM initiatives so that the optimal profitable returns can be made from all out account servicing efforts

Delegates signing up for this course will be able to download author developed tools to help them objectively classify their accounts into Key Account, Key Development Accounts, Key Maintenance Accounts and Divest Accounts and strategies and tactics top optimally serve them all for maximum profit can be developed and actioned

We will show how accounts and the people in them can be meaningfully segmented and how real, genuine and lasting value can be created by delivering real quality to them.

Quality is hugely subjective and exists ONLY in the mind of the customer.  This course will also show delegates how to analyse their accounts and the people in them to uncover unmet, often unrealised needs and create clear and lasting value.  We then show how compelling value propositions can be created to maximise returns and differentiate client companies from the competition.

This course will show you how to segment your customers by account and by personality.  You will develop Customer personas and discover how to create compelling value propositions for each persona type.  We will look at customer types and look at selling skills, both from the fundamentals aspects and more advanced Consultative selling Skills that will give you all the tools to become a trusted advisor and partner to your Key Accounts.

Keywords: Key Account Management, KAM Key Account Selection, Value Propositions, Customer Personas, Market Segmentation


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What is Key Account Management (KAM)?

Developing your Key Account Strategy

Developing your Key Accounts

Selecting your Key Accounts

Selecting your Key Accounts

Implementing your KAM Strategy

Implementing your KAM Strategy
Implementing your KAM strategy

Competencies of Great Key Account Managers

The Competencies of Great Key Account Managers

Communication & Persuasion Skills for Key Accounts

Communication and Persuasion Skills
Communications and Persuasion Skills Quiz

Fundamental Selling Skills

Fundamental Selling Skills
Fundamental Selling Skills Refresher Quiz

Consultative Selling Skills - The Three Guiding Principles

Consultative Selling Skills
Consultative Selling Skills Refresher Quiz

Opening and Concluding Sales Calls

Opening and Concluding Sales Calls

Summary Quiz - Opening and Closing Calls

Opening and Closing the Call Quiz

Account Classification and Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation and Customer Personas
Customer Segmentation Refresher Quiz

Understand what Drives the Customer

Understanding what drives the customer
What Drives The Customer Refresher Quiz.

Building Compelling Value Propositions

Building Compelling Compelling Value Propositions
Value Propositions Refresher Quiz

Understanding the Customer's Internal Politics

Understanding the Customer's World
Understanding the Customer's politics Refresher Quiz

The Science of Persuasion

How to be Persuasive
How to be persuasive Refresher Quiz

Marketing Online

Online Marketing for KAM
Online Marketing for KAM Refresher Quiz


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